back to article Ubuntu made me puke in a bucket

The world is a disgusting, filthy place. So, it's important to take a moment away from the turmoil from time-to-time, spread your legs and eat some aromatic pistou of borage. And, god bless, that's exactly what you can do at the Ubuntu restaurant and yoga studio in Napa. We discussed Ubuntu and better bowel maintenance during …


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  1. Steven Raith
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    Drugs and bush

    Nuff said.

    Steven "selective quote" Raith.

    PS: Good luck with the nipper Ashlee. At least if you name the sprog after the father, sex won't be an issue, arf.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    'Ubuntu made me puke in a bucket'

    It took only four seconds for the Reg to make me laugh this morning. I think that's a record.

  3. Martin Peacock
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    Take on the mantle

    Lads.... Good show. With the (alas) demise of LUGRadio you are the natural leaders for offensive content. Keep it coming.

  4. Frank

    DVD Nanny

    I had a look at the Clear Play DVD Nanny site, just because I wondered what it did and how it did it (fascinating, in a weird sort of way).

    They have a filter in there for 'Shaun Of The Dead' !! I'd be interested to see that after a DVD Nanny filter has finished getting rid of the swearing, blood and violence, lol.

    If anyone has a DVD Nanny, can they put a post filtered copy up on the 'public information' sites since I'm wondering if it's actually watchable afterwards.

  5. Joe

    The Clear Play DVD Nanny reality filter...

    "Most of the time you won't even know what you've missed but you'll be glad it's not there," like shit in a nappy?

    Reminds me of how the mainstream media create the popular daily show, the 'news'.

    Scary stuff. The world today is a very "blankety blank" frightening place.

  6. Walter Francis
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    Censor this..

    This [beep1] is a bunch of [beep2] nonsense. Next thing they'll be doing is changing the [beep3] words on live TV and such and making it even more [beep4] unrealistic.

    beep1 = article

    beep2 = technical

    beep3 = actual

    beep4 = f*cking

    (okay, one of four)

  7. douglas dooley

    re: requisite request

    Could u turn the anti-obscene words, or at least "swear words" that flow from Rosenberg's mouth off for future it really necessary to get a point across and/or worthy of a radio show to have one of the hosts go all "negative"...

    assuming if he reads this, he'll cry out that i am a stalker i'll just say, Dave, relax, u r not that important...

    all in all, a decent show, though cloud computing is the same as Web 2.0, and i could use a little more analysis on enterprise OSS, like what is going on with JBoss?

  8. Dave Rosenberg

    I miss our gentle life together Douglas Dooley

    I can't believe that you treat me this way after I saved you from that zombie attack back in the early 90s.

    Don't listen if you don't like it. Or go f*ck yourself. I don't care.

    We're avoided foul language in the past and there are very few instances in this episode. It's The Reg, not The 700 Club.

    BTW--Apparently I am important enough that you read/listen/comment on everything I do. I have offered multiple times to have you on the blog/podcast whatever but apparently you chose to ignore any direct contact.

    PS. Note that Ashlee's mouth is way worse than mine.

  9. douglas dooley

    Re: fine and appropriate

    I do like the Open Season, and i want it to continue, so barring a FCC complaint, i am simply pointing out that your audience (beyond Matt) may cringe at some comments, and therefore you should treat your presence on these podcasts as a privilege not a right...

    I would be happy to have a quasi-debate on anything that I have some knowledge of ("clouds" is not 1 of them), i like that CNet gives you a forum, and along with Matt's blog, i gather occasional bits of knowledge from them...

    As u noticed, I do follow this market, and u r in a position to make statements that go beyond your potty-mouth, so use it well...

    if you want to take offense to JBI, JEE, ESB, or OSS comments i make, i cant do anything about it, i dont plan to step down from my free-lancing ways,

    as always, i am for hire, if you think that would be a more appropriate way of communicating...

    btw, i have taken your advice and updated my "crappy" blog for your reference, perhaps that could be a place to start...

  10. Dave Rosenberg
    Dead Vulture

    Looks like we have our next guest!

    What world do you live where the FCC has anything to do with podcasts? Even if Ashlee had a wardrobe malfunction we'd never know. Plus he's a dude.

    I don't take offense to anything you say. I don't know who you are (except one of my many admirers.) It seems like you spend all day looking for things to comment on. I doubt there is much to debate either.

    I liked your new blog entries, though I am not familiar with the weird style of not capitalizing and using single letters as communication. Last I checked you can't comment via SMS here.

  11. douglas dooley

    Re: kind of like u

    I understand u don't like me challenging your preciously held beliefs, but i do spend time in the on-line forums of interest...

    It would seem, Dave, that you spend most of your time on ancillary matters, as well, what exactly does an enterprise OSS middleware software CEO do, if not decide the direction in which the company will go?

    Without debating on The Reg, which i take it you don't want to do, I am still trying to figure out MuleSource, I always wish that start-ups would give more clarity in to their business, as its not like there is all that much proprietary to protect, like growth plans, exit strategies, etc...

    but, i assume u don't want to take the time to do that, but i'll ask again, if not that, then what?

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