back to article Telegraph explains 'Why Heath Ledger will blow us'

A deserved pint for Tim Cuthill come pub o'clock this afternoon, who notes "the importance of titling on web pages and how these are displayed in the title bar of the browser window cannot be underestimated", as this fine example from a well-known UK broadsheet demonstrates: Why Heath ledger will blow us - unfortunate …


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  1. Roger Ruffley
    Paris Hilton

    Blow our what?

    Asks Telegraph interviewer Mr Hisc*ck...

    You couldn't make this stuff up!

    Paris because... oh, go figure that one out for yourselves.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It takes 22.3 years...

    ...for something to become funny.

    Making a mistake like this with a living person would have been hilarious. But it's too soon. I'm just... not... ready!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Gone with the wind

    Why is it that every story in The Register eventually turns into a discussion about skullfucking? Why is that?

  4. Havin_it

    Could have been worse

    given the author's name, had it been a 'personal' review.

    "Heath Ledger blows Hiscock (away in the Dark Knight)", anyone?

    Mine's the one with the electric joy-buzzer in the pocket, cheers.

  5. david

    Very poor taste...

    Keep it up!

  6. sabroni Silver badge

    not just computers

    years ago the pub we drank in at dinner time had a similar thing on it's jukebox, where "Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are" by meatloaf appeared as "Meatloaf - Objects in the rear"

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ashley Pomeroy


  8. Samantha Clinton

    More importantly

    ...where's the exploding fridge story gone??? And BOFH??? The public demand answers!

  9. Nicholas Moore


    <pedant>Would help if your Google search could actually work - the site: bit has to be at the end of the search, else it doesn't seem to work. For instance, re-arranging your search brings up this comment page!</pedant>

  10. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Contextual ads can be painful

    A number of years ago, had a story about a young boy who drowned in his parents' pool. The tall ad to the right advertised water-proof watches. I have a capture of it to keep as a reminder of taste.

    Paris, as a reminder of taste.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Underestimated != Overestimated

    <pedant>"cannot be underestimated" meaning "cannot be overestimated". Clearly it's all too easy to underestimate the importance of (whatever this article was about)</pedant>

  12. Jamie Jones Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Where I used to work, we had a unix system called "arsenic".

    Another server had 'remote-login' services setup, as back then, a lot of the user terminals were hard wired into their closest server.

    Someone had helpfully set the gecos (account information) field to say "remote login to arsenic"

    If you ran the 'finger' command (yes, yes, old joke) to show current logged-in users, the truncation made it appear as:

    Remote login to arse

    Well, we laughed....

    Paris.. Say no more.

  13. theotherone

    a bit too

    school yard humor innit?

  14. Chris C

    Immature and pathetic

    Even setting aside for the moment that the person in question is dead, how immature must you be to find a cut-off title bar amusing or funny (especially considering you read the full title in the first half of the title bar)? I bet you get a kick out of saying "boobies", too. What are you, 7 or 8 years old? Then again, given the fascination with Paris Hilton and the Eee girl...

  15. damonlab
    Gates Horns

    rss feeds too

    Same goes for RSS feeds.

    Just the other week I caught this RSS feed from slashdot "MS To Finally End OEM Licensing".

    Imagine how disappointed I was when I clicked on that only to find "MS To Finally End OEM Licensing For Windows 3.11".

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