back to article Electoral Commission criticises London e-counting

The Electoral Commission has registered concerns over the electronic counting of votes in London's recent elections. It highlights a number of issues in a report on the elections for the mayor and the London Assembly. Among these are apparent discrepancies between the number of ballot papers recorded as having been issued and …


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  1. The BigYin

    Why the government loves e-voting

    It's almost like postal voting - easier to rig.

  2. Conrad Longmore

    I have been to one of these counts

    I have been to one of these counts based on a very similar system to the London count.. it was rubbish.

    There is very little scrutiny with these systems as most votes are never seen by observers. The system only flags up "questionable" papers, but those that it doesn't flag up are never visible. With a manual system, observers can take samples of any poll which will give them a rough idea of the real result, any major discrepancy is usually obvious.

    And yes.. I spend our looking at pictures of the back of ballot papers, at papers that were stuck together and papers that shouldn't even have been flagged up. Given the amount of "false positive questionable ballots", I wonder exactly how many were mis-counted.

    In this particular case, I don't think it made a difference to the overall result. But in a tighter election, it certainly could.

  3. Mad Dave

    I seem to recall

    Seeing a few videos about a guy named Clint Curtis who had experience of this abroad somewhere. Wonder what happened to him?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It wasn't enough to help Ken..

    .. let's hope it won't be enough to save Brown either..

  5. Wayland Sothcott

    eVoting more flexible

    Electronic voting is much better since the software can ignore the inputs and go with the desired result. If people have voted the wrong way, this can be corrected before the vote is published. It saves a lot of violence and intimidation because people are free to vote the way that suits them. There is less need to use violence to make them vote a cirtain way since the results can be processed to produced the desired outcome.

    If electronic voting had been available in Zimbabway then Dr Robert would have been re-elected without all the obvious violence and intimidation.

    So electronic voting is much safer and more satisfying polling experience.

  6. jon
    IT Angle

    Paper & pencil - the only way

    Repeat after me: "Technology is not always the answer"

This topic is closed for new posts.

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