back to article Congress spotlights another American data pimper

Congressman Ed Markey - chair of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet - has called out another American ISP for pimping user data to NebuAd, the Phorm-like behavioral ad targeter. Yesterday, Markey and fellow Congressional big-wigs John D. Dingell (chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Get em

    I hope congress tears them apart. I feeling this just might be election year pandering. With any luck this will scare away phorm like companies from US shore.

  2. Wile E. Veteran

    If "Big John" Dingell is involved...

    ...NebuAd ought to bend over and kiss its arse goodbye. Or at least say, "Yes, Sir! How high sir?"

    Dingell, who represents a district adjoining my own, basically defines "clout" in the House of Representatives.

    Good on him!

  3. Anonymous Coward


    I've written all of my Congressional representatives and have received only one reply and I honestly can't say I feel any safer. The "honorable" Representative who did reply essentially told me that he's not a part of the telecommunications subcommittee... And this was right about the time Phorm became big news on el Reg.

    Based on the rather under-whelming responses I’ve received (and lack thereof), it’s my opinion that the telcom’s & ISP’s have managed to rent a significant amount of Congress. And since most of the media is tied to the telcom/ISP’s at various levels, it’s no wonder their keeping quiet…

    Thanks Phorm, you’ve indirectly phucked us all.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Reading between the Lines tells the Tales and Sets the Scene,

    .... but Never Forever as Whenever Recorded in Stone.

    Of course, it is also the case, that these Phishermen can also be Pharmed to Provide Third Party Proxies with All of their Earthly Needs and Feeds to Feed the Needs and Feeds of Phishermen who would Steer A.N.Other Course.

    Such Pharmers of Phishermen are QuITe Rare and RAIR [Recent Advanced IntelAIgents Research]

  5. Ru
    Black Helicopters


    I've suddenly had an interesting business idea. What with the UK government's enthusiasm with all things corporate, and the fact that it is comfortable with letting commercial entities handle very sensitive data, why don't people like Phorm pitch this to the government as a surveillance facility first, and arrange a nice PFI scheme whereby they get to use 'excess' spying capacity to target adverts?

    I've no doubt the government would lap it up.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Congress is mad about data surveillance - yeah right!

    Congress just (last week) passed a law allowing the telecoms immunity from being sued for turning over communications records of their customers directly to the CIA and FBI without having a FISC summons. From now on the American Govt, rulers of the *Land of the Free* mind you, can feel free to request communications from any telephone/email/internet conversation where at least one party is suspected of being outside the USA. Who gives a shit if some piss poor little company like Phorm or NebuAd is serving adds to you when big brother is breathing down your neck!

    That's like being scared of the dog in front of you when there is a hungry bear coming up behind you!

    Mind you, what better way to get complete control of your worker bees than to threaten them with "terrorists" and then tell them you need to use surveillance to ensure their safety. How easy would it be to ensure you have more power than anyone else when you can tap everyone Else's communication unchecked?

    Another depressing thought - there were only five comments made on this story! Already, even the educated thoughtful sector (readers of El Reg) of the public are not overly concerned with surveillance. El Reg - the next time you publish some story like this one, just flick the 'no comments' switch for the story - it will save us all a bunch of time. It would be nice if you would publish a story declaring privacy, freedom and liberty dead. I imagine a nice bit of sarcasm on that topic might make for a good read.

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