back to article Oracle ratchets SAP 'grand-theft' allegations

Oracle has turned up the heat in its already torrid legal attack on SAP, accusing high-ranking executives throughout the German company of knowingly approving a program that illegally downloaded five terabytes worth of Oracle software and support materials. The allegations, which expand on accusations Oracle first aired 16 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is a semantic web based bot

    that is why it makes no sense - but sort of gets a gist.

    Terrabytes well that is a lot of info - but if Oracle held the copyright then SAP is in the wrong if they redistribute - hire RIAA (which sounds like, oh never mind).

  2. Stuart Cherrington

    pants down!!!

    Whats worse, the fact that one software company is stealing from another (Anyone remember "Oracle goes thru M$ Dumpster headlines"), or that fact that they were too stoopid to get caught!!!

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