back to article High-priority patch fixes critical vulns in RealPlayer

RealNetworks has issued an update that patches four security holes in its RealPlayer jukebox program, including a critical flaw that vulnerability tracker Secunia published today. The company says versions for Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems are all vulnerable to at least one of the flaws and that users should update as …


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  1. kain preacher

    Hun ??

    People still use real player ??

  2. Tom
    Thumb Down

    Microsoft likes RealPlayer

    Because it makes Windows Media Player look good.

  3. Dick Emery


    People still use that pile of poop?

    Waves photo of Real's offices with grafitti that says 'Buffering...'

  4. Pierre

    Hem, obligatory bashing comment

    Real player... the piece of software that make MS stuff look secure... people are still releasing security patches for that. Good to know that some people are still interested in defending lost cases.Next thing you know, some people with too much time on their hands will try and fix Quicktime playa. Y'all 'd better bend over and accept the French-developped vlc. It's working, it's cross-platform, it's good, it's reliable. It's, in a word, French.

    Tongue firmly inserted where it belongs (no, the OTHER place). But vlc is still really good.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    I was going to deliver some well placed kicks..

    but it looks like theres not much left to step on... what can I say... borderline spyware.. crap video... Hell, I'm off to gripe about that OTHER media player that things is kosher to only allow access to your local prefs via a freaking website...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bloody BBC iPlayer

    If only I didn't like listening to live radio - then I could junk RealPlayer once and for all and only be left with the sucktitude that is Flash on the Mac.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    VLC blows goats

    VLC is the most bloated, unstable, shaky, badly designed crapware ever created. None of the media players out there are that good but VLC is far and away the worst pile of garbage.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    No, but seriously

    The codecs are one thing (damn you BBC for having your radio streams use it!!), but i cant honestly imagine anyone using Realplayer JUKEBOX since 2002.

    If you ain't using iTunes or WMP, you can use MediaJukebox, MediaMonkey, ect, ect. WHY WHY WHY?!

  9. RW

    @ AC (VLC blows goats)

    Oh, come now, tell us what you *really* think.

  10. iamzippy

    RealPlayer Blows Sperm Whales

    No RP on this box, so sharp intake of breath anytime I ask WMP to play a video from the BBC site, feckin thing either does nothing or crashes browsers left right and centre. End Task, Don't Send, Beam Me Up, etc.. Open in new window? Takes parent out with it, God damn.

    Last Friday, WMP wouldn't play Kermode's live stream on R5. Desperate, stuck the URL into VLC and it played just fine. Quirky I'll admit, but it gets better with each release.

    Shove RP where the sun don't shine. Where's the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy icon?

  11. Zack Mollusc

    RealPlayer development continues

    Glad to see that realplayer isn't stagnating, can't be many more decades now until it is actually usable.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A long forgotten memory

    Real Who ?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BBC Stuff

    If you look hard enough all the BBC stuff has a WMA stream as well.

  14. Not That Andrew
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    Misleading Title

    I would hardly call updating to a point release a couple of months old a critical update. With a piece of software that blows as much as RealPlayer, if you are not staying on a really old version (probably the best choice) you are insane if you are not running the latest version

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