back to article HP demonstrates mega-memory concept

Research work on HP's never-ever-forget Memristor concept is proceeding apace. Memristor technology could provide a new type of computer memory that's much faster than flash memory. HP Labs' engineers in Palo Alto have demonstrated control over how the technology operates, opening the door, they say, to its incorporation into …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    nice one HP!

    sorta groovy!

  2. Ian K
    Dead Vulture

    Oooh, that must have hurt!

    "Wikipedia has an excellent Memristor article."

    - El Reg having to concede Wiki isn't 100.0% full of rubbish moderated by vicious egomaniac Freemasons...

  3. Mark Rendle

    "Reversing the voltage bias direction"

    That's from Doctor Who.

  4. Rob

    @Mark Rendle

    I think you'll find it's from The Real Ghostbusters

  5. Brian Miller


    While it seems to fit the bill quite nicely, it is more than the electrical properties of a silicon based circuitry that make it workable. 100 G impact withstanding means that it can be used in a rugged fashion.

    It is hard to tell if this technology will be able to match ALL the properties we are now used to. Is it pocket worthy is what I am getting at.

    If so though I enjoy the thought of great leaps of advancement in tech as much as the next man. It could record all your brain and you could live on inside a mandroid / womandroid suit.

    All those poor suckers who jumped the gun with cryostasis. poor forgotten souls. We may NEVER forget. which could actually be the problem with my suggestion.

  6. Gordon Pryra

    @That's from Doctor Who.

    Except it worked properly in Dr Who....

  7. Thomas Silver badge

    "Wikipedia has an excellent Memristor article."

    What happened to you, El Reg? You used to find some insubstantial reason to post a wiki-bashing article almost every single day. Maybe Steven Goddard's pseudoscience now satisfies your need for brainless repetition of doctrine where pragmatic argument would be more appropriate?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And latencies...?

    The referenced wikipedia article cites latencies of a second for changing state -- not exactly a flash-killer until that's been addressed (plus the usual manufacturing challenges and number of duty cycles).

    So, are they starting to get serious write latencies, or is that still at the research stage?

  9. Edward Rose

    100 G impact withstanding...

    It bounces then. Very well...

    I wonder if this will go the same as holographic storage...

  10. Keith Williams
    Paris Hilton

    Trinary Digits

    If binary digit is a bit, is a trinary digit a tit?

    PH, 'cause she knows bits from tits.

  11. Frank
    Thumb Up

    @ Keith Williams re. Trinary Digits

    Yes!!! Thank you :)

    One day, we'll be able to say "I store my videos on a 2 GigaTit Flash card" and nobody will smirk or make any crude jokes.

    (Except for comment writers on El Reg maybe)

  12. Terry Blay
    Paris Hilton

    I just had to say....

    PH already has 2 MegaTits, methinks


  13. Steven Raith

    2 GigaTit Flash card?

    Excellent - I will be able to call my memory stick a 'porn stick' with and have a geniune reason to do so.

    Other than it being full of porn.

    Steven R

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    pocket resistant? 100G? What are your trousers made out of, Kevlar?

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