back to article Nvidia concedes SLI for Nehalem chips

Nvidia is the first to blink in its standoff with Intel over the terms of licensing each others' wares. The graphics chip maker is conceding support for its multi-GPU technology on Intel's upcoming 'Nehalem' processor platform without getting much contractual love in return. SLI will be available for Intel's 'Bloomfield' line …


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  1. Norm DePlume

    The enemy of my enemy is....

    I suspect they both want to see CrossFire relegated firmly to second place.

    If it were not for Intel's decision to enter the performance graphics market, I suspect these two would be in bed together. As it is we can look forward to a three-way battle in the top-end of the graphics card market. Let's hope that leads to ultimately greater competition and not just the usual sue-fest.

  2. Jonathan Tate

    Matrix RAID and SLI... yayyy.

    This makes me happy. Intel RAID and Nvidia SLI for all! Now if only I had the money to upgrade this fall/winter...

    Smiley, 'cos I couldn't think of anything funny to say about Paris.

  3. b

    "Slashes GTX 260 and 280 prices"?!



    bill ;)

  4. Nexox Enigma

    @Matrix RAID

    Bleh. Thats one of those software raids that pretends to be real, isn't it? Even the Intel hardware raid setups that I've run across have been exceptionally slow, plus any decent OS has built in software raid that'll work with virtually any storage controller (Including a $20 sata controllers, usb drives, SD cards, NBDs, floppies, and an array of even more sketchy setups...)

    If you want some sort of performance, shell out for a PCI Express 3ware or something.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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