back to article Intel slashes Xeon, Core 2 Duo prices

A week after trumpeting a healthy second quarter profit leap, Intel has slashed the prices of several server and desktop processors. Yesterday, with a post (PDF) to its web site, Chipzilla announced new pricing for three Xeon chips, three Core 2 Duo models, and one Core 2 Quad. Sadly, it did not change the name of the Core 2 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    8 processors - cool!

    So... a Core 2 quad is 8 processors, right?

  2. adam roberts

    core 2 quad

    No, Core 2 is the brand name and its quad core so its one processor with 4 cores that act as 4 processors.

  3. Tony
    Paris Hilton

    How long to see the effects...?

    So how long does it generally take for such price cuts to hit the retailers; ebuyer etc.

    I'm in the market for a Q6600 and don't mind waiting a little while... but not forever :)

    Paris; because she comes quickly and we all benefit from how cheap she is.

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    Talk about kicking a man when he's down, I bet Ruiz Mk2 at AMD is feeling the pressure! Then again, Intel could just be getting ready for a drop in chips sales if we go into a recession and be trying to pump up their market share in advance.

    Anyway, I'm most unchuffed seeing as I only just bought a new AM2 socket board a few months back - GRRRRR!

  5. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge

    Core 2 Duo, Quad, Oct...?

    So, what ARE the 8-cores going to be called? Core 2 Octopus?

  6. D Harris

    This is all my fault...

    ...because I'd been dithering about whether to buy a Q6600 for months and just last Thursday decided to take the plunge and bought one. Grrrrrrr!!

  7. Gumby

    Intel Gluied Two Core 2 together...

    Like before with Pentium D chiups or somehting... Intel just glued two chip together to make dual chip. now Intel did it again with Quad. AMD is pure Quad and X2 from the stratch, n o wonder AMD had hard time getting it produced on time. Guess honesty doesnt pay, huh? Soon enough, Intel will glue four Core 2 to make 8 core while AMD is working on native pure 8 core as always. Who knows, AMD may win big this thime..

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Still more expensive than AMD, although faster!

  9. Chris O'Shea

    To those that think this is Intel panicking ...

    ... Intel does this every few months, and have done so since back before there were Pentiums (ask your grandparents!)

    They drop the prices of processors, and then they announce faster processors, then they drop the prices, announce new ones ... it's almost as though it was their plan ... oh wait, it is!

    And whenever you decide to buy (@Tony, @matt and @D Harris) there will always be either something better or a price drop within at most a few weeks ... so you pick a day, and you decide whether the price today is one you're willing to pay, and then you try to ignore the fact that whatever you've bought is either out of date or reduced in price before the one you bought gets delivered ... sadly that's "Internet time".

  10. EvilGav


    Erm, no.

    The original Pentium D dual core was two cores glued together, the Core 2 series is based around the Pentium M processor and is built to be multi-core, not unlike the AMD chips.

  11. Timbo
    Paris Hilton

    from what to what?

    >Over on the server side, the company slashed away on three low-end Xeon chips: the 2.40GHz X3220 (12 per cent), 2.13GHz X3210 (also 12 per cent), and the 3GHZ E3110 (11 per cent).

    >Meanwhile, the Core 2 Quad Q6600 - a 65nm desktop chip - is now 14 per cent cheaper. The prices of all other chips are unchanged.

    Well, that's good info......except for some glaring omissions - what are the OLD and NEW prices for the above CPU's?

    Even if only OLD prices are given, I can work out the new prices.....

    Paris: Coz even she can work out if her market value is increasing or decreasing....

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Chris O'Shea: "back before there were Pentiums (ask your grandparents!)" - aaargh! you utter utter utter barstool...

    The Q6600 is now almost half the price I paid for mine.... but the bonus is that I will soon be able to grab something REALLY sweet for a later upgrade now that the big chips are dropping.

  13. Pum

    Great - Q6600 overclocks very well

    That's great news, as apparently the Q6600 overclocks really easily, form 2.4GHz standard to as much as 3.7GHz using just air cooling - obviously that's very good air cooling!

  14. Tony


    I appreciate what you're saying but, I already know I want that processor so I might as well wait for the new prices - unless they will be ages reflecting that in retail...

    So how long?

  15. jeanl

    8 core named.

    Intel 8 core could name Octa-core (SHORTEN AND SIMPLIFIED )

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