back to article LG plotting autumn offensive against Eee PC?

LG has a history of producing some pretty small laptops - most notably the skinny 12in Z1 - but it's yet to take on tinies like Asus' Eee PC and Acer's Aspire One. It soon will, though. According to a report by German-language site Notebook Journal, LG will be coming out with the mini machine, to be dubbed the X110, in October …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Time now to arrange the artwork.....

    Even with good thick red blood flowing through my veins, I'm getting a little bit sick of the EEE PC girl in the swimsuit.

    Could you get hold of some vintage footage of "Sale of the Century", for use in training that lovely lass Sarah Bee to show off the LG?

    El Reg 10th Birthday pictures show that she's rather photogenic.

  2. Michael Warburton

    9" Display?

    They're coming out with a rival to the Eee and Asus DESKTOP PC's... with a 9" display?

  3. Stuart Halliday

    What we IT Bods want

    What we want is a wee laptop with a 9" display at 1024x768 viewable outside with a touch screen. Plus HSDPA and Wi-Fi, 3 USB ports and a 3 hour+ battery life.

    Oh and it's to cost less than £250 exc. VAT.

    I really don't care what OS is on it.

    Too much to ask?

  4. druck Silver badge

    Missing the point again

    They are missing the point again. £200 is the target price for these types of devices not £350. Ok, back just after Christmas I'd waited so long for the EEE 701, I paid nearer £250 to get hold of it. But I would not have even considered buying it if it was over the £300, that's in to full size lap top territory.

  5. andy gibson

    Eee girl

    Show the other Eee girl again, like the AC I'm fed up of the bird on the beach. Or at least get your Playmobil kit out and recreate the scene.

  6. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    Your wish is my command...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    New Eee girl...

    Glad to see the new, extremely cute, if a little bit skinny, Eee girl has made an appearance once again. If only I could find myself a women like that... Likes a drink (well, it always helps!) and is amused by tiny things!

  8. David Gosnell


    You can of course see her (sans EeePC) any time at:

    For a mere £719.99 you can have her in XXXL 76cm x 94cm goodness.

  9. Lars Silver badge


    I will never bye it if it is not Linux, and that is not even odd today.

  10. David Hicks

    By the looks of things

    It might even beat the Eeepc 901 Linux version to market, as nobody seems to have even seen one of these rare beasts yet, let alone managed to buy one.

    The Dell E is actually looking like the best option at the moment - proven supply lines and cheap as you like.

  11. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    The Dell E will be announced on 12 August, and will undoubtedly be shipping almost immediately thereafter. Michael Dell's cued up to make a big speech about mobility on that day.

    Remember you read it here first.

  12. Nigel
    Thumb Down

    Totally missing the point

    This is just another shrunk notebook (to Microsoft minimum Vista spec, I imagine, though with just an Atom it'll be slower than slow!). Yawn.

    Too expensive, and I'd much rather have all solid-state rather than a hard disk with moving parts and standby power drain.

  13. heystoopid


    So will LG use those gorgeous Italian Parachute pod babes as their mascot to sell these EEEpc killer units ?

  14. David Gosnell

    Developed by MSI

    Apparently [cnet, digitimes] this is being developed for LG by MSI.

    What's the betting it turns out to be yet another customised MSI Wind?

    Looks like MSI are keen for just about anyone but themselves to sell it (Advent, Medion, now LG?), not really being an end-user manufacturer historically.

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