back to article Quirky blank Qwerty keyboard goes on sale

Many distractions can occur when you’re sat at the computer and trying to concentrate. But if the keyboard’s white letters are one of them, then a solution’s now at your fingertips. Das_keyboard_ultimate Das Keyboard Ultimate: Direct Attached Stupidity? The Das Keyboard Ultimate features a standard keyboard layout - except …


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  1. Iain Paterson
    Paris Hilton

    A fool and his money

    Wouldn't a $5 keyboard and a $2 bottle of Wite-Out (Tipp-Ex for you Brits) prove just as effective?

    If you must have the clacking sound of the keyboard then apply the whiteout to that old IBM keyboard you've got stashed in the cupboard.

    Paris, because she's permanently blank too

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I imagine Hotblack Desiato will be interested in this one.

  3. Simon Ward

    Re: A fool and his money

    "Wouldn't a $5 keyboard and a $2 bottle of Wite-Out (Tipp-Ex for you Brits) prove just as effective?"

    There's no way I'd take TippEx to either of my old IBM Model M keyboards, although this thing does look uncannily like the IBM 'Preferred' keyboard I use at home.

    I achieved the same effect with a black permanent marker.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry to be boring

    I guess despite the quirky marketing, this is being pushed as a keyboard that can be labelled up according to specific needs. Think video editing etc.

    Kudos for sporting what appears to be a 100% standard layout, unlike most keyboards currently available claiming to.

    I wonder if Dell are eyeing them up, so they can fix future keyboard layout screw-ups with a bottle of thinners and a driver disk?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    where's the windows button?

    "Paris, because she's permanently blank too." - hliarious

    WTF, who blacks out their keys? I haven't looked at my keyboard to type in about 15 years, but that doesn't mean I want the key names removed... it's not a piano. And thank you Mavis Beacon, for freeing me from hunting and pecking all those years ago...

    Maybe it would help with some pesky kids that won't leave daddy's gaming computer alone... but a good butt whoopin' would do a lot more.

  6. Ed


    Anyone else get teh impression that these guys got sent a bunch of blank keys by mistake?

  7. Quirkafleeg

    Re: Sorry to be boring

    “Kudos for sporting what appears to be a 100% standard layout, unlike most keyboards currently available claiming to.”

    Not 100% standard. The left Shift key's too wide, the # key's in the ‘wrong’ place, and the \ key is missing…

  8. The Jon

    i've fotr won of tghese...

    ...and irt's bloofuy byrilloianr. My typingf jas bever beem vetter and quicker. How fif i ever ger by before?

    Tje Kon

  9. Francis Offord
    Gates Halo

    Really Wilberforce.

    In the light of my typing prowess, or lack of it, I think I shall stick to the current arrangements. I can cock things up quite adequately already, thank you!!!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Shouldn't that be the " " key, the " " key and the " " key?

  11. Jonathan Richards

    Good for learning

    I learned to touch type on a typewriter (note for the experience-impaired: a mechanical device for squeezing ink in letter shapes from a ribbon onto paper) without key legends. It did have colour coded key caps, though, as a guide to which finger was meant to be used. A great learning aid - I've never looked back since. Or down. Much.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Not a QWERTY keyboard

    How can it be? The keys aren't labelled.

    Or, if it is, it's an AZERTY, Dvorak and SJWORP keyboard too.

  13. JB

    Blank keys

    I achieved the same effect by using the same, cheap-arse keyboard for 18 years, the letters just rub off anyway!

  14. A J Stiles

    Perhaps I'm odd

    Perhaps I'm the odd one here {being an Evil Penguin-Shagging Communist and all that} but I look mainly at the keyboard when I'm typing, not the screen -- I can have confidence that the key I watched myself press will cause the letter or punctuation mark I wanted to appear.

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