back to article The iPhone 2.0 update - don't do it, kids

Anyone with a 2G iPhone or an iPod Touch would be well advised to steer clear of the version 2 software, at least until the rush dies down and gives iTunes time to catch its breath. Punters with last year's models are rushing to upgrade to version 2, so they can download the applications Apple deems suitable. But it seems …


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  1. Thomas Hook
    Gates Halo

    Yup, really dont do it.

    I was full of glee to have iTunes tell me the new amazing software was ready, Download went fine and the firmware installation was smooth enough, but then came the horror. Upon iTunes trying to do anything with the phone it comes up saying 'iTunes store connection timed out, we are unable to process your request'. All the poor little iPhone can do is sit there telling me to connect it to iTunes...oh and make emergency calls. Do you think 'Apple Support' are available on 999?

  2. Josh Hawken

    Just got away with it

    After 15 minutes sat there clicking back to the screen, managed to get through - then took about 30 mins to go through the install process and reload all the stuff onto my phone. The 'Jesus' in Jesus phone certainly being used in the pejorative sense today!!!

  3. Ioannis Mavroukakis

    Too **** late

    I wonder what flavour of crack they are smoking..48 hours indeed!!! Are they going to refund me for 48 hours worth of lost service?? Not bloody likely!!

  4. Steve Kay
    Thumb Down

    Epic FAIL

    Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is juggling Zunes in glee.

    Nokia's Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is balancing N96s on his nose while clapping his hands.

    HTC's Cher Wang is throwing celebratory Diamond Touches out of her office window.

    Could Apple and O2 have fucked up the introduction of the iPhone 3G to the British any more than they already have?

    If Steve Jobs and Cesar Alierta haven't demanded heads on plates and new orofices for some of the worst product release planning and management known, then it's only a matter of time. This is fucking embarrassing.

    Also, why is it that three tech chieftains all have references to men's bits as names? BALLmer, Olli-PEKKA, and WANG.

  5. M Devonport

    Bought games but no firmware all day...

    I've not been able to get the iPod Touch firmware down all day even though I managed to buy some apps and be charged for them.

    Firstly the update wasn't available anywhere, then they updated their website with a link around lunch but returned 'itunes store currently unavailable' until late this afternoon when the sync section in itunes updated me to say it was available but that also returned the same messages. After a while I simply got timeout's waiting for response, followed by itunes telling me the software was now upto date seemingly forgetting that it just knew about the 2.0 software update.

    I want my software damn it, I've already paid for the apps.

  6. Jon Hume


    I have a shiny iPhone which was delivered to me while I was at work. Just got home and plugged it in and at the moment it is sitting around sulking like its owner ... I understand it is a massive worldwide launch but maybe they could have sacrificed a little bit of their control over what sim you put in the handset in exchange for the people who have purchased them actually being able to use the thing? Surely if they knew how many phones they had made they could therefore calculate what system resources would be required to register and activate all of them? Whoever did the calculations to estimate how many people would try and do it at the same time really messed up ...

  7. Michael C

    why i did it yesterday

    I knew it was going to be a cluster-frack today, so I got the leaked firmware and updates yesterday afternoon, and was happily running 2.0 and playing games on my iPhone with little trouble at all. I wouldn't go near apple's site for 3-4 days at this point...

  8. Dana W
    Jobs Halo

    I agree, Wait till tomorrow.

    It took me about two hours to get my phone back on.

    I'm a big Apple/Mac booster and even "I" agree. Do NOT update your phone for a day or two.

    On the bright side this means they are getting a LOT more sales than they imagined. they must be getting hit by an activationwave that makes the first one look tiny by comparison.

  9. Martin
    Jobs Halo

    All the smart kids

    installed it on Thursday when macrumours published the link to the firmware file, thus avoiding all this palaver

    Saint Jobs, because he wouldn't ever let down his baying mob of fans

  10. Tim J

    It's called the cutting edge because you end up being lacerated.

    Wait till next week. Simple.

  11. netean
    Thumb Down

    no jailbreak yet

    also, if you want to jailbreak your iphone or ipod touch you'll have to wait a bit.

    personally I'm not upgrading itunes nor my touch for as long as I possibly can. ITunes sucks enough and don't see any reason to pay even more money to apply just so I can download the odd application.

  12. Kenny Millar
    Jobs Horns

    Usually a huge apple fan, but not today

    How the hell can they get away with such a shambolic product launch?

    The press (including el Reg) should be tearing strips off them.

    Not only does iTunes barf when trying to access the v2.0 OS for iPod touch, half the time it also tells you that v1.1.4 is the latest version anyway!

    On top of that, and have been up and down like a whore's pants all day.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    CPW Orders after 3.30pm lost / delayed due to IT issue?

    I have just been on the phone to CPW and they can not find my order placed yesterday at 8pm for delivery on Sat!

  14. J Welek
    Jobs Horns

    Bleeding edge...

    Comes with the territory - Don't you guys know that by now? ;)

    It was a fair bet that Jesus phone was going to cause chaos somewhere during launch. I'm gonna wait a few weeks until service/supply/bugs have been sorted - and I've ditched my current provider...

    For those of you who sneaked in early - Congrats! :D

  15. pctechxp

    Funny how....

    These kinds of problems never extend to the systems that allow them to charge your card isn't it?

    Perhaps MasterCard/Visa/Amex/[insert missing payment scheme here] run the world's most reliable systems? Maybe they could scrap card surcharges and charge consultency fees for providing advice to Apple and O2

  16. TheMadProfessor
    Paris Hilton

    Title errm? Lord Lucan?

    @AC CPW order...

    Placed your order Thursday? that's nowt!, placed mine on Monday and they've still lost it...and I held off the upgrade for a couple of months waiting for it!

    I only grew concerned because I got not one but two calls from their sales this morning from them asking if I wanted to upgrade to it...could have been waiting in tomorrow, little suspecting..


    Paris because...well because, really

  17. Jamester

    Took about 45 minutes

    Of lots of clicking to get iTunes to connect and return control of my phone to me, but now its up all works swimmingly.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is shambolic

    And this time Apple have to take the blame.

    I got the original iPhone back in November and getting that working was less smooth than it should be. I assumed they would have noticed the long delays in getting to iTunes last year and geared up accordingly. But no, today's upgrade to 2.0 is even worse.

    @ Ioannis above. Good point I wonder if they'll refund people who can't use their paid-for service because of this shambles.

    @ Kenny above. Yup .Mac/Mobile Me/Me is up, down, up, down, up, down. Mail is still working, but nothing else.

    Next time guys - stagger these events. Firmware release BEFORE a new product launch to keep existing customers happy. And don't bugger round with a vital service at the same time.

    Thank God the Reg is still working, it'd be like the 19th Century here if I didn't know everyone else was watching the iPhones go out one by one.

  19. nforcemac
    Paris Hilton


    Just been to Bluewater in Kent and was told by an o2 staff member that everything was fine and they could sell me a 3G iPhone no problems..... what makes this worse is that the spotty yoof that said this to me didn't even know what I meant when I said 'aren't your servers down?'

    'eh?' was basically the reply I got......

    Paris just because....

  20. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... TOO FUNNY Kool Aid Drinkers!!

    Tell us now (and again and again, because this IS an all too FREQUENT tale) about how wonderful and pure and perfect and Apple never makes mistakes, is now!! You know AppleTards, Apple itself is it own worst enemy in its iPhony reputation of superiority; except all the media whores never report the FACTS.

    But the BEST part is that all you AppleTards get what you deserve when the self inflicted Apple POS "Virus" bites you right in your own self-righteous arrogant asses.

    Apple is like Barack Hussein Obama - Hope, Change and a lot of other iPhony BullShit. Are YOU learning to speak Spanish because you should be embarrassed, lefties? Naw, you should be learning Simplified Chinese because that's where all your Apple labeled crap comes from.

  21. Andy Gibb
    Jobs Horns

    I never knew it could be so good

    All my mobile phones in the past have been so boring. Now I have my 3G iBrick I can spend hours on the computer clicking on buttons playing the thrilling game, "try to make your phone work".

    And if I get suicidal I can make an emergency call on on my iBrick. Fantastic.

    The GPS is excellent too - although I can't use it I know I haven't moved from my desk in over three hours. Cool!

    I hope the next version of iTunes has a counter so you can see how many times you've failed to activate your iBrick - that way you can have even more fun trying to beat your past scores of" attempts per minute".

    Oh and as for all the "bleading edge" comments - this is not a new product - its a slightly updated version of an existing product.

    Think you can use that new iPhone sport? Think Different!

  22. Haviland

    Neener neener

    Upgraded to version 2 firmware this morning, took 15 minutes, now my iPhone buzzes every couple of minutes as mail hits my Exchange account.

    Take /that/, Blackberry users :-)

  23. Ian Ferguson
    Thumb Down

    I don't think I'll do it JUST yet... I'm just going abroad for three weeks with my iPhone being my sole feed of news, internet, email and phone calls.

    Oh, and I've stuffed it full of novels to read on a jailbreak reader app - somehow I'm suspecting the 2.0 firmware will break all my nice third party bits and pieces.

  24. J Welek
    Jobs Horns


    @pctechxp: Probably because every failed transaction is a sale lost. When your direct income is on the line, I would imagine you'd pour a whole load of money into server resources - A serious load.

    @webster phreaky: Get a life you noob - I mean, seriously.

  25. bigfoot780


    I'm not a fanboy but like my iphone (1G). So i thought wow when I get in from work I'll update the firmware. My iphone is sitting there patiently for the 1.1.4 to get it back working after the 2.0 failed. Come on apple usually your launches of new software/hardware are fine. This reaks of memories of Steam and dare I say it Windows Vista.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @Webster Phreaky

    I'm no Apple fanboi, but I'm tempted to go buy the full spectrum of Apple products now and ditch my PCs. The reason? If Webster Phreaky uses a PC, they can't be any good. Webster, you are a Phool. Perhaps for your 15th birthday your right to an opinion can be reinstated; for now it should be suspended. The rest of your flame-inciting comments aren't worth a rebuttal. Peace.

  27. Dale

    Possible Fix for Iphone 2.0


    I have been having the same problem as just about everybody else. I have however found what I think is a fix. Open up I tunes then click on “edit” then “Preferences” then the last tab “Syncing” and click on “Reset Sync History” and then again on “Reset Sync History” to confirm. That has done the trick for myself and I have just phoned round a few friends who were all experiencing the same problem and its solved it for them too. Good Luck!


  28. Michael Smet


    I recieved all the same errors everyone else did with this Stupid Iphone Update thing. It told me it couldn't reach the store and then It Restored my Iphone. Funny, but when It finished restoring my Iphone I got the Updated Calculator, Apps Store, Contact List ... ETC.

    I'm a little confused... it said it didn't work... but it worked...

    Is anyone else getting the same issue?


  29. Svein Skogen
    Jobs Horns

    In comparision

    We all have seen how windowsupdate fails once a month, haven't we? Hmm? No?

    Seems I did a good thing getting the Diamond instead. But I did this because I have once had the "pleasure" of needing to communicate with what apple CALLS a "service-department". I didn't get any service. In fact I got what could only be called inverted service. So horrible was their attitude that I promised myself never to get any apple product again, and to warn everybody who would listen to me about this company. This was when I discovered that Apple isn't a brand mark, but the icon of a dangerous cult, and they believe anybody who doesn't blindly praise St. Jobs like a S.P. (Think Scientology)

    Apple as a company MAY be ok, but their cultists should be locked up until they start taking their medicines.


  30. heystoopid

    Oh well

    Oh well , this puts credence to the sayings since the halcyon days when Apple 2 ruled the waves until it was torpedoed by the Boca Raton mob with it's very much cheaper multiple Chinese built clones that changed the landscape to that which we know today , along with the fact the very much larger open source mob do not have the same problem as the control freaks with every finger and toes in the pie mob at Cupertino central !

    "A Cupertino fan is easily fleeced of their money in buckets !"

    As Nelson would say " Ha ! Ha! "

  31. Simon
    Thumb Down

    Bloody CPW

    Consider youself lucky you've even got something to brick. Ordered my iPhone from CPW yesterday lunchtime, got receipt and confirmation. Found out today that they accidentally sent it to the local branch, despite all the receipts and confirmations saying it was being delivered to my house. Went to the store, and they can't find it. Not only that, but I can't cancel my order because the department that does that sort of thing is closed, which means I can't walk down the road to O2 and buy one there. It's an absolute shambles, and the CPW customer service is easily the worse I've ever dealt with. So far, I've spent 30 minutes on the phone with the courier, 45 minutes on hold with CPW, and hour + in the store and I still don't have the damn phone. What's more, the store is out of stock, CPW online is out of stock, so there's no prospect of even getting one for 2 weeks.

  32. Michael Smet

    I tried :( --- Phone Restored itself

    The software downloaded like it should have, but wouldn't finish instialling like this posting stated, it simply said that the network couldn't be reached, check your internet connection. I was a little disapointed in apple at this one. I checked my connection... Fine... I contacted the apple store through Itunes.. Fine.

    You would think that apple would have seen this comming. Maybe Next time.

    Check out my Articles at


  33. Rolf Howarth

    Mine still works :-)

    Well, my iPhone still works just as well as it did yesterday, or last week come to that. In other words, exceedingly well.

    Sure, I'm curious to try out the new app store, and I'll probably buy a new 3G iPhone at some point in the next week or two (if only to keep my mum quiet, who's been pestering me non-stop that she wants my old phone), but I definitely don't mind waiting a few days until the fuss dies down!

  34. Simon Langley
    Jobs Halo

    Mine worked fine

    I got my shiny new 3G iPhone this morning and I managed to d/l the latest iTunes and activate it without any problem on my MacBook Pro.

    Everyone I've shown it to has been coming out with comments like "wow", "fantastic", "that's soooo cool" etc. Suck on that webster phreaky (no doubt another Vista-using saddo who is fed up of Apple out-doing M$ at every turn recently).

  35. Shalroth

    I'm desperate... buy the 2.0 software for my Touch, but have been unable since I started trying at around 18:30BST. At first I got 'iTunes music store not available' or the wonderfully vague '-4' errors, but now they've given up even telling me there's a problem.

    It's almost like they don't want me to spend the £10 store credit I got from KRCS over a bodged AppleCare repair on my G5 iMac...

  36. This post has been deleted by its author

  37. Anonymous Coward

    I'm leaving this pub

    Anyone know of a pub round here devoid of Apple/Windows/Linux fanbois and haterz?

    This whole thing is getting just a leeeetle old...

    Mine's the one with the pinch in the pocket...

  38. Graham Lockley

    Oi you noobs

    Seem to be a lot of new readers here, ones who dont know the basic rule...


    Along with Amanfrommars, Webster is an institution round here. Its always amusing to watch someone rising to his bait :)

    @ Haviland

    >Upgraded to version 2 firmware this morning, took 15 minutes, now my iPhone buzzes every couple of minutes as mail hits my Exchange account.

    >Take /that/, Blackberry users :-)

    So BejasusPhone users caught up with 90% of the mobile market and have something that Nokia/HTC/Samsung/Rim etc. have been offering for ages? Not sure thats something to crow about...

  39. Julian Garrett

    And when it doesn't sell, for the same reasons as last time

    They will drop their prices. Shit, I thought Apple put SOME value on what customers thought, obviously not.

    If this is the way operators are going to treat their customers, this iPhone will flop just like the last one did (outside of America). Purses are being tightened and people know what extortion is when they see it.

    I was going to buy one but I am off to get an N95 instead... better phone too.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    bits & Bobs

    > Also, why is it that three tech chieftains all have references

    > to men's bits as names? BALLmer, Olli-PEKKA, and WANG.

    Don't forget St. Steve hisself: what, after all, is a "Steve JOB"? Prolly something that gets done to one of those BALLs, PEKKAs, or WANGs...

  41. Anonymous Coward

    Stay away for a while...

    It's all been a mess hasn't it?

    Huge queues outside the London Old Broad Street O2 store, but no-one can activate; Horrible upgrade experience for existing iPhone users: when I tried to upgrade my phone to 2.0 last night, the upgrade failed with some obscure error number - not even a decent message - surely some shoddy coding there, Apple.

    Then the upgrade servers went down. And came up again. And went down.

    To get my phone back to life, I had to restore it through iTunes - so a 25 minute wait for the 1.1.4 software to be downloaded from Apple (why isn't it already on my iMac? Who knows), click to agree the 1.1.4 license, then the phone sat spinning for 1/2 hour, then... it came to back to life with 2.0 software. So why the 1.1.4 download? Go figure.

    This morning (surely I need to get a life) I tried downloading the Remote App. The iPhone won't download it, saying I have to go back to iTunes to check for purchases. So I tried this and... the App Store isn't available. And still isn't available some 8 hours later.

    Not Apple's finest moment.

  42. Rob Moss
    Thumb Down

    Oh my god

    Why on earth is everyone so het up about all of this? Chill out a bit. Okay, so it's not Apple's finest hour. But they'll fix it because they have to. So your phone is out of action for, what, a couple of days? Big deal. Go outside, get some fresh air, enjoy your temporary freedom from that pesky boss and that pesky wife. It's no catastrophe. It's a blip. The fact remains that 90-odd percent of Apple customers think that the company provides them with products they love at a price they're more than willing to pay and offers them good enough service that they keep going back and they recommend them to their friends - and this will do nothing to change that. Most companies would kill to be in that position - would Microsoft take a two day outage to make people love Vista? I think so...

    Thumbs down for the fanbois, the fanboi-baiters and all the people who think that because Apple got something wrong it's probably the end of the world and it's at least time for a huge rant.

  43. This post has been deleted by its author

  44. Anonymous Coward

    loss of calling services????

    So for whatever reason Apple cant update your phone AND THAT TAKES AWAY YOUR CALLING FACILITY - THIS IS SHOCKING AND SCARY!!!

    A phone is a phone and should make calls first and foremost, that is how alot of my work communication happens, so that i can pay for iPhones and the like.

    Mission Critical i would say yet a complete noob to the phone market comes along and does this yet people seem to think this is OK.

    If you cant keep the basic phone work stick with making iTouches instead of iPhones.And in the least flame inviting way, it does kind of serve you all right for believing the hype and piling in on day one. I never install a new linux distro on day one.

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear...

    Well, after downloading the firmware update on Friday, after work, I too experienced the iBrick effect. I tried everything disconnecting/reconnecting the phone, flushing the DNS, the lot. No joy. I was just left with the 999 call option.

    As luck would have it, in a weird way, my young son woke me up for more milk at 3:30 am and so I decided to disconnect/reconnect again and yes, it worked. So I also did my wife's iPhone at the same time.

    The only lasting effect is that it reset the timezone to Cupertino, on both handsets! Nice to see those mac boys do their testing so well...

    And for all you Mac lovers, i have a 24" iMac and a Mac Book Air, both of which I have happily installed with Vista. Enjoy!!! :o)

  46. Shell
    Thumb Down

    Careful, Restore may eat your phone...

    So, I managed to actually upgrade my phone on Friday, but had to snatch it from the dock before it went through the restore stage - hey the pub is more important, right? So when I finally got home (several hours later, ahem) I plugged it into my trust Mac and managed after about 30 minutes to get it activated. Lovely. Installed lots of cute apps (the Facebook app is ace! And the AIM client is... dangerous), all worked perfectly. So of course, I get back to the office early this morning, and plug my phone into the dock here to give it a charge... and it promptly wipes the phone of all my apps, and everything else I'd done on it over the weekend. Stupid restore runs without asking!!! Talk about blood dumb software :( So off I go downloading and installing all those apps again. And I hope I didn't get any important SMS over the weekend...

  47. Shell
    Thumb Up

    @Steve Goodman

    The GPS *is* something new: all your photos are automatically geotagged, and the phone allows Apps to be aware of where the phone is and behave accordingly. There are already some apps that ping other phones nearby for social networky stuff. It's both scary and cool. Tried one App on sunday that looks for other iPhones close by and shares "moods" with them. I have no idea what new level of useless waste of time this is, but it has a unique Apple twist :P

  48. This post has been deleted by its author

  49. Jared Earle

    @Oliver Jones

    Even if your phone is 'bricked' (not really bricked in this case as it's running, but not authorised), you can still make emergency calls on it.

    For anyone that is contracted to be available on a phone, just put the SIM in their backup. If you're supposed to be available, you've got a spare phone, right? If not, why are you playing with firmware upgrades on a weekend?

  50. TeeCee Gold badge


    'As Nelson would say " Ha ! Ha! " '

    A quick review of historical record in the light of this little fact gives such gems as:

    "I see no ships! Ha! Ha!"

    "England confides that every man shall do his duty"; "Excuse me sir, but 'confides' is not in the signal book and must be spelled. May I substitute 'expects'?"; "Ha! Ha!"

    "Kiss me Ha-Ha-Hardy."

  51. Adam Foxton
    Black Helicopters


    Geotagging? My HTC smartphone (an Artemis) has had that for ages. And using a small external GPS device it's been available for years.

    As for looking for other iphones nearby for "social networky stuff", why? What possible use could that have? If you're close enough for them to be nearby, why not tell them yourself? I mean if it's an iphone-only app then you can see where the other users are anyway thanks to the glow of self-satisfaction that surrounds them...

    On a serious note, does this work using device-to-device bluetooth/wifi or just GPS location finding and some central server somewhere? And can it be used by non-iPhone users? More to the point, (especially if it's GPS + server based) can you turn it off? Or will the guys in Cupertino know where you are 24/7?

    Helicopter because... oh, it's okay- it's got an apple logo on it. We're safe. \o/

  52. Giles Jones Gold badge

    @Epic FAIL

    Epic demand more like.

    You don't get major updates like that free with other phones. You get bug fixes and that's it.

    Most phone makers fix bugs or add features they promised but never completed. It seems it is only Apple that provide you with major new features and a new major release.

    My Nokia 6110 Navigator is on v1.38 many months after purchasing it, no new features. v1.40 is out there somewhere yet it isn't appearing for my phone.

  53. Mike Groombridge

    @Giles jones

    erm hate to burst your bubble but...

    Didn't apples orginal mission statement for the iphone say it would have 3g and gps functions and when it was released they had dropped both and have only added gps into the new software release. and 3g in the next gen phone hmmm. how conveniate every one forgot this.

    oh and as for free complete os updates with new features my htc s620 got a complete new version of windows mobile 4 to 5 with yahoo Go with a gps map function windows live messenger and a new version of media players

    oh and it's had push mail from the start.

    i'm not anti apple i just think apple and apple tards make such a big deal out of doing something some one else has done before.

    before i someone asks no i don't have an ipod (don't use the mp3 player i have) yes i've used one and apple pc's (for web design.) and i even recommended and brought set-up and installed one for some one then called technical support for them when it stopped work when i came across my first apple virus.

  54. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    And another way to make an iBrick!

    Yesterday I played with a spanking new iBone 3G that a colleague had queued for all morning. All was going well, quite impressive actually and no sign of the dreaded iPhone outage (maybe we were too busy playing with the other features to notice), but then the battery suddenly died just after 4pm. A quick check on the web and she was most upset to see this was not unusual, it looks like the new 3G version can only make it through the day on a single charge if you get an add-on external battery pack! Cue mucho mucho merriment from the rest of the office.

  55. bob
    Thumb Down

    Not happy. ipod touch owner.

    That I have to pay another ten dollars to get what my 4 year old ipaq has done for free.

    I was also unhappy that for the ten dollars, everyone gets the January update that I already paid 20 dollars for.

    I am at a loss as to why this functionality was not included in free updates, or at release. For a base price of 300 us dollars, I expected something better.

    Thumbs down because I couldn't find a picture of Steve Jobs dicking me.

  56. Fran

    iphone 2.0 update; setting date and time

    Can anyone suggest how to sort my iphone's date and time? Since upgrading to 2.0 it insists that I am in Cupertino and refuses to believe that I'm in London.

    I've browsed some forums who mention turning off the Set & Time Automatically function - but I don't have that. It's definitely not there.

    I had to do a total reset of the iPhone while trying to upgrade, before it would talk to my PC; I wonder if I should do that again (though it was very very long and tedious) or has anyone any other ideas please?


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