back to article Sony Ericsson C702 rugged handset

The C702's moniker might give the impression that it's a stripped-down version of the 5mp camera-toting C902. But while it shares some features, the C702 is very much its own model. For a start, it's pitched as a rugged, outdoorsy sort of handset, with protection against dust and moisture. While we wouldn't recommend dunking …


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  1. dervheid

    It's rugged credentials...

    ain't the only thing that's a bit 'suspect', given, what could only kindly be called, that 'metro sexual' colour scheme. Bleuch!

    More Andy Pandy than Andy McNab I say.

  2. David Mantripp

    Very assisted GPS ?

    Pretty amazing that you managed to get a good GPS signal with the C902 ... perhaps you should put the tinfoil hats back on.

  3. Trygve Henriksen

    Colour and GPS...

    Mine is a nice black, so I hope to avoid being hit on by the wrong crowd.

    (The right crowd never hits on me, either, but that's another matter)

    The digital zoom is...

    Not something that can be used if you take pictures at the highest resolution.

    I'd like to have a shortcut for switching on the LED-light that was easier to access than the function hidden deep in the options menu in camera mode.

    The GPS...

    If you try to use it 'non-assisted' it'll take absolutely ages to lock on.

    Also, I have yet to find a simple 'tracklog' function in the GPS-software included. Sure, you can use Google and Wayfinder to navigate the streets of a city, but I also go 'off the beaten path', and head into the mountains. Google doesn't have many mountain trails in their maps...

    (There is a log, but it just logs the Co-ords every minute, and that's a 'little bit' too coarse. never mind that you can''t see it graphically.)

    There IS a free download in SE's 'Fun and Downloads' section called GPS Navigation, but I have yet to be able to download it. I always get an 'Invalid Program' message.

    I guess my old Magellan eXplorist 100 GPS will still be the preferred tool when hiking.

  4. Jeff

    "It's not as rugged as it looks"

    That's funny, because it *looks* about as rugged as a crystal vase full of pretty lilacs.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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