back to article Grissom bows out of CSI

William Petersen has decided to hang up his lab coat down at CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, marking the end of eight years of Gil Grissom's contribution to criminal forensics. According to the BBC, Petersen's final episode will air early next year during the show's 10th series, after which he will simply "make guest …


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  1. Carolyn Clarke

    he will be missed

    I liked the character because he was geeky -- he was brainy and well-read and had strange passions for interesting things. Grissom was not like any other crime show hero. He demonstrated, albeit with fantasy science, that a dedication to facts, not feelings, was important. It's what made the original CSI stand out for me, and why I watched it. Once it got into the personal lives of the team, I became less interested, because the Grissom character was made a little more touchy-feely and, to me, less true. It's not that I don't like shows about personal lives, but just once it was fun to have a show based to pursuing hard evidence and finding out what chemistry could tell you. Another sorrow was that they had to make up things, like those national databases of car floor carpet fabrics, or the international database of toothpick wood -- that sort of thing.

  2. hey_may

    Oh No

    I really like CSI. I've got all the DVD's and watch it most nights. I'm going to cry.

  3. M
    Paris Hilton

    He was wasted in CSI...

    However he was spectacular in 'Manhunter' as Will Graham. The best bit is the insanely long slow motion shot at the end with 'In-a-gadda-da-vida' by Iron Butterfly playing and the bad dude flying through the glass. Awesome.

    Paris because Will Graham might be able to find a brain cell in her head and undergo all sorts of 80s angst over it.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    my girlfriend will mourn him... literally

    though I won't...

  5. Gordon Ross Silver badge

    Maybe time to call it quits

    Maybe they should take the time to call it quits with the whole CSI franchise. The stories have been getting more and more unbelievable in recent years. It hasn't stood the test of time as well as Law & Order.

  6. Joe Cooper


    I love CSI and Grissom is my favorite character. The other ones, Miami and NY aren't as good just cause they don't have Grissom & friends. I knew this was coming but it's still sad to see him go. What a fantastic show!

  7. Dave Jones
    Thumb Up

    He's crying all the way to the bank

    Haven't you all spotted the producer credits he gets? He's just going to stay behind the camera from now on. Smart man. Acting is for losers.

  8. Eric Dennis

    End of an era at CSI

    It's the end of an era....

    Worreck (Did I misspell that?) was killed off in the season finale last season and next season Gil Grisson is gone? Who can possibly replace him? They are definitely going to need an actor of stature and distinction. This will be a very interesting upcoming season at CSI.....

  9. Whitter
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    At last: may he take them with him as a prezzie!

    Tipped the shark one or two series ago, so his timing is just a bit late, but not oo bad. Unlike Miami, which only made it to series 3 before it became interminable bollox.

  10. Nick Palmer


    I thought he was great in both, although one of my favourite episodes of CSI was definitely Abra Cadaver ( ), which pitted Peterson against Tom Noonan (Francis Dollarhyde in Manhunter) again, which was great fun.

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Shame - g/f will know how it feels

    Been mourning since Jorja Fox left (appropriate surname). Girlfriend couldn't sympathise, but I bet she can now.

    Just as long as that patronising ginger berk doesn't transfer from Miami to replace him...

  12. Scott McMeekin
    Paris Hilton

    CSI Vegas rawks

    I just hope they don't replace him with a plank of wood like the lead guy in CSI Miami. At least the CSI New York has a little bit of something to it. CSI Miami's just a little bit too "CSI-for-good-ole-boys" for me.

    Just give us the science, and lay-off the machismo, Horatio.

    Paris, cos CSI Miami's just her thang, Y'all.

  13. M

    @Nick Palmer

    That was a great episode of CSI! Also, Tom Noonan was excellent in Robocop 2.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    the only thing missing

    Is the bad guy with the English about Alan Rickman?

  15. Elmer Phud

    I wonder . . .

    . . . .if they will cast a - gasp shock horror - woman for the part.

    Who ever it is will have to sort of reflect the district it's based in.

    We've got the drawn, thin, possibly neurotic New York one. Then there's the weird robot in the Miami version - either a robot or so full of white powders that he just stares off in to space for long meaningful moments. Not forgetting the troubled gung-ho military one with all the correct sidekicks in place.

    Maybe it will be the 'fish out of water' - handy for either male or female/geek non-geek etc. etc. - even Helen Mirren as a British ex-cop, hardboiled but fair etc. etc. Whatever happens it will be enjoyable, implausible fun.

  16. Phyre Blade

    There goes the show...

    I've always loved CSI primarily because of Grissoms character. To me, he and his idiosyncrasies are what made the show worth watching. I've always considered him the ideal counterbalance for the characters of rest of the team, possessing many of what I'd consider the ideal character traits for a CSI.

    I really admired his ability to be objective and unbiased even in the face of incredibly difficult situations. Yes, he was perhaps the biggest geek in the entire cast, but that is what made him so special.

    His ability to make true, valid connections through logical deduction, where others were often too emotionally driven or too willing to rely on their hunches or misleading past experiences for guidance has always been an inspiration.

    Gil Grissom will be a great loss to the series. I honestly can't imagine CSI without him, and i seriously doubt they will be able to craft a character good enough to fill the shoes he will leave behind...

  17. Steve Mann

    4 Whitter

    I agree that CSI: Miami is not as good as the original, but interminable? Only one channel and no off-switch where you are?


  18. Andrew Pike

    From the Hollywood Reporter...

    As a precursor to the launch of CSI Slough and CSI Swindon, Ricky Gervais will take over the lead role in CSI replacing the character "Gil Grissom" played by William Petersen. Ricky's character joins CSI as part of an international exchange program.

    In related news, the producers of CSI have signed a major deal with Philips Lighting to replace the clapped out lighting currently used on the program with next generation energy saving lamps so that the detectives may finally be able to see what they're doing.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    aside from Grissom, it's the women who make it

    Helgenburger, Fox, Kanakaredes, Lombard, Proctor, Belknap, Alexander -- smart, professional, great-looking. Dump H and Matt and the guys-from-a-box and just have them!!!

  20. Galaxy Bob

    @Elmer Phud

    Read the story again, they have said it will be another male.

    "He'll be replaced by a new male character, and executive producer Naren Shankar insisted: "Whoever comes in and joins the team after Grissom is going to be a different guy. But the nature of the show and what fans get out of it, that's not going to change."

    CSI:Vegas has become a little sillier every series. The miniature killer episodes were great, but nothing else has really stood out apart from the whole Warwick/Strippers/Mob boss storyline.

  21. neb

    @Eric Dennis

    thanks twat

    bet you ran around telling people about the spoiler in the sixth sense

    here's another spoiler for you

    you're adopted and your mams a whooer


  22. Anonymous Coward

    I just hope...

    ... He hooks up with Lady Heather!

    Mine's the black leather lab coat!

  23. amanfromMars Silver badge

    From the Holywood Record...

    "Haven't you all spotted the producer credits he gets? He's just going to stay behind the camera from now on. Smart man. Acting is for losers." ... By Dave Jones Posted Wednesday 16th July 2008 14:09 GMT

    Not when the Acting's Future Reality, Dave. Then IT is Subliminal ProgramMIng ...... Overt Propaganda.

  24. Eric Dennis


    I read the story fine the first time mate. I did not comment on the new character's gender obviously when I said:

    "Who can possibly replace him? They are definitely going to need an actor of stature and distinction."

    "WHO", not "WHAT". It is my hope that they replace him with an actor who brings something to the show that makes up for the loss that William Peterson's leaving the show will bring.

  25. Pyros

    Bye, Grissom.

    May you have more fun with your bugs now.

    I wasn't aware that Warrick's dead--but then again, we never really did see the new episodes very much. Oh well, here's to the new guy--may he continue the wierd geeky-type trend.

  26. Alex


    ...... Oh ffs....

    Thanks a freakin' bunch for ruining that one...

    Show a little more respect and fore-thought next time..

    Shame Gill's going, but it's probably the right time.

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Yep, I think you're a cock too, although no worse than the moronic mod who let your spoiler through.

  28. JT2008

    @Alex - The dead Warrick

    C'Mon people ...anyone who's a fan of CSI knows about this:

    Old news - posted way back on May 14, 2008

    Stop your "spoiler" whining ....

  29. Doug Glass
    Thumb Up

    "Oh Where Will You Go Billy Boy, Billy Boy"

    If you're fan of William Peterson's work, you'll likely enjoy "Manhunter" (1986). Not his earliest work, but damn close to it.

    Having been made in 1986 it'll be a bit dated, but it's worth a look.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Scott McMeekin

    CSI Miami ,comes of as a cheap knock of Miami vice. Its more like botched abortion if you ask me.

  31. foof
    IT Angle

    Star Magazine or The Register?

    I can't tell.

    They both have the same kind of shit in them.

  32. Jonathan McColl
    IT Angle

    I love CSI IT

    [One cannot but be saddened by the unimaginative use of pejorative language by the gentlepeople who contribute to your comments.]

    I'll miss Gris--he's made the whole set for me. The Vegas series still uses science and deduction to keep it in the same frame as all the other detective stories I've been watching and reading for so much of my life. CSI Miami has gung-ho armed starsky-and-hutches in its lab, and all their events are at parties made up of 96% young women in bikinis that H can look sideways at. CSI NY uses science too (thank goodness) but all of its murderers are amazingly, wackily inventive. I'd prefer to murdered in Las Vegas.

    But their computers! Glass-walled rooms full of 40" plasma screens showing identical screens tied to the single computer that the operators have no mouse for so it needs rattling of keystrokes to magnify pictures to read serial numbers refined from two pixels in the middle of a photograph of the reflection in someone's eye. Someone else mentioned all those databases of carpet-fitters or treebark-converters they can access, but not the way they query those databases by entering window sizes in feet and inches; oooh the IT in CSI is worth a list programme of its own!

  33. Kelly M Dudley


    Who will care for the pig foetus now?

  34. Tom Austin
    Paris Hilton

    "Manhunter" was good...

    ...but imho "To Live And Die In L.A." was William Peterson's finest. Pure 80s excess, quite OTT really, and a rather good driving-in-wrong-direction sequence of Friedken-directed goodness to top things off.

    Probably quite tasteless in certain areas, but check it out if you haven't already.

    Paris, coz she's also tasteless. She probably doesn't understand CSI. (Assuming she's capable of sitting still enough to watch an entire episode.)

  35. Law
    Paris Hilton


    I have never seen a single episode.... the odd bit is because I usually try most new series out for at least one season...

    Lot of good shows are getting killed in their first year now because of more established shows running longer and stupid spinoffs... worst one recently was Moonlight - loved that show, couldn't believe they axed it and yet kepts some really terrible series going.... advertising in it was a job though, a jPhone was in almost every scene, it made for fun viewing (a where's Wally type game, only in reverse, try to find the scene without the jPhone in it for an extra Revel! :) )

  36. Suzuki

    CSI Gone but never forgotten

    I will really miss Gris, Maybe he and Sara should get married and have loadsa little Grisi's

    I cannot stand that CSI Miami Dade. Horatio is a dork and that woman that does the ?ollocks stuff, oops sorry Ballistics stuff is right up her own barrel. Kally I think

    I like Matt Taylor (Gary Sinese he cute or what.)

    Anyway they wont be able to replace Gris, so it's the end of CSI Vegas

  37. TheHempKnight

    as long as

    they don't have that annoying Catherine Willows take over as boss, I'm sure it'll be fine. I would hope for the return of Jorja Fox, but it's unlikely. Can't stand her (the character, don't mind the actress) but I like every other main character, even Ecklie.

  38. Tony Paulazzo

    So long Gris

    But really, they should've finished it after season 7, 8 is almost played for laughs, and as for making the <spoiler free zone> the big bad at season finale was just embarrassing. Mind you, Sarah Cidal was my favourite character.

    Count me as another one who can't abide CSI: Miami, and Horatio is a pratt.

  39. Anonymous Coward



  40. Emma Goddard
    IT Angle


    How can it be a spoiler if the episode was already shown like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago!!!!

  41. Peter Ramins


    Peterson did alright in CSI, adding most of the life to the show, and certainly adding an ongoing focus of interest... but he is not all that.

    If you've seen 1986's Manhunter aka Red Dragon bla bla Hannibal Lecter, then... you know he has some absolutely dodgy acting roots.

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