back to article Focus plus excitement: Michael Dell talks turnarounds

Despite harsh economic times, Michael Dell hasn’t been complaining. "We've been growing faster than the industry for the last three quarters," the Dell CEO told a group of Latin-American and European reporters. In Round Rock, Texas, a town which wouldn’t have existed today if Dell hadn't established its headquarters there, …


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  1. s. pam

    Round Rock wouldn't exist w/o Dell

    Let's put things in perspective, Round Rock had lots of strip clubs and was a liquor/beer/wine dry area before Dell. Post dell all enjoyed healthy growth. Round Rock before that was just a place to get stoned and go to die, ahem retire in their numerous OAP "farms".

    Dell went to Round Rock because they caved-in when Austin wouldn't give Dell 100% tax abatement in return for a new set of buildings, etc. I know because I worked at Dell, that's why the Round Rock move. Moving to Round Rock meant all sales were received there, and they didn't have to pay the City of Austin 1.75C's per Dollar Sales.

    Now the fact that lots of sandwich shops, small petrol stations, etc went out of business as well was sorely lost in the media hysteria about Dell moving to strip-club, booze free Round Rock.

    Where there isnt'a Round ROck BTW.....

  2. W

    In the absence of the Acer Aspire One...

    I now await the (unimaginatively named) E / Mini Inspiron.

    In the space of 12 months we've gone from the 'almost there' EEE 701 4G to an altogether more serious benchmark contender in the E / Mini Inspiron.

    If it's anywhere near as satisfying to use as my M1330 I'll be happy.

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Holy Baloney ......More Spin Waiting from Miss Disinformation

    "But seriously, you can’t run a company these days as a superstar executive."

    Oh yes you can.

    "Our company is build by a team. I’m pretty sure they can manage without me.”

    Oh no it can't, which is why you're back in the Driver seat.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Honey Pot Spots.

    Sounds like a QuITe Perfect Sunny Spot to Chill out when Working, s. pam. It has certainly all the major attractions.

    Maybe Round Rock Dell is more Astute than the Rocky Horror Sun crowd, who just can't seem to get their Act together...... as reported here today on El Reg ......

    Does Round Rock Dell still Offer Cash and/or Stock Options for the Convenience of ReLocation?

  5. James Anderson

    As your listening Mr Dell

    Could I have a reasonbale spec Linux laptop for less money than a Vista machine with the same spec at PC world.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To be honest

    If I was Michael Dell I'd shut the company down and give the money back to the shareholders.

  7. Tom Ince

    Any computer vendor > Dell

    Even laptops nowadays. Dell customer service is god-awful. The financing is worse than the loan shark around the corner (I've spent 19 months trying to cancel my account, but they won't let me).

    If Michael Dell were a smart man, he'd sell of Dell and live in the tropics with scantily clad women catering to his every least it's what I'd do.

  8. Frumious Bandersnatch


    With you and 5 of 9 on that one...

  9. Colin Jepson

    Regaining the Dell legendary service

    In Europe the only way you can buy a Dell with a UK Keyboard and/or operating system is through the UK site. Previously you could get this from your local site.

    You now have to pay seriously extra for delivery to the EEC. However the offshore support center is not allowed to call you by telephone when they have exhausted their Email script and need to talk to you. Thus the guarantee is useless. This I know is true because it happened to me recently. Don't even ask me about the expensive delivery!

    This is Dells attempt to restore their legendary after sales reputation?

    No more Dells for me or anyone who asks my advice.

  10. andy rock

    is it me?

    or does Michael have an ever-so-slight look of George Dubya about him? :-)

  11. J

    Response to Jan Libbenga & S. Pam

    Unfortunately, Jan Libbenga and S. Pam did not do much research on Round Rock. To say that Round Rock would not have existed without Dell and that we had a lot of strip clubs shows a total lack of knowledge for the Central Texas area. Round Rock was before Dell and still is, one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Texas. S. Pam only got a small portion of the story correct on the reasons for relocation. The real story is that Round Rock shares with Dell a portion of 1 cent of every sales tax dollar for Dell (Texas) sales.

    And btw, there is a Round Rock. It is located in the middle of Brushy Creek on the historic Chisholm Trail.

  12. John Tester

    Clearly you've never been to Round Rock

    Round Rock was NOT a dry (alcohol-free) city prior to Dell, nor did it have any strip clubs (Joy and Rascals were intentionally outside the city and county limits). The farms here were real, and it's more of a recent phenomenom that they've been paved over to make way for big box stores. And, clearly you haven't spent much time in Round Rock, because *the* round rock is right there in the river that runs parallel to 79 (behind the post office) and it's about five feet across.

  13. David Bell

    No change then in Customer Support?

    Here in the UK, same as the USA I believe, customer support is as bad as ever and Michael Dell seems oblivious to it's effect in losing customers or recommendations to potential new ones. Why spend energy on adverts and internet communications when you're losing customers through the backdoor? I continue to buy Dell for it's good products and value but I'm cautious in recommending them to others in case they do hit a problem

  14. Fuion


    "So, Errr .......Thanks for your invaluable contribution? :-("

    Anything you have from me was stolen.

    You took my project and used it to set me up.

    When I get back "on the outs" - I will remember to phone a "fsck you" your way.


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