back to article Eco-satnav software solves 'drive or walk' decisions

Torn between driving or walking to the gym? Well, now a mobile application’s available that calculates how much CO2 using the car will produce, versus the number of calories you’ll burn with an eco-friendly walk. Navitime_satnav_app Navitime's application: plots both car routes (left) and walking routes The latest version …


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  1. Lucas S. Bickel
    Jobs Halo


    no iphone support? now who would want that?

  2. Nick

    Carbon emmissions

    Well, according to that screenshot, that car outputs 1150g/km of CO2. Is it a Humvee? I thought mine was bad at 240g/km!

  3. Geoff Spick
    Black Helicopters

    Yeah, great

    Type in Bournemouth to Heathrow (three times a week) and see how many calories I'll burn - presumably before I die of heatstroke. Since there are no sensible trains (either by route or price) I guess it'll be the car then!

    Helicopter, cause that'd be faster

  4. RichardB

    Now what would be REALLY useful

    is a gadget that shows the #calories used by the car, and the amount of C02 emitted by the pedestrian/cyclist.

  5. mike wardle

    yeah but

    How well does it calculate the pedestrian routes? The level of data for paths (sidewalks for the ignorant) is pretty poor.

    Plus a calorie count for the journey, how does this work, I can understand it estimating it purely on distance and body mass, but what about the walking speed, walking style, amount of weight carried in the form of gym gear for your example of walking to the gym, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention the inclines of the route, which I have never seen in routing data, even the raw stuff.

  6. Bucky

    Whole Equation?

    Hmm. I'd prefer CO2 vs CO2 comparisons and calories vs calories comparisons.

    That is: How many calories would I burn driving vs walking (because you burn a few calories just sitting around--though of course not that many).

    Similarly: How much CO2 was produced making (and metabolizing!) the food I ate that gave me the calories to walk the distance instead?

    Finally: The comparison being displayed in the screenshot seems odd. It appears that riding public transportation produces zero CO2 emissions? Witchcraft!

  7. John

    Re: Carbon emmissions

    @Nick - "Well, according to that screenshot, that car outputs 1150g/km of CO2. Is it a Humvee? I thought mine was bad at 240g/km!"


    It is 7.7 lb (3,500 g) for 9.2 miles (14.8 km), which equates to 236 g/km - high but not unrealistically so.

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