back to article Texas Memory Systems makes mighty big RAM SSD

Texas Memory Systems has introduced its RamSan-440 DRAM-based solid state drive (SSD), with half again as much I/O bandwidth as its predecessor and a quadrupled capacity. The previous and now entry-level RamSan-400 delivers more than 400,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) and offers 128GB capacity in a 3U chassis. The RamSan-440 …


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  1. Charles Spalton

    "Half as much"?

    Shurely "half as much again"?

    Mines the one with the nit-pickers in the pocket.

  2. Jonathan Tate
    IT Angle

    "Half as much"?

    Is that proper British English for saying "50% more"? I'm American so I'm not actually sure -- on our side of the pond we'd interpret it to be the same as "50% less" or just "half".

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    half as much?

    I think you mean "half again as much"

    Beat the editor. Again!

  4. theotherone

    yes but can it

    um, load crysis fast?

  5. Tim Greening-Jackson
    Paris Hilton

    Education, education, education

    "with half as much I/O bandwidth as its predecessor" would mean 200,000 I/O s^-1, not 600,000. No?

    Paris because even she can add up.

  6. Bronek Kozicki

    memory is replacing storage subsystems

    but what is replacing memory?

  7. Eddie Edwards

    Yeah but they're frickin' expensive

    I fancied one for my desktop but $110,000 for the 128GB 300 model is just a touch out of my league :(

  8. Adam Foxton
    Thumb Up

    I dunno if it's been changed since y'all commented

    but it now says "half as much again"

    Also, shouldn't it be (IO)^2 rather than IO^2? Otherwise it'd be Instant On Output.

    Sounds like a helluva toy to have- it'd probably load Crysis rather quickly.

  9. alyn

    3U unit?

    Won't fit in my Eee PC then.

  10. Sam
    Gates Horns

    @ Theotherone

    Yes it can run Crysis as long as it is on XP, put Vista on this and it will kill the flash disks

  11. b

    you jokers!

    yeah bring on a fully functioning and dynamic market for desktop SSD's!

    i've been waiting for these spinny, noisy heat inducing and SLOW hard drives to be pensioned off.

    i used to play around with ramdisks.sys back in the day and wondered when windows would be loaded onto memory to load a pc quicker.

    thats was about 10 years ago, i'm STILL waiting!!

    (ok i know i can have one now, but 100's of £'s for local storage is a bit rich and the products are still developing)




  12. Pete "oranges" B.

    They should sell...

    ... portable HDD sized RAM SSDs with batteries, so when you have to take sensitive data with you, it will have a reliable self destruct mechanism.

    Border search not going well? just hit a button and erase.

    Add a proximity bracelet, and anytime it leaves you person, total erase.

    And no big deal if it's left some were by a moron posing as a public official, a timer can be set to go off if the device isn't plugged in by a preset time or the battery's drain time.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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