back to article RM buddies up with Tesco on new voucher scheme

UK schools computer supplier RM has bagged a partnership deal with Tesco for the retail giant’s forthcoming voucher collection scheme which kicks off in 2009. Tesco has merged into one catalogue its two voucher schemes - Computers for Schools and Sport for Schools and Clubs - that were previously supported by RM. Under the …


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  1. Eddie Edwards

    Die RM die

    Some of us still remember the 380Z.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Let's work out the value...

    OK, so you spend bang on £10 in store. You get 1 voucher.

    To get a box of 10 floppy disks, you need to collect 230 vouchers. That's £2300 if you spend dead on £10 everytime (but who does, technically you'd only get 1 voucher for spending £19.99). Wow, what great value. A box of floppies worth say £2.30 is 'charged' at £2300.

    Now if you want say, a computer. You can spend a whopping £250,000 in Tesco to get a £250 PC. We get a fraction of 25,000 vouchers (nearer 9,000 in a normal year) because we're not near a Tesco.

    Then you've got the time taken to count them all up, box them, courier them off, then wait 6 months for the end of line kit.

    It's not great value. Sure it gives some schools a little extra, but it's a brilliant BRILLIANT marketing ploy that dupes parents in to 'helping' schools and rounding their shopping bills up for 1 more voucher.

    Ungrateful? Me... No. Just realistic!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Pity You Can't...

    ... threaten to go elsewhere for the kit. We did when RM were up against 2 others (and significantly more expensive). Hey presto: a 20% reduction and a softening of their line on software packages. Go figure.

  4. Ascylto
    Paris Hilton


    This is typical Tesco ... they can't keep their mitts off anything!

    In an area near to me there are a few horseriding schools, including one for the disabled.

    The local Tesco developed a range of horseriding tackle ... why? They're grocers, FFS!

    The result was that local tackle suppliers ... well, you know the rest.

    Still, I suppose it all helps the Bankers in Leichtenstein or wherever Tesco's bottom line is concocted.

    Paris ... because it's a subsidiary of Tesco corporate Conglomerate GMBH

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