back to article Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders

Carphone Warehouse has begun taking orders from the genral public for the 8GB and 16GB 3G iPhone, a day ahead of the second-generation Apple handset's formal release. CW's website today began taking orders for both models - albeit only black ones, not white - on O2's £30, £35, £45 and £75 per month airtime packages. Contracts …


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  1. Dan
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    so far, so good

    Just ordered the 16GB, received txt msg confirmation for delivery to my local store tomorrow - here's hoping

  2. Starman

    New Customers Only

    Seems they are only being offered to new customers only so those existing o2 customers due an upgrade are losing out.

  3. james
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    leicestershire 10iphones for all

    just got back from my local carphone warehouse where the guy behind the counter said that if i wanted an iphone it would be best to order online as they had been allocated 10 iphones for leicestershire all of them stored at the shop as foss park....

    6x 8gb and 4x 16gb

    make of that what you will

  4. David Beeston
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    Not Open to All

    I've just been on their site and it's only open for new connections. Upgrades have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest.

  5. Martin

    Upgrade out of stock I bet...

    So CPW are taking new subscribers only now, upgrade customers call back on Friday.

    Any body care to bet that come tomorrow they sold every single phone to those lucky new subscribers :/

  6. Jeb Cordery

    Have been since Monday!

    Carphone Warehouse has been selling iPhone 3G's on their website since Monday. Whilst everyone else was having fun with O2's website, I slided over to CPW and ordered a 16GB iPhone 3G for delivery on Friday with no problems.

    Received an email yesterday to say they had received my phone into stock and it will be despatched today for delivery tomorrow.


  7. Dom M

    O2 did get some orders out

    I didn't think I'd got through on Monday on O2's site since kept failing part way through and the first non-error message I got was in the afternoon which was just that they'd take a look and didn't give me an order number.

    But today I have a despatch email and a tracking code...

  8. Ian
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    O2 did have upgrades

    For those that are complaining about upgraders on O2 site... I upgraded from my xda II account yesterday and never got a sausage of an e-mail to verify (it did go as far as saying they would check my bank details) and then by chance I was browsing my orders in 'myo2' and found this... which has as of today changed from pending to complete....

    soooo it was quite early when I ordered mine but but it certainly looks like O2 had some available ... bastards could have sent me an e-mail though!

    Order status: Complete

    Order date: 9th July 2008


    Apple iPhone 16GB Black Postpay SKU,Q108 GBP45 18M


    Next Day Delivery

    Consignment number: JJD00XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Courier name: DHL View order tracking

    Dispatch date: 10th July 2008

  9. TimBiller
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    Ordered a 16GB version from CPW this morning

    Yup, unlike 02, CPW had them available online for delivery/collection from my local store so I ordered in hope and got the confirming text message soon afterwards.

    Let the porting commence!


  10. Chad H.
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    I may really really want an iPhone 3g, but I'm not desperate enough to get it from cpw.

  11. Danny Traynor

    CPW issues

    A poster from a forum i frequent had the following to say


    Just a heads up, currently on the phone to CarphoneWarehouse customer services. There is an issue with all web orders and I have been told there will almost be no chance of my iphone being delivered tomorrow.

    I have been advised all I can do is to order again tomorrow with the direct sales team for delivery on Monday Not happy and currently on hold trying to get more information and sort something out.


    So if you've placed an order with CPW I'd imagine it might be worthwhile ringing up to confirm.

    It did seem strange that they sold out and then stuck more handsets online when O2 didn't have any left...

  12. Daniel Woolstencroft

    Leicester - Interesting

    When I phoned them they had 15 8gb phones and 4 16gb. I smell a rat.

  13. SJJames

    Orange getting iPhone soon?

    I just called for a PAC code to release me from Orange and they're telling me not to bother as they'll be getting iPhone in UK within 2 months!?

    Anyone else heard this?


  14. Slipgate

    CPW a little Phoney

    Well, 'ordered' my iPhone from the CPW as soon as I got the notification. After 8 hours of processing, they cancelled my order! No reason given. I know it's not my credit rating.

    I'll need me coat tomorrow morning in case it rains waiting outside.

  15. This post has been deleted by its author

  16. ScottP

    Something Fishy!

    Likewise, iPhone all ordered at 2pm today, then all of a sudden at 9pm tonight I receive texts and emails stating:

    "Your order has been cancelled ... We have now processed it through our secure systems, but are unable to despatch the item to you for security reasons. This order has now been cancelled."

    Sounds to me more like someone sold more stock than they really had available today, or is their store I was having it dispatched to really that unsecure!!

  17. Grant Mitchell

    they lied

    I got a similar email saying that for security reasons it could not be delivered... To there own store! Obviously they are insecure, so we can only assume no-one should give them credit card, or any other personal information.

    Lying scum.

  18. Gavin
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    follow up with a call

    i ordered at 10.30am, got a confirmation but the order was still waiting to process. As I had my order on monday randomly cancelled after 8hrs I decided to be proactive and call them at 2pm... After being sent from web orders - to misc dept - back to web orders and being able to boil an egg on my left ear, I was told that my order hadn't come in yet (they must have a 56k modem connecting their web orders to HQ), it wasn't in their system and I should call back later. Called again at 5pm, no luck, then again at 7.30pm. Finally someone could actually confirm I had made a real tangible order. Thing is, the order was just sitting there doing bugger all until I called. Once I called they charged my card and booked it for delivery on 11th July.

    Call them asap!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Correction to main article

    O2 did open their preorder process to both existing customers and those wanting to upgrade, they split stock 50:50

  20. NoOnions
    Jobs Horns

    Muppet alert

    The 02 shop in the City (by M&S) has a queue of over 100 disciples waiting for their latest Apple fix. Very sad...

  21. Slipgate

    CPW just a little bit Phoney now

    Right, well after being stitched up with my online order (see earlier comment), I found a little CPW away from the main shops with only 10 people queueing. I was 6th in line and got my order through 1st! Sadly, can't pick it up until Monday.

    I did find joy walking past 4 other O2 and CPW shops near Liverpool Street, to get to the Farringdon CPW, with about 200odd people waiting, all added up. It took 5 minutes to sort things out, after waiting about 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with a bit of Schadenfreude!!!

    Didn't need me coat in the end, putting it away.

  22. MacGuru

    yes no, but no, but yes..

    So, I just thought, what hell, n boarded the CPW numpty bus @ 3:30pm, much later than others, but I was in town.. in CPW asking about iPhone stock!?

    My order went though without an issue... something must be wrong!

    Email confirmation of my order...hmm.. seems to be working..

    Text.. confirming order and collection from local CPW... ok.. happy smiles and nod of approval from work colleagues.

    Friday 11th July 2008, 7am, off to local CPW, arrive to find small que of three others.. this could work!

    8:03am doors open and I'm sat with CPW staffer... looks like I'm sorted!

    Present paperwork showing order confirmation... this was a BAD MOVE!

    Confusion abounds, delivery not in.. mine's on the delivery.. no problem I say I'll just take one from stock now... CPW staffer goes off to get it..

    Sat with new 16GB iPhone 3G in front of me.. this could work!

    But.. I can't take that one.. no no.. its not mine..

    Cancel my web order...

    If I cancel the web order then you have to wait 30 days before you can order ( I think that is probably A LIE!)

    So, I have one in front of me, but I'm not allowed it.. most annoyed..

    As is the guy next to me, trying to get his iPhone 1.0 upgraded..

    computer says no!

    Told to come back when the delivery arrives.. mine will be on the pre 9 delivery...

    One vente caramel macchiato and two silk cut graphite later I back in O2 and breathing down their necks! But the coffee & ciggerette breath does nothing..

    They stand their ground..

    My phone is NOT on the pre 9 delivery.. but it WILL be couriered to the store between 12-2:30...

    Thank CPW staff for their help, after all they are just pawns in a rather bad game of MouseTrap...

    2:30 pm.. call and speak to nice girl from CPW...

    We have no record of you order what so ever.. well I have one email saying you ordered it, but nothing else...

    She took my details and promised a call back as / if / when it arrived...

    Some time later that day.. I received an email.. from CPW...

    "Thank you for ordering the iPhone 3G!

    You'll be pleased to know that you'll soon be on your way to becoming the owner of this revolutionary mobile phone.

    We're currently experiencing high demand for this product, so there maybe a small delay with the delivery of your new iPhone 3G. But don't worry this will be sent to you on Saturday 12th July."

    Cool (other than I'm now about 100 miles from the CPW store, its a work thing!)

    Monday.. Monday is fine.. I can do Monday.. it is after all only a phone...

    then I get...

    "unfortunately, the item you ordered is temporarily out of stock. We do make every effort to ensure that only items that are in stock appear on the website, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

    O..K... its arriving TOMORROW, but its out of stock!?

    The road to iPhone 3G continues... I await more contradicting emails...

    But.. I'm sure it will all be ok...

    And I may even get some free airtime?

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