back to article No import ban in InterDigital v Samsung patent case

The US International Trade Commission investigation into alleged patent infringements by Samsung began badly for InterDigital when the Commission indicated that an import ban is inappropriate. InterDigital is trying convince the Commission that Samsung is infringing five of their key WCDMA (aka GSM 3G) patents and should be …


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  1. Barrie Shepherd

    Standards should be open

    What is the point of International Standards organisations publishing Standards if they can only be used after protracted legal arguments.

    Standards bodies should require any organisation contributing to a Standard to either make it clear they will give free license to any adopter of the Standard or include in the Standard the license fees to be paid.

    The whole world (apart from lawyers) would benefit if these IP fights stop and products can hit the shelf without the unnecessary overhead of legal cost and delay.

  2. Eric Crippen

    Proprietary Standards??

    I'm in agreement.

    If something is to be a standard, then it must be freely available to replicate with no royalties paid out.

    How you manage/process the standard determines whether your product is better than the competitions. Imagine if auto makers had to license the concept of a piston engine from it's original creator.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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