back to article Elonex shows off second Small, Cheap Computer

Flush with the apparent sell-out success of its Small, Cheap Computer, the One, Elonex is preparing another model, this time with a more traditional laptop look. Like the One, the One T sports a clamshell design, but this time the internals are located beneath the keyboard rather than behind the screen. The latter approach …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Top heavy?

    Doesn't look top heavy at all, just nicely pert I'd say.

    Don't think much of her friend though. Square.

  2. Kyle

    Pricing info from the horse's mouth

    Folks buying the One or One+ were given the chance to upgrade to the OneT (but not the OneT+, I don't think) for £50, but their stated retail price is supposed to be something like £200-220, afaik. (I'm going on memory here, She Who Must Be Obeyed was finally invited to put her full order for a One+ through yesterday morning and mentioned the upgrade offer).

  3. John

    It'd better be cheap

    With that spec, the Elonex One T will need to be really, really cheap. Given that the Acer Aspire One will be £230 for an Atom-powered laptot with a 9" screen, I'd suggest that the Elonex offering will need to be well down towards £100 to sell.

    And if it is £130 or so, it could be rather tempting - provided the OS is well designed and hackable. I don't know whether we've seen the interface yet, and this was one of the big plus points of the Eee. You had a good, quick, easy interface, coupled with easy access to a proper desktop.

  4. Fred
    Thumb Up

    Elonex Onet

    The Elonex Onet and Onet+ (that's how it's called) will be priced around £180. They are offering it as an upgrade to those (like me) who have pre-ordered a One or One+_ at no extra cost! They might be secretive about their products and slow to dispatch, but I think that by doing this they have just done a remarkable coup for PR and marketing. Well done Elonex, they have regained the trust I had lost along those long months since I have ordered my items!...

  5. Leigh Smith

    No word on pricing?

    Those who pre-ordered an One or One+ get the opportunity to upgrade to the new models at no additional cost. The One-t will eventually retail for for £179 and the One-t+ at £199. That is quite a saving for the sake of a £10 deposit.

  6. Adrian

    Nowt on Elonex's website

    So how do I register for one ?

  7. W

    Drop the SCC (not literally though).

    Netbook is becomnig the widely adopted phrase. about Cloudbook/Firebook/Foxbook?

    Cos for the most part they're basically machines for running Firefox, aren't they (with the odd OpenOffice or Media player sesh, granted). Much else, and you're bending them to do things they weren't really intended for.

    And what's the point in releasing the One now that it's effectively been superseded by the One+? Similar nonsense to the EEE 900/901 jump-the-gun, shot-their-load nonsense.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward




    Or for Apple fans: "Mebook".

  9. David Gosnell

    Re: Drop the SCC (not literally though)

    I thought we had already agreed on laptot?

    Some of those suggestions are already in use as product names!

  10. Brian Sherwood Jones
    Paris Hilton

    Evidence of portability

    All very well, but where is the visual evidence you can use it on the beach in a bikini? Asus definitely have the advantage there.

    Paris, because that is what she wants to know too.

  11. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    It's in disguise...

    The Onet+ appears to be a rebadged Alpha-400, which you, dear Reg, have already reviewed:

    However, the Alpha does it's WiFi with a dongle and their is no hint of that on the Onet website,, so maybe a bit of upgrading has happened.

    They offered me one of these for the same as I was going to pay for the One+, and in a "What the hell, who uses bluetooth anyway?" mood I went along with it.

  12. KenBW2

    1GB SSD?

    I agree with the smal cheapness, but surely 1GB is too small?

    I have a 2GB EeePC and I'm struggling to fit thing in.

  13. Simon Greenwood

    Got my invite to buy this morning

    I suppose it's a win - I bought the OneT+ with a soft case for £119, and it does look a lot nicer than the One, although I like the idea of a tablet type thing with a detachable keyboard as an ebook reader, although it looks more Fisher-Price in the hands of a child than you'd really want. It does raise the question of what has actually happened to the One though - have they sold them all to education, or has the Chinese maker been unable to deliver or did it prove just to be crap?

  14. William Towle

    Re: 1GB SSD?

    "[...] but surely 1GB is too small?"

    For an Intel processor with a customised full desktop linux (as seen, for example, on the Eee) I'd have to agree that wouldn't leave much for upgrades/browser cache etc.

    However, that maths may go straight out of the window depending on the relative size of LNX code-8 executables, and which C library is used. I'm fairly sure our local LUG saw a demo a few years back of an intentionally small X-with-browser system in well under 50MB and having uClibc underneath (and glibc for rpm-compatibility with some mainstream distro, but I digress).

    Truly these are interesting times.

  15. Antonio

    @Ian Johnston

    I was also opted for the upgrade only to find out that the OneT+ has only 128MB.

    asking to replace to the original One+

  16. andy rock

    RE: 1GB SSD?

    "but surely 1GB is too small?"

    pah, loads of room! i've chopped down a slackware install down to about 800MB but that was with a LOT of apps still in. most linuxes come with too many of the same thing as it is.

  17. Jerry

    OneT looks awesome + RE 1GB SSD

    Ive been waiting a long 6 weeks for my One and have now upgraded to the OneT when i was offered it free!! It looks awesome and I cant believe Im gonna get it for £99! I only ever use the internet so not having much space isnt a problem but then I found out it can do video and MP3 so im going to buy an 8gb SD card an stick it in to give me load of space. Ill see how it goes, but seeing as this is so small I might bin my mp3 player and carry this around everywhere so I can always get on the internet. KenBW2, either think outside the box or go buy a full size computer box for 400 quid! ;)

  18. Jerry
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    OneT vs eee

    Also- I quite like the chick in the picture. Id much rather take her out than the eee chick on the beach its just a shame she has no legs!

  19. Fred

    RE: @Ian Johnston

    It does not mention memory size on the website and I assumed that an upgraded version that can play video would have at least 256mb RAM, and that's why I have upgraded my orders to Onet+... Can you confirm your sources? Where did you see it was only 128Mb?

  20. Ian Johnston Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    @RAM queries

    The Alpha-400 has 128MB RAM + 1GB SSD. However, the Onet+ is clearly a bit different, because it has integrated WiFi and 2GB SSD, so I wouldn't be surprised to find that it has more RAM. I, too, would be interested in seeing detailed specs, though.

    Paris, because her capacity is a bit uncertain too.

  21. Antonio

    OneT+ 128MB RAM

    Get the support address at Elonex website and right to them. I got the confirmation that the only difference between OneT and OneT+ is the storage space. considering you could add an SD card I feel mugged I paid the extra.

    I asked to replace to the original One+, dslshop says that they can only change delivery address - They can not make any other change to the order.

    I wrote to Elonex trying to replace to the original One+ and got no reply.

    The money has already been taken from my credit card.

  22. Henny

    email from Elonex

    This is the reply I received this week from Elonex, I asked about the differences of the + and the t+ before I would order it.

    "The ONEt+ is approx 30% faster than the ONE+ however it does not have Bluetooth".

    My order has gone in!

  23. Antonio


    The 30% faster is 400Mhz x 300Mhz

    Ask directly: How much memory does OneT+ have?

    Reply I got: "The ONEt+ does only have 128mb RAM. If you would like to change your order you need to call 0870 240 1060."

    I tried to call the number, but got the reply as in the previous post.

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