back to article Cuil confesses 'serious file corruption'

Cuil - still pronounced "Cool" - has apologized for its quantum porn, blaming the incident on "a serious corruption of [its] files." After serving up random mid-masturbation graphics (NSFW) in response to searches for a Grenoble-based quantum computing researcher, the strawberry-and-muffin-fueled search engine now sees the …


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  1. Steve

    Pun on!

    Surely the pictures were just illustrating stimulated emission.

  2. Alastair Smith

    Oldest one in the book...

    An atom turns to his mate in the bar and says, "I think I've lost an electron!"

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I'm positive!"

    Mine's the one with four full electron shells. Or am I just being Iron-ic?


  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Missed a few

    Charming. This strange thread is truth-fully beautiful. After all, both tops and bottoms like to get a bit of the old up-and down.

    Then get exotic: add some gluons for ornamentation, a bit of string to restrict allowable states, a bit of color to charge things, a bit of a spin to explore the hidden dimensions of particle exchange. If quarking like a duck is your bag, go for it - whatever your fevered brane can come up with.

    Mine's the 6-dimensional Calabi–Yau manifold.

  5. RW

    @ David D. Hagood

    You forgot flavor.

    Could this "mistake" have been Cuil's attempt to actualize the old truism of publicity, "any publicity is good publicity"?

  6. Regis Bates

    Not the best of the times


    This is not the best time for Google. Another search engine is growing very fast among

    I checked, same simple, powerful, and resourceful.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Stop ragging on Cuil's name.

    "Cuil" is an Irish word that means "knowledge."

    it's a very apt name, and It's pronunciation is a lot like the English word "cool".. somewhere betwen "cool" and "coo-ill."

    and no.. I don't work for them.. I'm bloody Irish ya gobshites!

  8. ryan


    I like Anonymous Irish Coward's take on Cuil but not being Irish myself I keep reading Cuil as Cooly. Ya, I know it dose not match the spelling but the word is so unfamiliar that at a casual glance I don't quite know what to do with the 'i'.

    I'd be curious to know how others are pronouncing this word to themselves as they read it.

  9. Kanhef

    Reading too fast

    made me see "a serious corruption of tits files." Though it didn't seem to be tits so much...

  10. Sceptical Bastard

    A good pun ...

    ... is its own re-word.

  11. V

    still got inappropriate pics

    I did a quick lookup on my name and it still has a naked man in bed with a naked woman next to a link to an (otherwise innocuous) post to a mailing list on Japanese keitai.

    So their problems ain't fixed.

  12. Simon Williams

    Silly word, silly way of saying it

    Until I read it should be 'Cool', I was mentally pronouncing it 'Quill'. Write on.

  13. This Guy

    @ Simon

    That's the right pronunciation - the cuil pronounced "cool" has an accent on the 'u'.

    And @ Irish AC: so am I; I've never heard that translation. 'Rear', 'corner', 'goal'; yes. 'Knowledge'? Never.

  14. Goat Jam

    Serves them right

    Shouldn't be running a search engine on Windows Home Server in the first place. Everyone know it's pants;

  15. NT

    In certain areas...

    ... of the UK Midlands, 'cool' is in any case pronounced 'coo-il', or more often 'coo-ul'. And usually used every three or four words, in between likes.

  16. Anonymous Coward


    Who says cool these days?

  17. Dave

    probably just me

    But cuil or whatever still reminds me of the French word for Arse

  18. Funky Dennis
    Thumb Down

    Let me guess

    The file corruption was caused by a race condition. Only manifests itself under heavy usage. Something that's probably taught in Servers 101. But these guys got all their back-end PHP coding done by a spotty summer temp who isn't paid enough to care and wouldn't understand anyway.

    Am I getting close?

    @This Guy

    Spot on!

  19. Anonny Mouse Cow Herd

    It fails the "dildo pretty labrador" test

    Oh for pity's sake you perverts.

    In order to get this post, try it with the "flying commas" in Google and read the article. And then try

    dildo pretty labrador

    In Google 81,000 results

    In Cuil 9 results

    When you're that far behind the company you're claiming you can whip, I'd kinda shut up.

    If you're a VC investing in Cuil, please get in touch with Register readers. I'm sure we've got some ideas that might almost work. If you've invested in this h@lf-@rsed sh!t you're going to love us.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @ Goat Jam

    Uh, you link to a page nearly a year old and the problem is now patched? Your point being?

    On the Cuil topic, I'm ever so disappointed I don't get my own porn pages when I cuil myself...

  21. James O'Brien


    Ya know I saq the article the first time and laughed, then it hit me....both those guys are hung more then me and I then felt sad.

    Hmmm pun....pun....pun

    A rapist, a pedophile and a Priest walk into a bar......and thats just the first guy.

    Ok not a pun but im sure it would bring up some interesting "hits" if you searched for something Cuil :)

    /im going to hell for this post though im sure there will be a picture on Cuil of me as well

  22. Seán


    That's the best bar joke ever.

    Two pigs are walking through the desert one turns to the other and says "I'm bakin'".

  23. TeeCee Gold badge

    It's not just the jokes that are antiques here.

    That excuse from Cuil themselves is drawing it's pension these days.

    If I had a quid for every time I'd heard some spotty oik in a call centre attempt to prove that their company wasn't a sack of shit with the excuse: "It's not our fault, it's a computer error", I'd be typing this on a beach in the Seychelles.

  24. Adrian Jackson
    Thumb Down

    Files still seriously corrupted

    Gay porn may have been reduced somewhat, but my band's page still shows up with the Looney Tunes Christmas album cover. I'm just waiting for Warner Bros to sue...

    And I agree with the Irish AC's assessment of the name as totally appropriate. But only because I also suffer from the same issue of Dave, where I always read and pronounce it as 'arse' in French. Seems far more appropriate still.

  25. Mage Silver badge


    I don't even speak Irish and I knew they spelled it wrong

    Cuíl *might* be Kool. cuil is Kwil

    ban and bán are different. One is woman and one is white. the / on a letter very important.

    I tried it for a few things that came on 1st few hits on Google, and found not all on Kwil.

  26. Ceilidhman
    Paris Hilton

    Irish search engines

    If you're looking for an Irish search engine, there's been one around for ages and its feckin' great...

    Paris coz she'd use it

  27. Matt Hamilton

    Competitor's logos

    Well it now no longer displays a competitor's logo on search results for our company, which was a bit of a snafu to start with.


  28. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    still the wrong pics

    Well, despite e-mailing them a while ago, they've still got someone elses pictures by entreis for my pages. If they keep this up, they're going nowhere fast.

  29. conan

    No competition

    They really aren't close to hurting Google are they? If you search both Cuil (I agree with the French arse comments, btw) and Google for the term "cuil", Cuil has a hundred thousand results to Google's four million. Plus Cuil only has 250 results for the word "the"

  30. Michael

    If they can't get the name right....

    As an Irish Speaker it's annoying me no end that Cuil are directly lying about the translation for... Cuil. I ran an intranet at work called Eolas which means Knowledge. Fios would be the correct term in the context of the story behing it. Cuil on the other hand means rear, and can be used with a number of works to mean other things. But a rough translation of an irish phrase "Pog mó Cuil" would be to kiss my rear. You would think that they would have consulted the first Irish dictionary for something as important as their name.....I fear something amiss, perhaps their investors are looking at a Cuil and not recognising it for what it is....

    Reminds me of the Far Side when the Lone Ranger looks up the meaning of Kemosabe and realises it means horses rear end.

  31. Funky Dennis
    Thumb Down



    "Cuíl" would be pronounced "koo-eel". "Cúil" is what you're looking for, although not even I could face a DNS that allows accents.

    "Bean" means "woman".

    That is all.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mr Bean!


  33. James Butler
    Thumb Down

    Looong way to go

    Searching for "criminal defense attorney los angeles" returns 28 results ... none of them attorneys. I'm sure you can imagine how many defense attorneys are in Los Angeles ... and 28 ain't it. Removing "criminal defense" leaves us with over 112,000,000 results. So, according to Cuil: over 112 million attorneys in LA, and not one of them criminal defense.

    This may be the longest public beta ever. Look for a working engine by 2020. I agree with the posters who claim that this early hype will kill this absolutely immature company. They'd better be socking some of that $33M away for when they fail to get additional funding...

  34. Theorymaster

    Cuil reviewed by the Comic Book Guy

    Unfortunately, a search engine company has one chance of making an impression, and Cuil has lost it.

    Here's what the Comic Book Guy (from the Simpsons) said:

  35. tony trolle

    name check

    found a odd site via

    it uses Google to check for your name's meaning.

  36. Mark Burton
    Thumb Down

    cuil! unkewl!

    Well, google returns 4,470,000 results for cuil, cuil returns a little over 121,000.

    No match again. Can't even find more references to itself (yes, and everything else containing the word cuil, I do know that) than google!

  37. Chris

    Name Origin

    Whats the bets that they asked an Irish guy what the Irish word for "Knowledge" was and he told them "Cuil" as a joke?

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