back to article Apple says MobileMe mail problems 'behind us'

Apple claims to have repaired its MobileMe service to all subscribers that were blocked from using their e-mail accounts for more than a week. The consumer electronics giant also appears to have recovered e-mail messages received between July 16 and July 18, which Apple previously believed had been lost. "We have completed …


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  1. gautam

    YOU BET !

    You bet they will turn the other cheek, and evermore in the days n months to come!

    Did you expect anything else ?? Despite the £120 debits and all that.

    Pseudo Masochists, all ???

  2. Hugh

    I don't think so!

    The mail might be working by syncing seems to be taking another break from reality.... come on get it sorted Apple!

  3. Tim J
    Jobs Halo


    ...Apple says that the problems are behind them, thus there's no story here.

    Also this article provides no evidence of continuing problems - the supposed link to the thread on the Apple Discussions site just leads to a 404.

    Or at least it will shortly.

    Now submit this comment to The Register my little fanboi - just cut and paste the title and first two paragraphs only and submit them, word for word. And if you're lucky you'll be one of the recipients of the new iPod Anal, especially designed for my legion of arse lickers. Luv Steve J x

  4. heystoopid


    So more furphies , to empty both the wallets an credit cards of the silly one in twenty flash mob!

    Let the yolks continue thus !

  5. Chad H.

    @ Tim / Gautam

    The Caps lock key is the one above the left shift key. Push it until the Caps lock light goes off. Thanks.

  6. Chris Singleton

    Still sinking

    Well if this is problem fixed I would hate to see problem still unresolved. Syncing is still a no go.

    The trial period is aptly name as it certainly is one.

    Time to go back to something that works, the ubiquitous BB

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Damn right

    Their problems are behind me too. Since I canceled my "free" trial and am happily surviving without it. Who'd have thunk?....

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Too right

    their problems are definitely behind me after I canceled their "free" trial. Definitely a case of style over value/content...

  9. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    No, Apple will be "behind" you, AppleTards .... just bend over, you love it.

    Despite all the Apple payoffs to their Media Hacks and their AppleTards voting ten or twenty times to fix those "customer loyalty" and "most reliable" surveys; the REAL word is getting out that Apple is the most fu@ked up company with the most BUGGY and Flawed gadgets in the Tech Industry.

    Are you AppleTards enjoying AAPL tanking continuously while the rest of the tech sector is up or only has minor slips on down days??? What ya think that says about Wall Street's assessment of your POS company and their buggy products?

    Just bend lads and take it like you always have from Stevie .... you know you LOVE IT!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what's the problem?

    I am using two mac computers and a 3G iPhone all mail a/c s work and syncing is a dream. 1in 100 users who may have experienced some problems is, in the grand scheme of things, a very low figure. Far lower than the amount of people who had to and are still suffering with Vista.

  11. pctechxp
    Jobs Horns

    Can you imagine if this was RIM

    We'd have legions of chairfolk, wannabe chairfolk, directors and managers (collectively called the no lifes) jumping from bridges/top floors of buildings because they cant stay connected to their e-mail constantly which they need to be able to do to give their existence meaning.

    Hmmm, not a bad idea that.

    If Apple envisages taking on this market with this service, it's got zero hope of doing that at the minute.

    Evil Steve doesn;t care, he's out spending the fanboy provided cash.

  12. Andy Watt

    Chad H....

    "The Caps lock key is the one above the left shift key. Push it until the Caps lock light goes off. Thanks."

    No, push it _and_ release it, check the Caps Lock light (may be a capital A depending on your brand of keyboard) and if it's still on, push it again. If it has gone out, you're in easy street. If it still hasn't gone out, dissassemble your PC and set about diagnosing what might be a keyboard controller problem.

    Lame flame, dude. :)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I know that the urge to slate a company when a big launch goes wrong is nigh-on-impossible to avoid giving in to, but I've been using MobileMe for a couple of weeks now and it's pretty good.

    Not perfect- it's hard to set up (Apple really need to look at getting this slicker- This is the kind of thing they are usually good at), the synch settings need to be clearer (Automatically? Is that every hour? Minute? What?), and a fair whack of resilience needs to be built into it's infrastructure, but it does what it says.

    Last night- having done my learning sorting out my own account- I applied the acid test: I offered to set it up for my other half. I got all of her email accounts forwarding to the mail client on her macbook, lifted her contacts off her mobile, and pushed the whole lot into the cloud, and synched it across the other computers in the house. I explained what she could now do. She thought it was very convenient, and pretty cool.

    I may be underinformed, but I don't know of another service that is this straightforward (unless you have your own exchange box humming away in the study) and useful. Blackberry doesn't do all of the stuff that MobileMe does, and no matter how hard RIM push it in the consumer market, it's a business tool, with some rather grating lifestyle branding applied for home users. I don't have an iPhone, but the iPod toch, with a few of the new apps (Facebook, twitter, amazon etc- they do need an imdb app though!) on it has suddenly become a useful addition to the home network, great for when you don't want to fire up a laptop.

    For me MM suddenly is feeling like a killer app, rather than a pointless rebrand of .mac (which wasn't a service that ever appealed to me)

    FWIW, for this user, MobileMe wasn't any harder or more frustrating than buying and setting up a new mobile phone, and the price looks quite reasonable, for push email across all my devices, web storage for important docs, and calendars that let me say now whether I can make a social event in a fortnight or whether I'm doing something less fun.

    Sure, the MM launch was a bit crap- what launch isn't nowadays?- but a wee bit of perspective here would be welcome.

  14. iSuff44

    Mobile You

    Who cares???

  15. Tim J
    Thumb Down

    @Chad H



  16. Richard
    Paris Hilton

    Name change

    Maybe they should switch thier name from MobileMe to MobileME, in honour of that much hated OS.

    Mines the one with the printout backups of all my mail in the pocket.

    Paris just coz.

  17. Si
    Jobs Horns

    It's still Mobile Messy

    My patience quickly, quickly drains...

    Granted I now have free access to Mobile Me until November 11th, but really now; if the service is going to be borked until then, and if Apple are going to continue to release statements maintaining they've fixed various problems when, in fact, they don't appear to have fixed anything; then I really don't know how much longer I'll last.

    My problems with the service have abounded in the past week :

    1) My Mobile Me calendar has not worked at all since day 1; the calendars (and any amendments I make to them) on my phone and computer are successfully synced to MM, but any attempts to make any changes on MM are instantly met with the dreaded server error. A (nearly) 3 week server error? C'mon.

    2) As of this week my contacts syncing is ballsed; changes made on MM don't reach my phone. Changes on my phone create entirely new contacts on MM, instead of amending the existing contact details. Have tried Apple's July 28th "fix" several times, no joy.

    3) iDisk; I'm was going to be relying on this heavily, worked fine for the first week, since then anything I try to upload hangs at "finishing upload".

    So in summary; only my mail and the photo app on MM are actually functional for me at the moment.


  18. Andy Watt
    Jobs Horns

    MobileMe User agreement... whatsit like?

    It's just a thought, but has anyone signing up to this read the user agreement in full? I'm not a MM user, haven't seen the agreement, but I'm not that keen to have all contact lists and some documents stored on remote servers unless the user agreement states specifically that everything you upload to the "cloud" is yours, definitelty yours, we can't use it, you can sue us if we do,.... etc

    Just being paranoid, but look at FB and MSpace... and Google, and MSN, etc

    What's the deal with confidentiality? What if homeland security fancy a quick browse? Anyone got some answers? This worries me more than some reports of apparently minor launch glitches.

    Incidentally, what is webster on and can we get some for our politicians here in the UK so they develop some frickin' opinions?

    I'll assume Stevie is evil for now

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Give it up!

    1, Webster, OK, SJ has "relations" with all mac owners in the world, and we all love it. You are the only person in the world SJ refused to make love to and you really want him to and so now you are bitter. TOUGH!

    2, MM does work and for me it has made work and social aspects easier.

    Some have had issues,OK, buy a brand new car you get teething problems, buy a new suit a button comes off, buy a new house you give the builder a snagging list, and so on.

    GROW UP people! Vista is still crap two years on.

    In comparison to the XP windows junk I had to do with until I moved over (entirely) to Mac, OS X, iMac, iPhone, iPod, MacBook, (pro) Are not only better but Dirt cheap!. Yes Steve have my money, because once I have paid (one off S/W or Machine OR yearly .Mac) I have to pay no more because it F**King works.

    Mac is the best, the future and the thinkers choice.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Frasier, the BOFH said it all

    "Apples are the piano accordian of computers, entertaining but not for professional'

    Recipe for potato, leek and elitist minority soup, peel and dice 5 potatoes, 5 leeks and one mac user.

    Why are mace made so big?

    So the users cant stick them up their ass.

    Why do they have round corners?

    Just in case they succed at the above. (-:

    Graphic deigners are defined as folk who can use a mac but cant read.

  21. Andy Bottomley

    Get a grip fanboys

    After all this time I still chuckle to myself at a lot of the responses to any Apple or MS related stories. Apple/MS* are crap... Steve/Bill* is the spawn of satan and rogers his customers on a regular basis... Apple/MS buyers are idiots who will buy anything produced by the company etc etc etc ad infinitum

    *Delete as applicable

    Some stuff from MS is garbage, some stuff is great. Some stuff from Apple is garbage, some stuff is great. I think one or two people could do with opening their eyes and they may actually see that!

    And when it comes to consumer rather than business products, though it may be a shock to some of you there are actually people in the world that buy products from both companies. I'll pause whilst you pick yourselves up off the floor..... Yes, believe it or not some people need a product, look at what is available see how they weigh up against each other, and then choose the product that best suits their purpose.

    Mine's the one without my 'chosen' company's logo emblazoned on the back.

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