back to article Neosploit hack-by-numbers kit euthanized

The distributors of Neosploit, one of the most noxious infection kits available on the internet, are retiring the product, citing support costs that didn't justify the expense. Like MPack, Icepack and others, Neosploit was the hacking equivalent of a paint-by-numbers kit. Miscreants who didn't have the time or skills to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Loads of new customers too few old customers?

    Well what on earth was their sales model, new customers charge them upfront.

    Sounds odd to me, more of an opportunity cost going on here, they can make more money elsewhere, and it is a dodge foundation for a company to be based on exploit software, without high price and sales only to the 'good guys'.

    This type of software though, is good for security companies, well you have to have a threat, and preferably one that is visible.

    This stuff will always be around, and I am amazed at the number of people who trust there are not backdoors in them.

    But, as the world cyberfies then this is the first and ongoing line of attack, the alpha and the omega of military activities. Subvert the tech systems first, prior to projectile launching, keep up the attacks throughout, never allowing your enemy to take advantage of computer systems, and then in victory install the surveillance systems to subjugate. The world is moving so fast with technology, now China has the lead in numbers online it is set to move even faster.

  2. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    I bet they are not dead ...

    They have just reduced distribution to their highest paying customers.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    One Wonders

    How many of the paying customers used stolen or fake credit cards to pay with?

  4. Adrian

    We haven't heard the last of them...

    Writing the next Phorm no doubt

This topic is closed for new posts.

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