back to article Govt moots game developer tax-break rethink

Tax breaks for the British videogames industry moved a step closer this week, after a government Minister admitted that the administration must “look again” at the issue. Speaking at a games industry conference held in London yesterday, Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism, said that …


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  1. Dave

    Pre-cognitive Powers Enabled

    Someone, either one of our "Ban these Evil Games" MPs, or the Daily Mail will object to Government subsidies for evil murder simulators, and point the fingers in a Rockstar North-y sort of direction, rather than a David Braben / Frontier or Peter Molyneux / Lionhead sort of direction.

    Also we want subsidies, grants and tax-breaks on the Playstation programming Masters degrees, specifically aimed at balding 30/40 year old Yorkshire people. For example.

  2. Eddie Edwards
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    How is a system of tax breaks going to help the games industry? The only justification for this seems to be that it's "fair" with what happens in the movie industry. But the UK games industry is doing rather well without tax breaks, and I fail to see how anyone other than large multinationals (e.g. Sony) or home-grown millionaires (e.g. Molyneux) would benefit.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    there is enough ways round taxes

    Between the benefits system and taxes breaks / clauses this country is rife with loop holes and let them off schemes.

    It's worth billions as it is and given the fixed pricing and monopolies at play like EA the money won't be here or stay here. It will just sit nicely in the states. Just like our oil revenue, airport revenue, gas and electric revenue (3 of them are german owned)

    But hey, the government has no clue as we already know.

    It will only mean a loss of cash for the government which means more on petrol, or cars for those that don't ride a bike...

    I am off to declare my house a mosque so I don't pay council tax.

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