back to article Official: Eee PC range to expand

Asus has designed a new range of Eee PCs designed to capture the hearts of a wider range of miniature PC lovers, the company has confirmed. According to a report by Digitimes, Jerry Shen, president of Asus, has said that Ultimate and Pro Fashion ranges of the PC are in devlopment. The current range – Smart Casual – holds 11 …


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  1. Chris

    I've just realised

    The idiots think it the eee pc brand that is selling these SCCs - not the fact that they (were) cheap. Why buy a small, cheap computer if it isn't cheap?

  2. VampyreWolf

    $900 for a 10" screen and 32GB?!?

    I paid that for my ER710... athlon64 x2 1.7ghz, 17" glossy screen, 160gb HD, 256mb vid, dvi/hdmi out. Sure, it's not as portable as my 4G, but they're going away from the fact that folks bought the eee for it's size AND price.

    the only way I'm spending that kind of coin on a small laptop is if I'm getting a tablet.

  3. Dan_Hibiki

    Why buy a small, cheap computer if it isn't cheap?

    Because it's small.

    it's basically the pyramid of compact, powerful and inexpensive PCs. You can have any two but not all tree, and quite a few people are willing to pay more if it means a system is compact and powerful.

  4. pimlicosound
    Thumb Up

    A T101 for me please

    I'll take a T101. I've always fancied my own personal Terminator to do my bidding. First thing I'd do is command it to do my ironing.

  5. uhuznaa

    They're just not getting it

    If things are continuing in this direction, they will have an $1200 Eee PC with a 17" screen, a 500GB HD and a battery able to run the thing 90 minutes very soon.

    And hey, where's that Acer Aspire One review?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    "Because it's small"

    Even that's becoming questionable. We're left with "computer", which given that the Atom is a modest disappointment even by mobile terms, might itself be challenged by some.

  7. Thomas

    Obviously they're being foolish with the brand

    But maybe they deserve some applause for sneaking Linux into ever more fullsize computers? Even if you don't like it, you have to admit that competition is good for everyone. If it weren't for Firefox, MS would probably still be shipping IE 6 and there's no way the browser development team would suddenly be trying to do web standards.

  8. breakfast Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Wait a second

    I can't help but notice that there appear to be no illustrations of any of the eeePc range with friend on this story.

    Come on, vulture central, we don't click on links to stories about eeePcs to hear about Small Moderately-Expensive Computers, you know.

  9. Neil


    So the 901 I just ordered is obsolete before I even get it? Gotta be a new record...

  10. Bob Standen
    IT Angle

    Where the picture of the, um, eee PC itself

    ...and its, ahem, "user".

    Come on Reg, this is a story with almost 100% IT content. What's wrong with you??


  11. Rex Alfie Lee
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    Wonderful Little Machine

    I've got the 10" job in black. It's quick, professional looking, easy to carry, logs in easily, 4 hours battery life & v cheap. The closest thing to it is the Sony Vaio worth 1700 to 1800 dollars & has less battery life. The only thing I think the Sony wins in is ... bzzzzt NUTHING - perhaps brand name.

    I've run Eclipse on it without problems. I did upgrade the memory to 2Gig but you can do that on any modern computer. The Atom doesn't get nearly as hot & I love it. Best investment I've made in a long, long time.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: They're just not getting it

    Erm, you do realise that Asus already make 17" laptops? Not under the eee branding admittedly, but they cost from about £420-600 and in one magazine group test in May, was awared first place.

  13. b

    cool, Asus marches on

    good stuff...get the atom in there and you reduce the power..what was it 3W on standby?

    what of dual-core atom's?

    can they clock down to reduce consumption?

    either way, a dual core atom seems a little daft..this space is meant to be ultra portable and only for browsing/email/basic stuff..

    i guess as long as it doesn't negatively effect battery life. it should be fine.

    btw, SSD's not HD's!



    stuff and nonsense:

    baby laptop thread:

  14. Peter Gathercole Silver badge
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    eeePC 701

    I bought my 701 on the day it became available, and I have used it nearly every day since to suppliment my IBM Thinkpad, for a whole host of different things.

    For me, the primary thing is the size. It is still so small compared to almost everything on the market. I don't think I would have bought it if it was larger, or if it were more expensive.

    I have dumped Xandros, however, as I keep getting the system in a state where it won't boot because there is a strange problem with the UnionFS commiting transient files to the read-only copy so that you cannot recover the disk space. I'm sure that there must be a config problem there somewhere.

    I cannot believe that larger/more expensive models will actually have the same WOW factor of the original, and that is what sold it.

  15. Gavin

    I want an eee.... but ....

    Ive been after an eee PC ever since I first read about them, but then I heard there was an improved model coming out, so I decided to wait for that. Then it came out and there was talk of another new model coming.

    Guess what, im still waiting and havent taken the plunge yet. The eee PC range is just far too big now, and is probably killing sales with all the talk of new models. If they had kept it simple with a single model, they would have made a fortune.

  16. Stuart Halliday

    Osborne effect again?

    It is obvious that ASUS have never heard of the Osborne effect.

    I'll wait until November and see what's going cheap.

  17. W

    Same here...

    I fancied an EEE701 from when the moment it was first announced.

    But stocks were dodgy and anyway, the 9" version was always on the cards.

    But when the 900 came out, 901 was known to be a likely improvement.

    But the 901 turned out to be overpriced compared to the Acer Aspire One.

    But by the time the Aspire One is in the shops, the Mini-E will be just around the corner.

    But when that's out, I'll be intrigued by the Slim-E...

    And so it goes on...mostly due to them never meeting the mooted £200 mark. But we're getting there...

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Sticking with my N800

    and OS2007, none of this OS2008/Diablo broken shite.

    It Just Works for me, fits in a pocket, and I can write Python scripts using GTK in a heartbeat. If I wanted to up to the N810 I'd get a built-in keyboard & a screen readable in full daylight, for still less than 1/2 the Eee. If I want a NICE keyboard, I whip out my Apple Wireless Keyboard, which had zero problems pairing in Bluetooth.

    It's a compact, powerful AND inexpensive PC.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    well most tech don't buy computers on brand

    but customers do.

    See, imagine you are buying something in a field you are not involved in, say a TV or car. Brand means something to you.

    Day in day out fixing or selling of TVs or cars, I bet brand means very little, and other nuances appear.

    So, whilst we will be looking at the specs and price ratio, others will just snap them up as they found their little Eee quite an extraordinary gadget.

    And even with the price hike, they are on the radar for tech buys, but of course the initial success was the low price and the linux os.

    For those not buying, buy adverse folks well, who cares it is not as if you would buy anything, I think you prefer the idea of buying than actual buying :), it is simple find the one you like, wait for the initial hubb bubb to die down and purchase one. There is always something better in the future but that is the nature of tech.

  20. Robert Griffin
    Dead Vulture

    EEE is now out of date as a dirt cheap laptop

    I see that there is a new small and cheap laptop on sale. It is on produced by CARAPELLI LTD called the NPX-9000. It costs £65 each (unfortunately that is for a minimum quantity of 100). Hopefully it should hit the streets at about £80 (my guess). Admittedly, it is a bit weak on its spec. It has a 400Mhz processor, has 1GB flash memory (OK, you will need to put a decent SD card in the slot) and 128MB SDRAM and a 7" screen and Linux OS. It might be low spec but hey it will do the job for the same price as filling up your car for goodness sake!

  21. druck Silver badge
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    In case Asus are a bit hard of hearing, let me shout to remind them why the 701 was so sucessful:-


  22. Philip Perry
    Jobs Halo

    I bought a 701 when they first came out...

    ...It was a nice little thing, I got Java and NetBeans running on it, and it was what I needed for portable use. But the batteries only lasted 2 hours! I ended up buying a couple of Black and Decker portable power supplies for it (under 30 bucks each, providing AC for up to five hours each on a charge, although the EEE draws so much current they tend to shut down after five minutes to cool -- I've got to look into that).

    If it had been any more than $299, I wouldn't have bought it.

    What I'd like to see is a $500 laptop that runs Linux, has realistic specs, and lasts eight hours on a charge. Give me THAT, and I'll buy. More than one, probably.

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