back to article Carla Bruni sings of deadly luuurv

The crooning missus of French prez Nick Sarko this morning unveiled her latest album free online - ahead of its official release on 11 July. Yes indeedy, Carla Bruni's dulcet tones are now available to subscribers on a "single time-credit of two non-consecutive hours" during which fans can sample the delights of Comme si de …


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  1. Niall

    Comme si de rien n'était

    This isn't about the Irish Lisbon vote by any chance?

    Her love is like coke is she talking about the cost of maintaining the habit? I can't imagine she comes cheap.

  2. shay mclachlan

    No comment, sort of

    Unlike RyanAir I dont have a spare £60K to drop if I say something irreverent or rude about La Bruni and her er.......friend.

    So can I just be the first to say I for one welcome the dulcet tones of our new warbling French overlordress.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    qui donne un baiser?

    nuff said

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @No comment, sort of

    "I for one welcome the dulcet tones of our new warbling French overlordress"

    Overlordress? I suspect sub-consciously you were/are considering her simply "overdressed", n'est pas?

    Quite agree...

    The one with the holes in the pockets.

  5. shay mclachlan

    @No comment, sort of

    Maybe, I just couldnt decide whether 'overlordress' or 'overlady' was the correct form of address.

  6. pctechxp

    I'll stick to trance

    Cant stand music with any sort of singing on it whatsoever.

    Just give me a synthed melody and heavy bass and I'm happy.

    mines the one with integrated Neodymium magnet headphones and equalizer faders that is currently pumping out 'Twister' by John '00' Fleming and the Digital Blonde at full volume and bass.

    Trance is the choice of the true IT professional.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    p2p worries

    Seeing as how Le President is her squeeze, if I illegally download 'deadly lurve' or whatever its called will I be banged up on Devils Island for the rest of my time?

  8. Daniel
    Jobs Horns

    fess up

    la bruni and la moderatrix are one and the same, non?

  9. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: fess up

    Haha! I wish I had her wardrobe allowance.

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