back to article Three-quarters of EU radio equipment is non-compliant

It may have been self-certified as compliant, but 76 per cent of radio equipment tested in 2003 failed to come up to EU spec. The figure rose to 88 per cent in 2006 - not surprisingly, a serious rethink of the legislation is imminent. Since the introduction of the Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) directive …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    How can you have an article like that and not mention

    "Made in China" - to the lowest acceptable price and quality (or, seemingly sometimes, lower quality). Everything from toys to GBICs is suspect, apparently...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Approval stickers the wrong way around

    BABT approval stickers were a green _circle_.

    BABT prohibited stickers were a red _triangle_.

  3. Gareth
    Paris Hilton

    Radio Hams have been saying this

    We Hams have been saying this for ages, but offcom won't get there head out of there arse and listen.

    If some of us transmit, we wipe out TV, radio, phone&interweb for neighbours. Yet when offcom do investigate, it turns out neighbours kit is new sub-standard crap that will pick up any interference going.... the ham is often found blameless.

    It works both ways though. Some comsumer kit will wipe out the Ham HF bands over a 100m radius due to poor construction. BT's 'Home Hub' is a prime example.

    Paris, 'cos she ain't listeneing to us either.

  4. Jabba

    The homehub jammer device

    To Gareth,

    I concur, my homehub found a new home.... in the bin.


  5. Chad H.

    @ Gareth

    They don't listen to hams? Is it because you guys tell porkies?

    (Oh, I kill myself sometimes.)

    Mines the one that says "Yibbia Yibbda, thats all folks!"

  6. Edward Rose


    Too much like effort to punish these companies, so lets just let them do what they want and have it spiral out of control.

    I've noticed a huge amount of crap on my radios in the amateur bands, not sure if it's fair noise or naughty noise, probably the later. Definitely man made around houses.

  7. Martin
    Paris Hilton

    This isn't new

    I used to be the resident EMC man for an electronics manufacturer- it is/was common knowledge in the industry that the VAST majority of products (not just radio) don't actually meet CE mark standards for interference (if anything at all).

    One chap I spoke to from one of the big testing firms said that he's seen many non-compliant products (mostly made in China) where the CE mark code claims that the product was tested by him!

    All that being said, my previous employer was a small manufacturer, and PROPERLY testing all products using an external test house would have been prohibtively expensive (tens of thousands of pounds per product, per variation). Perhaps a good compromise would be to allow self-certification for low-volume products, but to demand full accredited 3rd party testing for mass-produced items.

    Paris, because she knows about harmful emissions

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hams know EFI

    us 'hams' are more experienced in radio than ofcom ever were(formerly RA)

  9. Jeff Deacon

    Re: Radio Hams have been saying this

    Gareth, of course they _won't_ pay any attention to what Radio Hams have been complaining about, they can't sell our frequencies as they are all set out in international treaties!


  10. Christian Berger

    Once uppon a time in germany

    Back when only the postal office and a very few companies were able to issue licences someone I know worked at one of those companies.

    They usually just filled out their licence documents without any tests, but he wanted to see how good his equipment was, so he wanted to test it. He went to the room and there was essentially nothing left. So essentially they could issue the licenses, but wouldn't even check if their equipment met the requirements.

  11. T. Harrell

    Re: Radio Hams have been saying this

    BPL in the States, anyone? There, at least, we have found a bit of recourse with the legal system. However, it is a small victory in a sea of static and birdies emitted by non-compliant kit!



  12. Nebulo
    Thumb Down

    Re: Radio Hams have been saying this

    Yep, I'm another of us. The standards are crap, and <still> manufacturers don't meet them and our "regulator" doesn't enforce them. If you're transmitting, just make sure the neighbours don't know it's you :)

  13. Gary

    Too True!

    It works both ways though. Some comsumer kit will wipe out the Ham HF bands over a 100m radius due to poor construction. BT's 'Home Hub' is a prime example

    Good on yer! As a radio freak myself, I have heard the drivel spouted for years by people who know as much about radio and asosciated subjects as Gorgon Broon knows about running a country or telling the truth! A friend of mine in the South of England has had all his HF (Short Wave) listening kit knocked out by some drongo with one of these BT Hubs. A polite appeal has failed,so a visit is being arranged by those old faithfuls,Mr B. Bat,and MrB. A. L. A. Clava. For further remedies see the book "BT Hubs-A basic Course in Anal Insertion!" Ofcom are as much help as a one legged guy at a butt kick fest! Gary

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