back to article Happy Sysadmin Day!

Today is Sysadmin Day - the annual celebration of all things sys. Just as the website says "If you can read this, thank your sysadmin". It is the day when we should all show a bit of appreciation for that oft-ignored or even maligned creature, the system administrator. So why not show yours some loving? You could have a whip- …


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  1. Kev K
    Thumb Up

    YAY to me

    and all other sysadmins out there

    Boo to the t0sser who had me out of bed this morning for what I shall politely call an error between the chair and keyboard & without a word of apology when the “error” was pointed out. (also who’s mobile no is now in my list of do not answer outside of my work hours)

  2. Glynn Williams


    Happy Sys Admin day to all my fellow Sys Admins...

    Now... If only I can find someone to give me a hug...

    Oh well!


  3. Walter

    They should thank us every day

    First of all: Congratulations fellow sysadmins.

    Second of all: Why only show a bit of appreciation once a year? As much as I support the sysadmin day, why a special day for a certain kind of job?

    These days should not be needed in society....

    I do believe people should become more aware of what the people around them are doing. I for example thank the cleaning lady about once a week for keeping my office (and particularly my trash bin) clean.

    She enjoys the thanks, and always visits my office with a smile (which can't be said for every office she enters).

    Or is it simply because we need that special day once a year to prevent us from becoming the next BOFH?

  4. Kevikus Mordren D'lonzo III


    I tried to send mine a nice 'thank you' email.

    But the email server is down...

  5. Nick
    Paris Hilton

    Happy SysDay to you one and all...

    We've kicked off our day with a BellyBuster Breakfast Sandwich for all in the office, and after we've had a little snooze to recover, it will be on to the xbox for a bit of Guitar Hero'ing on Live! borrowing the 40mb internet pipe!

    Paris, because we've seen from the video's on employee's PC's, she enjoys a good pluck.

  6. David

    Congrats to us!

    Strangely enough noone in the office has brought us cake!? Do the users not keep up with important dates?

  7. Echowitch

    Lack of interest

    Whilst there is certainly a great deal of interest from Sysadmins themselves, I've noticed that that Lusers show their usual contempt for us and demand to know why they should show us any appreciation.

    Even pointing out everything we do for the ungrateful wretches doesn't do it. Perhaps we should have it written in to law that on Sysadmin Day we get to electro-prod Lusers without any form of legal ramifications :D

  8. James Dunmore

    We splashed out

    And bought our sys admin team a 4 pack of Tesco Value larger (that's to share between them).

    They said it was the best present they had ever received, although we later found out it was the only present they had ever received.

    We think that we'll show them how much we appreciate them today by creating them lots of work, then we can thank them lots of times for fixing it....

  9. Mike Groombridge

    what this holiday needs is..

    A. to be a bank holiday for only me and my fellow sysadmin.

    B. songs christmas easter birthdays all have songs even the summer holidays have songs (schools out and summer holiday) i'm sure mothers day and fathers day must have songs some where. so for sysadmin day we need a song something i can spend all day singing.

  10. Mike Hartley

    No acknowledgement from el Reg?

    Surely such an occasion as this deserves it's very own masthead on the Register?

    If national days can get them then surely such an important day as this would definitely warrant it's own recognition.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    If I must....

    If its only for one day and if I hold my nose I could put up with the smell.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    why did I have to pay for my own drinks this morning dammit?!

  13. 4a$$Monkey
    Thumb Up

    Gift ideas

    I think the gift ideas on the site... blue ray dvd player... Xbox 360... etc are quite reasonable. After all the users should consider how much they appreciate their files.

    It's stange how so many disks on RAID array can fail in one go.

    No where did I put the bulk eraser?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Catalonia, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Wales?

    The home of all the best . . . erm, hackers?!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Thank you Register Sysadmin for keeping the servers running

  16. Dann

    Wales site is actually UK

    There is a funny story behind the Wales Sys Admin Site.

    Back a few years ago I missed buying the by 1 minute, so as a good sport I decided that who ever had the wouyld do the official UK site and I settled for the and offered to do the Wales site.

    The was never used and last year I bought that too.

    So the and the are the official UK site.

    I have told Ted, but I'm sure he has been really busy.

    So please send us your pics of your sys admin day party in the UK to sysadminday at smartfoxit dot com, or tell your co workers to visit


  17. Anonymous Coward

    I'm warning you

    If ANYONE tries to hug me today I'm leaving and I'm taking the gateway router with me.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    I would but..

    ..if I was to send any greeting all I get would back be an automated ticket telling me to check my outlook settings.

    Mines the one with printed note in the pocket saying I no longer have access to a computer.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    How to thank your sysadmin

    Please remember that in the interests of corporate efficiency and to enable performance monitoring etc you should not thank your sysadmin directly as this could distract them from more important tasks. Instead

    1) complete the web based support request form detailing that you are wish to say thank you to your sysadmin

    2) this request will then be processed by the corporate IT repsonse team in India who will then allocate the "thank you" to one of the sysadmin team ... note that this person may not be located at your site

    3) allocated sysadmin will then receive the "thank you" and mark request as completed

    4) you will then need to validate this completion to show that you consider that you have now thanked your sysadmin

    5) the process of thanking you sysadmin is now complete

    Note that all steps must be performed using the web based form

    If you are unable to use the web based form please contact IT support by giving details of the problem using the web based form.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    BOFH Day

    Happy Bastard Day!

    To all bastards everywhere.

    Paris cos she knows a bastard when she's had one.


  21. andy rock

    wow, thanks...

    ...i feel all warm and fuzzy. obviously someone forgot to tell anyone i do stuff for.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    do you have a GNU/Linux PC as your gateway?

    if yes, type this and leave it for few hours

    iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i [you_local_net_eth_card] -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j DNAT --to-destination

    // note to remove this rule, change the cap -I to -D

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Happy day to me

    One of my users remembered and emailed me.

    I think I will go on a prowl for cakes later on.

  24. Steven Raith


    I think I classify as a sysadmin [well, I set up the network and get blamed if it goes down] and by happy coincidence, after the works party last night I'm staggeringly hung over and haven't made it to work yet.

    So when I turn up, the fact that it's SysAdmin day will be used as my excuse. As opposed to my woeful ability to consume alcahol and survive the after effects of it.

    Well done to all my fellow sysadmins/bofhs/those who must be bribed to get FaceBook.

    Steven R

  25. Anonymous Coward

    In a bizarre co-incidence...

    It's our sysadmins birthday today, so extra bumps down at the pub after he's had lunch...

  26. Peter Simpson
    Thumb Up

    Well done, the sysadmins!

    Have already thanked ours. Best support I have ever had...our guys are the greatest.

    (Have to do sysadmin work for the family, can only imagine how much fun it must be for a company of 150 people!)

  27. Jamie Bowden


    I believe I may skip out early.

    Mine's the one with the bottle.

  28. Fred


    Personally I think sysadmins are a bunch of useles....

    <fx: cattle prod> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT

    <fx: empty lift shaft> WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH - SPLAT


  29. Anonymous Coward

    The only happy sysadmin . . . .



    . . . . is a drunk sysadmin.

    Happy POETS day guys!!

    PS: Shurely there should be a new BOFH article on such an auspicious day? 1.50pm and can't see one yet -- not experiencing "technical difficulties" are we?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    WTF no google logo for sysadmin day.

    Google need a sysadmin logo for the site.

  31. Lloydie Lloyd

    I hate....

    everyone. Especially SysAdmin freaks.

    I hate holidays too that don't have a holiday day assigned. What is that all about?

    Going to go and eat my fists now.

    Your demi-god Lloydie Lloyd of the east has spoken.

  32. Steven Knox


    no group in SF, then?

  33. Wize
    Thumb Up

    I would contact my fellow sysadmins in our other office...

    ...but their internet connection died earlier today and they cant fix it.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Mike Groombridge

    You've got a song...

  35. bob


    happens to fall on my birthday this year.

  36. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Things you find out here

    I never knew there was such a day, but thank you all you nice people who keep the 'tubes' clear so I can get lots of nice things on the interwebbys

  37. Mike Lovell


    "I for example thank the cleaning lady about once a week for keeping my office (and particularly my trash bin) clean."

    That really depends on if she's a CLILF or not.

  38. Anonymous Coward

    Big Hugs for Terry *Childs*

    Bug hugs for Terry Childs then (the Network Admin / SysAdmin guy that recently locked incompetent manager types out of the San Francisco network.)

  39. CTG

    You're kidding, right?

    Say thank you to the sysadmins? Yeah right.

    I am on an application support team. We recently added a feature to the app to let it pick up updates to its database by reading in a CSV file from a certain directory on the server. I told the sysadmins to create this directory and give the app team write access to it so we can upload the CSV file when we need to.

    They said they couldn't do that because it would breach audit rules.

    WTF? The team that supports the app is not allowed to write to one single directory on the server?

    These people have repeatedly said they would rather disappoint the customer than fail our (internal) audit.

    So, yeah, thanks very much guys. DIckheads

  40. Anonymous Coward

    I get no satisfaction...

    Yesterday, on sysadmin day. Not only I was screwed by PHB over something that's stupid and contradicting (the damn printer was for the entire department, but the boss insisted that he be the only one capable of using it), they refused my annual leave request as well.

    And today's supposed to be my birthday, which I was supposed to take a long deserved vacation at the hills, but ultimately had to cancel it because my sis' laptop started BSODing after one of her friends sent her some movie clip or something.


  41. Dave


    I think the scenario you describe can be attributed to the fact that you ignored SysAdmin2007 and didn't buy them cake.

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Network Admin

    I'm a Network Admin and I never got any appreciation from users, developers or the sys admins until I started offering to constrain their personal Internet bandwidth to 10K. :-)

    AC because some of those who were actually constrained might realise that their problems weren't due to a succession of faulty patch cables :-)

  43. ratfox

    What about users?

    Is there a user appreciation day?

    Without users, sysadmins wouldn't have a job, right?

  44. Pheet
    Thumb Up


    I got a huge chocolate cake, shapped as a computer (with keyboard and everthing). Shouldve made a photo before it got scoffed :-) Helped that I announces SysAdmin day 2 weeks previously (hint hint).

  45. Levente Szileszky
    Thumb Up

    Give me a raise or...

    ...double my budget. :)

    Ehh, forget the second, just give me a raise.

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another year ...

    ... and another empty inbox of appreciation ...

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a nice thank you

    would be to respond to questions in a prompt and concise fashion


    day 1 10:00am ticket raised

    Title "Fred Blogs needs a DDI"

    Text "Fred Blogs needs a DDI"

    day 1 10:10am

    "Hi, I note the user already has an extension - xxx - what is it you actually want?"

    day 2

    "Hi, about Fred Blogs, what is it you actually desire?"

    day 7 noon

    "Why hasn't Fred Blogs got his DDI, we need it now."

    day 7 12:10pm

    "Hi, exactly what is it you need, my records tell me he already has an extension number."

    You get the point - nothing becoming clear until you phone them (which you need to do a few dozen times as they're always engaged, busy, in a meeting or something else.)

    Then once you get your answer, you set it up, you ask them to test it their end. They don't. Two weeks later "Hi this still doesn't work." You what?

    Man - I hate them all... and that's a tame example of a helpdesk request.

    Often it's

    "Why hasn't this been done?"

    The answer of course being - becouse I'm not a f---ing psychic, or my magic f---ing ball is broken. Sadly people take a dim view of that particular responce. Tshh.

    o well, I made a party hat, I shall drink twice as much tonight.

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