back to article Only 3% of us recycle mobile phones, finds report

The recycling message may have been drummed into us for everything from plastic bottles to old newspapers, but the majority of people still don’t recycle their worn out mobile phones, Nokia says. The handset giant questioned 6500 people in 13 countries, including the US, UK and China, to discover more about people's attitudes …


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  1. David Paul Morgan

    Why recycle..?

    ...when it's easier to sell them on?

    Just having a quick total up and:

    2 x Panasonic G520's - one went to my mother, then recycled by Vodafone, one sold on to a workmate.

    2 x Panasonic GD93's - one kept and is my backup/backujp handset, one sold on to a work colleague (who then lost it in Sainsbury's)

    2 x Panasonic GD87's - both sold on to workmates.

    2 x SE-V800 3G's - one traded in at CEX, one sold on eBay

    2 x O2 XDA mini S - one sold on eBay, one kept for the Wi-Fi browsing when abroad.

    The mantra is reduce, re-use then recycle.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I only ever buy a new phone...

    ...when I've lost the old one. So recycling it would be a bit difficult.

  3. Helen-LG
    Thumb Up

    Wow.. I'm kinda surprised it's that low.

    But then I suppose it depends on your definition of recycling - I normally give my old handsets to charity or to friends in need.. It's not technically recycling but it's not binning them or leaving them in a dusty drawer.

    I think a new initiative is a good idea - I do know phones can be recycled but I wouldn't know where to take them - can you take any brand in or only Nokias?

    Another problem as AC points out, a lot of us only replace a phone when it actually needs replacing - several of mine have only been bought because their predecessor was stolen or broken

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