back to article Motorola accidentally makes a profit

Motorola wrong-footed the markets this morning when it turned in an unexpected profit for its second quarter and said it would be in the black for the year. However, the better-than-anticipated bottom line had nothing to do with its mobile devices division, which still managed to show sliding sales and increased losses. …


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  1. Gordon Pryra
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    "Motorola said earnings in the current quarter should be $0.00 to $0.02 per share"

    -"the consensus estimate is $0.01"


  2. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    It's the hate American technology syndrome bites Motorola

    Motorola is continuously bashed in the world cell market for only two reasons -

    - It's American technology (the main one left)

    - Motorola builds conservative mainstream phones, instead of the gimmick gadgets.

    Motorola essentially invented the Cell business and the modern miniature cell phone - remember the StarTAC? THE trend setter of the beginning of the 2000's seen on EVERY belt, womens purse and business user.

    Motorola builds phones that are far more sturdy and reliable than the junk from Nokoia, Erriiccssonnn (however you spell their stupid Scandinavian names), the Korean garbage LG and SamsClubSon and of course the shit that comes out of the commie sweatshops like the iPhony, ITC ,etc.

    So just because Motorola has their focus on the mainstream market (those that don't text instead of talk, or what an iPud that is marginally a phone, or

    need a GPS while they don't even own a car in NY), Motorola is bashed.

    Hate America and hate Motorola. Sounds like the Osama Hussein Obama crowd in Euro and the Lefty US.

  3. Adam Starkey


    So Webster sweeps the floors at Motorola then?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: It's the hate American technology syndrome bites Motorola

    It's another "I'm an American, my name is Webster Phreaky and woe is me" moment. Viva Webster, viva!

  5. blahblah

    @Webster Phreaky

    Go on please tell....You have a Motorola don't you?

    It has nothing to do with them being American; It's because every phone they've made since the StarTac has been utter tripe.

  6. Rafael Illan
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    Motorola are good phones, the phone OS is OLD as hell could be made better

    As for nokia, they make a great phone OS, they also are the tonka of the cell industry. sure nokia has a lot of handset that are ugly, but damn their phone can take one hell of a beating, torn to pieces and the suckers would work

    Goodjobs-because he was a ifan of nokia before

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Webster owns a Mororola?

    I didn't think deep southern, god a-fearing, drooling, pick-up owning, general lee loving, good-ol-boy types such as Mr Phreaky would know how to tell the difference between the various bank notes that come in his social security, let alone how to use them to purchase a mobile phone.

    They don't come super-sized with fries, you see.

  8. Joe Harrison
    Paris Hilton


    Whats wrong with motorola?

    The only reason they are hated is because they refuse to make easily-scratched music-centralised phones.

    After all, a phone should be a phone, not a device to keep your nsfw videos and pics on

    Paris, because she can't use a phone, unless it vibrates

  9. Chad H.

    @ webster

    What's the matter, not enough apple stories this week?

  10. Dave


    Ah yes, the land where it's still OK to be seen with a Motorola phone in polite company...

    As for robust, I'm currently using a Scandinavian phone that's six years old and it's still going. The battery capacity is down a bit, but apart from that it still makes phone calls, just like I need it to.

    Now get back under your bridge...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @ Webster

    Are you Greg Brown??? or Adrian Nemcek??? Must be Brown. That explains a lot.

    Still bitter about Apple dumping you for IBM and then Intel? Kind of like the CEO of Whole Foods bashing the CEO of Wild Oats don't you think? Are you going to try to buy Apple? That is what Whole Foods did with Wild Oats. Of course the whole market cap thing is backwards for you.

    Gotta run dude - the ride is here!

  12. Pierre

    They *sell* the handsets???

    I've seen Motorola handsets in actions. they're as ugly as Nokia ones (even uglier actually), minus the robustness. You can play basketball with a nokia handset, but look too intensely at a Moto one and it falls appart. That's annoying. Still worth getting one if it's significantly cheaper -which it isn't.

    Not that I give a crap anyway. I use landlines.

  13. Scott

    Motorola Phone

    My last phone was a Motorola phone. Since about 1 month after my wife and I bought ours (we both bought the same model at the same time), We were both counting down the days until our next reduced cost upgrade. Those things were complete junkers: Battery life quickly declined tremendously, Poor call quality with strange voice lags that other phones on the same carrier didn't get, flaky charger connections, limited feature set, clunky interface, and a weird tendency to randomly power off without warning or reason.

    We now have a trio of LG phones (got one for my daughter, too) and we absolutely love them. One was even completely dunked in water by accident and it still works perfectly.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Sorry to divert from the troll baiting, but...

    ...I had a laugh at this:

    "Once the figures had been put through the non-GAAP wringer, earnings per share came in at $0.00."

    My tiny, 10-person company out in the middle of nowhere made a substantially better return for shareholders than Motorola!

    Not only that, it appears that over the past two years, we've netted many millions more than they have. Take that, big business!

  15. Anonymous Coward
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    @Joe Harrison

    Indeed, you want a phone with good battery life for making calls and a decent and fast phone book. Unfortunately i've yet to see a Moto phone in the last 5 years that can do the above. When writing text messages on a Moto, the usual procedure is to press a few buttons and then wait 6 or 7 seconds for the screen to catch up.

    And yes, that includes the Moto V550 in my pocket. Why havent i changed it you ask? The one saving grace is that it survives regular free fall trips down my driveway.

    Next time i'm going back to a nokia.

  16. Ramazan

    american technology?

    Mew Linux-based MOTO phones like e.g. A1200, Z6, E8, V8 & U8 are designed and made in china AFAIK. Many synergyos-based phones are manufactured in china too. that's why the h/w, f/w and s/w quality is inferior to The True American Phones.

    Probably the MOTO hanheld business will go titsup soon, but I fear this won't stop The Other True American Companies from outsourcing development to cheap chineese/russian/ukrainian/whatever-else-underqualified "engineers".

  17. Bince

    Motorola Makes A Good Phone? Yeah, RIGHT!

    If that is the case, as was stated in some of these posts, then why is THEIR business about to go tits-up? The Micro-Tac line was as stale & cheap as a rotten egg fart!!! You pay all the dad-gum money for that crap and it cracks/breaks when dropped. I've owned Nokias since I 1st purchased a cell phone (1998) and never had one give me any issues and I've dropped mine a bunch of times. Battery life- never an issue with my phone. My dog even gnawed on my 1st Nokia and it worked like a charm... even when I replaced it 6 years later with a newer Nokia. As far as I'm concerned, throw the Motorola cell phone under a bridge and rescue that troll as the latter deserves much better treatment than a Moto cell phone!!!

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