back to article N96 launch delayed until October

Nokia’s much-hyped flagship handset – the N96 – is now available to buy. That’s what we’d be saying to you if we were in October, because that’s when Nokia’s delayed the phone’s UK launch until. Retailer Carphone Warehouse got panting punters all aquiver back in March, when it confirmed that the N96 was expected into its …


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  1. Ascylto


    Rant ...

    rant ...

    rant ...

    rant ...

    Ooops! Sorry! I thought it was an iPhone post! Well, it's only natural that Nokia want to give us the best possible experience so a short delay is to be expected because the phone will be the most bestestest and will be an 'Phone killer to kill all iPhones dead, dead, dead.

    Rant anyway!

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Virgin smirgin!!!!

    I've had to phone Virgin mobile three times now to find out if they will be offering this phone on their network, either sim-free or pay monthly, and they are simply incapable of formulating an answer so I've given up.

    Virgin mobile customer service = utter bollocks.

    Virgin mobile product offerings = utter bollocks.

    Virgin mobile = utter bollocks.

    Just wanted to get that off of my chest.


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