back to article BOFH: Server room secret panels

“It's a little... uh... large, isn't it?” one of our beancounters says as he scans the computer room in the new building during a site visit. “Optical illusion,” the PFY counters. “Machine rooms always look oversized when there's no kit in them. Take my word for it, once we install the racks and the cable trays the place …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I so have to get me one of those!!!

    Fully fitted with a huge rest area!

  2. VenomVelvet


    another great one. Although I miss the weekly updated stories...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    OH there's so much "good" I could do

    I *need* one of those walls...

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    When in Rome ....

    "When the machines are in place you really will believe it's halved in size.”

    Magical Ominous Menace, Simon. :-) A Class Act for any BOFH worth their weight in Bean Counters.

  5. Bob

    Not bad i suppose...

    ...could have sworn i'd seen a roll of carpet and a bad of lime in the corner though.

  6. breakfast Silver badge
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    Server-room of Leaves...

    Very sinister...

  7. Steve


    What is he on about?

  8. Sam Tana
    Thumb Down


    Disappointing that the BOFH and PFY paid for the work out of their own pockets. Isn't that what creative accountancy is all about? Those electrical tool kits don't really cost £2,000 a pop, you know...

  9. Chika

    A moveable wall hiding a ghost installation?

    I WANT ONE!!!

  10. Chris Richards


    I was wondering exactly the same thing...

  11. Mike Crawshaw

    @ Steve

    Same comment keeps popping up everywhere. Not sure why, usually titled "@ Tim".

    Probably some running joke that us mere mortals aren't part of.

    (obligatory addition) - **Oi Scamps! Get on Yahoo, I need to talk to you about Stu!**

  12. Jamie Kephalas
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    this one's pretty self-explanatory

    Good one! Question is, when's the PFY getting Simon back for the job reference?

  13. JP Strauss

    @Steve RE: AC1

    I think the poor man was trying to comment on a different thread and ended up here for some weird reason.

    Or maybe he also "self-medicated" a bit.

  14. JP Strauss

    @Steve RE: AC1

    If you look at the title of the second post and the 1 minute time-difference, it seems as though these the two posts got siamese-twinned.

  15. Tony Barnes

    Very efficient...

    ...thinking - like it!!

  16. Peter Ward

    When does the PFY's mum appear agin?

    Nice one, but I miss the weekly post. Oh man I miss it.

    So when does the PFY's mum come to talk to Simon about his comments about her son, as she runs the canteen in the company he was applying to? And everybody knows that the canteen lady knows everything thats going on...

    Also what happened to the batcave and pole? Or is this in the new room?

  17. Rodrigo Valenzuela

    Self sacrifice?

    BOFH self sacrifice?

    That's what lusers are for! (sacrifice, I mean).

    I'm sure there is an untold story, because he would never do such a thing...

  18. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @ Steve

    Gone now. As if it had never been.

  19. Pierre

    @ Steve

    What are you talking about? Next thing you'll talk about variably sized rooms, I guess. Now quit the cold medication already, and surrender to the Mighty Moderatrix Of Hell.

  20. J-Wick


    Not quite. What's gone, exactly?

  21. Stuart

    @ Jamie

    Re: Question is, when's the PFY getting Simon back for the job reference?

    I was wondering the same thing myself. The last few BOFHs have been back on form, so maybe fortnightly updates give Simon the time to craft his best work. Which is perhaps a little suprising given how little else there is to do in the Waikato.

  22. Colin

    @Sarah By J-Wick

    See now you have a choice you can take the red pill or the blue pill......

  23. David

    Re: Everyone

    It's not as if the BOFH has been done by weekly update for at least the last few years: it's always been about 42-45 stories for each 52 weeks.

  24. |333173|3|_||3
    Dead Vulture


    A coherent and relevant post from amamnfrommars! The Universe is about to end!

    Dead vulture because when the universe ends, el reg will die with it.

  25. James Pickett

    Pendants corner

    One chain is 22 yards, or just over 20m. I know he was thinking on his feet, but it's not like the BOFH to get that sort of thing wrong...

  26. Paul Stephenson

    @|333173|3|_||3 - a title is here but still required??

    There's been a few lately, I'm beginning to wonder if he's losing his marbles :O

    Maybe he's been drinking.

  27. Stylee

    @James Pickett

    Surely you meant Pedants'?

    Mines not a coat, it's a jacket.

  28. Magnus Egilsson

    Gimmmmmmmeee . . . .

    . . . . one of those . . . .

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