back to article Western Digital shrinks VelociRaptors for enterprise duty

Western Digital is making a play for the enterprise storage market today by stripping the bulky heat sink attached to its 10,000RPM VelociRaptor drives and liberating the small form-factor disk that's been locked inside all along. The number two hard drive supplier technically has offered a 2.5-inch VelociRaptor HDD since …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Excellent timing... for WD...

    Now is the time to try and sell HDDs in this form factor, for such high-end use, before flash-based storage takes over the segment (all it takes is adding some storage volume/density to it).

    It is dumping, fire-sale time! All the stuck kit must go NOW, before it gets rotten (or rust, in this case)!

    Mine is the one with 2.5" wide pockets.

  2. Jonathan Tate

    Just like to mention...

    ...thank you for that chart. Made my day.

  3. Emo

    What about..

    ... a chart for Seagate Cheetahs?

    No console fanboi's here i see ;p

  4. Joe

    Missing a Raptor

    Where's the inclusion of the Battlestar Galactica Raptors on your chart? They may be larger than both the WD drives and indeed the Cretaceous namesake but I dare say they're a lot more evolved than a hard disk drive...

  5. Duncan

    This isn't new....

    Indeed if you start googling you can see that most places say that removing the heatsink improves the drive. Apart from making it "smaller", it produces alot less noise. The "heatsink" actually generates alot of noise and doesn't cause the temperature to drop.

    I suppose it does look cool, but at the cost of noise is stupid. WD should have never put in the heatsink in the first place. Unnecessary waste of resources.

    Suppose WD should be congratulated on reducing some of the unnecessary waste with their products tho... maybe HP could take a leaf out of their book :)

  6. Neil

    I wonder.....

    If this'll finally allow the PS3 to load from HD quicker than the 360 can manage from it's DVD drive.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    "apparently cooly content sans mount"?

    did I miss a meeting where it was agreed to replace English with pure Gibberish?

    Paris, she likes a bit of French, so I'm told...

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