back to article Cnet blogger squadron discovers long lines at Apple retail stores

Early this morning, three different Cnet reporters blogged from three different retail stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. And two others blogged from more retail stores in New York City. Announcing the plans to cover the retail stores, Cnet's Tom Krazit, a veteran of the online tech-news outfit, promised that the team of …


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  1. Pierre

    Is Erica

    Open-source? Free maybe? How lossy (and how audiophile-friendly) is she?

    Ha, how I love "busy" Friday afternoon...

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    So what's going on?

    Tell me again why these guys are blogging "in the wild" in front of Apple and AT&T stores?

    Paris icon because of the question mark.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Coming up

    The BBC will best this when 437 staff, as of the March 08 leak, fly out to Beijing to cover the Olympics.

    The Olympic TV feed, which captures every moment of competition, is available to every TV network that bought its national TV rights and the big events start at 3am UK time. Leaving the BBC to blog, twitter and head out to the bars while complaining about the pollution level and global warming Coke will run out in the first week.

  4. Frank

    @ Destroy re. So what's going on

    " Tell me again why these guys are blogging "in the wild" in front of Apple and AT&T stores?"

    I managed to raise the energy to click on one of the links and quickly read it. It seems there's something called a '3G iPhone lunch' so I suppose it's a new in-store cafe chain that's opened with Apple and AT&T as the flagship customers.

    If this idea takes off and spreads, we'll be able to enjoy a vile tasting coffee and an overpriced cake in PC World by the end of the year.

  5. Andy Barber

    Cnet blogger

    That Cnet blogger wast was Joni Mitchell & I claim my £5 from El Reg.

    Mine's the one with a Hejira CD in the pocket!

  6. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Up

    we will take this phone and if it takes all day and all our men

    Blogging on his second battery and going to continue to do so till it runs out... this is quality journalism from the consumerism battlefields where the flabby tissue of unemployed nerds, students skipping school, and highly paid professionals taking sickies from work clashes at the front lines, the supply line from Starbucks shattered. If one was not so sure it was all happening in San Francisco and Manhattan... it could just as well be Basra.

  7. Andy
    Thumb Down

    What's this about?

    2nd paragraph to find out what this "story" is about?

  8. Andy Enderby
    Jobs Horns


    ....Fluff not news.

    Wake me when Cnet return to reporting news instead of doing the Apple marketeers jobs for them.


  9. Solomon Grundy


    Why were they doing this? These poor people, and even worse, the poor meat sacks who actually read what they are writing. Why in the hell would someone want to read about another persons retail shopping experience? The people on both sides of this should get a life away from the computer - the real world is a lot more fun.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    gripping reporting..

    ... new jesus phone launch.... apple stores have queues, apple staff are nice to people in queues then people get products and go home.

    maybe if they had sent one of these quality hacks (with their many batteries) to the UK launch and reported on the fact that local telco O2 couldn't make anyone's jesus phone work there may have been some substance.

    With so many people queuing to take my money generally (tax, bills etc), i cannot understand the idea of me queuing to give it to someone. When i can walk in and buy one with no queue or fuss, then and only then will i even consider it.

  11. David Heffernan


    El Reg is posting too many of these "some other hacks are worse than us" stories these days. Basically you're just hacked off (pun intended) because the CNET hacks get more bunce than you!

    Why don't you just quit bitching and report the news?!

  12. theotherone


    um so whats the point of this story exactly?

  13. Graham Lockley

    Retail Therapy ?

    El Reg has been a cornerstone of my on-line experience for more years than I care to remember (Alzheimers is a bastard) but this piece left me wondering why ?

    So some Merkins were wandering round outside Apple stores waiting for Apple manna, the story is ???

    El Reg has been a cornerstone of my on-line experience for more years than I care to remember (Alzheimers is a bastard) but this piece left me wondering why ?

    Did I mention Alzheimers ?

    Its a bastard

    I think.

    So why were the Merkins wandering round ?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Must be nice

    It must be nice to be a sad geek with nothing else to do but camp out waiting for a bloody cell phone. Must be even nicer to be the sad geek that gets to report on the sad geeks waiting for the phone, or the sad reporter reporting on the reporter reporting on the sad geeks, or the sad geek reading what the rep... Oh! Uuuh, never mind.

    PS: Are we certain they aren't in line for the "Men's Wh*rehouse" down the street.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    +1 on pointless

    A septic writing about other septics who are writing about other septics who are going to the shops? Be still my beating heart ....

    Now if only the scene had been recreated in PlayMobil or on a DiReW cover, I'd understand why it was on El Reg ...

  16. Jon

    Looking forward to the Cnet blog entries saying "look at this story about us"

    Calvin: A painting. Moving. Spiritually enriching. Sublime. "High" art.

    The comic strip. Vapid. Juvenile. Commercial hack work. "Low" art.

    A painting of a comic strip panel. Sophisticated irony. Philosophically challenging. "High" art.

    Hobbes: Suppose I draw a cartoon of a painting of a comic strip?

    Calvin: Sophomoric, intellectually sterile. "Low" art.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Who are the bigger losers?

    The British may be slightly eccentric in many ways and a great deal of them are total yobs and gobshit*s, but there's one thing we won't do...

    ... queue for a bloody phone!

    I'm also not sure who are the biggest bunch of losers here, the mugs queuing up to own a lump of shiny plastic or the bigger mugs convinced they are "reporting" by blogging about it.

    Imagine your life was so damn worthless, you'd be prepared to queue for hours to own a phone.

    Paris, because she queues for no man.

  18. Joe K
    Jobs Horns

    Shame they missed a real story

    Some stores were letting dozens of people queue up for hours, even though they had about 10 phones in stock to sell.


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