back to article Sony offers double-capacity M2 card

Sony Ericsson phone owners rejoice! Sony has announced an 8GB Memory Stick Micro card - twice the data-storage space of the most capacious M2 card currently available. Sony 8GB Memory Stick Micro Sony's 8GB Memory Stick Micro: phone extension Buy one over the summer - or a 2GB or 4GB card - and you'll get to download a …


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    sandisk have been making these for a good 6 months or more...

    39.99 in your local cpw!

  2. Tim Hale
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    I've got an 8GB card sat in my phone right now... had it for months. That new adaptor thing is quite good though; wouldn't mind one of those.

  3. David Paul Morgan
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    2 x new?

    I bought one from Moby Memory last week - arrived Fri 4th.

    I thought this capacity was well established.

    Tend to use the M2's with the usb adaptor, but this adaptor looks really nice.

    Oh, I paid £29.99 plus delivery.

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