back to article Thunderbird patches are go

Mozilla has fixed multiple vulnerabilities in the Thunderbird email client. Version fixes eight vulnerabilities, six of which are rated as moderate. The moderate flaws cover code execution risks (in a CSS reference counter and ScriptLoader component of Thunderbird) and memory corruption flaws. The CSS reference …


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  1. Keith Glass
    Thumb Up

    But, are the patches available on ???

    And, size-wise, do I need Thunderbird 2, or will the Mole suffice ???

  2. Steve Mansfield
    Paris Hilton

    Core functionality patches?

    One hoorah for keeping the security up to date, but how about getting some functionality upgrades?

    My most recent Thunderbird trial went in the recycle bin recently when I was hit yet again by the 'slow startup due to exponentially growing inbox.nsf' file bug which has been there for donkey's years since version 0.?? - at the third time of asking in about as many weeks I just deleted the Thunderbird install rather than the nsf file.

    Combine that with the sl--o-o-o-w performance, the endless disc thrashing, the truly pathetic message filtering, the toytown icons, and the general impression that Tbird is a neglected token half-arsed poor relation to Firefox (of which I'm a great fan) and it'll take several large bribes to make me try Chunderbird again.

    And yes I know all about extensions, but I really have better things to do than spend countless hours looking for extensions to get key bits of basic functionality (I need an add-in for next and previous buttons? C'mon .... )

    Paris? She's a Chunderbird too ...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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