back to article IEEE fails to agree on powerline Ethernet standard

The organisation charged with putting in place a standard for networking over mains wiring has once again failed to elect one of the two competing specifications as its choice. Last week, members of the IEEE P1901 Working Group met in Miami to vote on the confirmation of a joint proposal from Panasonic and the HomePlug …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Vote rigging?

    Were Zanu PF in charge of the count?

  2. doublejay1973


    for 50 quid 6 months ago, I got 2 such plugs claiming 85 Mbps. I now have a lovely flexible network backbone, with wireless 54g segment at each end of the house.

    So has my mom.

    The IEEE are in great danger of invalidating their existence as far as networking is concerned with this kiind of pointless procastination

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A lesson for ISO!

    IEEE may be a slow standards body, but at least they stay within their own rules, and behave with propriety. More than can be said for ISO and the recent OOXML scandal.

  4. Bob. Hitchen


    I threw wireless out a couple of years ago and have used ethernet over mains for all my network needs. It don't do 85 Mbps but has no problems playing movies etc from the server. Standards should not be decided by commercial interests but be agreed internationally.

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