back to article Opera update fixes stability bugs

Opera released an update to the latest version of its browser on Thursday. Version 9.51 of the software fixes an unspecified code execution flaw, but the main focus of the upgrade involves performance tweaks to version 9.50, a major upgrade issued last month. The latest version of the software is designed to resolve problems …


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  1. Onionman
    Paris Hilton

    Opera not perfect?

    Wow. That's a shock. I thought from the drivel spouted in here that Opera hadn't, and could never have, any vulnerabilities whatsoever.

    Paris is perfect, too.


  2. seatrotter


    That's the problem w/ most "fanboys". In general, these group of people (Mac, Linux, Firefox, etc fanboys) more often than not, gets carried-away with simple statements that easily leads to misconceptions.

    Take for example, the common statement: "If only he'd used [insert software here], he wouldn't be infected". Obviously, that's bull's crap. But then again, it's a lot catchier than saying: "If only he'd used [insert software here], he would've minimized the chance of being infected". If you're blindly pushing something, you'd go for the first statement.

    The result? The majority of users would be too complacent on security thinking they're immune to security exploits just because he/she "is using [insert software here]".

    And don't get me started on security practices. Just saying "don't go to pr0n/warez sites" is not enough (though still a good advice).


  3. Andrew Jackson

    Of course it has flaws

    It's software, and as noted by seatrotter, it's easy to make hyperbolic statements that are easily misinterpreted. 9.2 was terrible in the stability department. Crashed at least once a day under linux, and some web sites still do not work. I really love seeing those server error pages that come up sometimes, which upon examination, reveal that there is an IIS server with an MS SQL server on the backend not understanding what's going on.

    That said, as an Opera fanboy, I'll keep using it, warts (Opera's, that is) and all. There are some very compelling things about Opera where you'd just have to spend some time using them to see the allure.

    Paris perfect?!?! I guarantee you that no matter how hot or "perfect" she is, somebody, somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit...

    (Didn't there used to be a "let me put on my asbestos suit" icon?)

  4. John Murgatroyd

    Opera 9.51

    Just been dumped.

    Processor operating at 100%, all the time.

    No: no bots, bugs or errors.

  5. Andy
    Thumb Up

    faster than firefox for me at least

    We all have our own preferences, that is why we have choices. I used Opera way back before Firefox was even thought of. I am trying to use it more at home because it is so much faster than firefox which does seem to hang now and again. (I switched to firefox at some point because I thought it was better). This is on Linux. Maybe I just need to remove it completely including my settings and install from scratch. Opera does not seem to work with googlemail, at least for me. But then I'm getting rid of it due to privacy reasons (read some of the comments on on phorm and you will understand. Probably). I do like the latest version of Opera. It is very fast. I am impressed. It takes a lot to impress me.

  6. Matt Caldwell
    Thumb Down

    Well, yeah

    I have used Opera for years, and love 9.5, its great, and very good performance. I've noticed that after an unspecific time it jumps to 100% usage of CPU as well. Not too cool.....I'm using it on a laptop. If they don't fix it at some point I'll have to switch. I realy like the features/setup/customizability, and as far as I can tell its about as good as firefox w/ security. But I had noticed 9.2 crashing occasionally too. They need a few tweaks yet I think.

  7. Ru

    If only you'd use

    Lynx, then you wouldn't have any chance of being infected

  8. Tony

    @ John Murgatroyd

    Hmm ....... I'm using 9.51 (as I've used and updated most versions since 6.0) and I've had no problems I'm aware of???

    Maybe my XP setup is better 'setup' than yours, or yours is just plain borked. If it works well on mine it can work well on anybody's.

  9. Atman

    Still doesn't work

    I would love it if it worked, however it's still broken.

    You can tout all it's great speed/features you want, however, it simply won't work on some websites correctly. Oh, that's the website's fault? Tough. I don't want to have a work-a-round for every site I visit...that's insane. Man I wish they would fix their browser. Goto and it just blanks out. Hit the back button and it works....can't use it that way. You can also tell it to be recognized as ie but near as I can tell you need to do that on every site that has issues with opera.

    That's ok. Back to FF for me.

  10. Thaddeus Quay


    If you are on Windows, and if you don't have a major need for some fancy add-on, then K-Meleon is likely the best browser, overall. I've been using it since FF1.x, wanted to go back at FF2.x, and again at FF3.x, but after trying those, decided to stick with K-Meleon. It's that good, people. By the way, CSS ad blocking and Flash blocking come standard, as well as lots of other neat usability features.

  11. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    WTF is this czjd?

  12. wayne


    It is a shame most of you guys would have disappeared by now (for this site does not email notifications when new comments are received).

    A lot of work-flow improvements and fixing of stability issues, are from reports I put into Opera. I spend a lot of time doing research on the web with opera, having over 400 page tabs open some times. Because I am a heavy user, I tend to see all the bugs and stability problems you don't notice with ten tabs, or short sessions (the transfer memory leak, printing related stability issues were some of the recent problems I found and reported, a lot of adjustments and a number of work-flow improvements to 9.5 were ones I submitted). I am also a computer scientist, and do work-flow related design.

    I have gone through the ups and downs of Opera releases and there are normally problems, sometimes (like the release of the 9 series, which were worse than normal, and you get sick of finding new issues and sending reports, but a ten hour day is a lot slower if the issues cost an extra 20%, or more, on your workload)). I notice that Visual C/ms featured in a fair few bugs. I don't know what happened, wherever they converted to a MS based development system, new team or whatever. There are a lot of improvements from my suggestions in the way the work-flow works, and at last I am happy with 9.5, but they tend to ignore some of the new big feature improvements I want, that would just crush the competition from a professional users viewpoint (but also very good for normal users). Opera is probably still the top dog, but If I took all my suggestions over to Firefox, would it be? All firefox would need (if they don't have it already) is comprehensive testing team, with brilliant ideas for improvements, and a brilliant development team, with more ideas, that could take all that and program without errors. You would also need a couple of brilliant individuals to guide the process and strategy.

    I would say give it a try, but when you do just remember, there is a lot of hidden features that might not be obvious without some use (also read the documentation to find them).

    Sorry for the quality of the writing. it is rather late here.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It seems that if you log into gmail& then Close that window/tab

    &open a new tab, enter gmail's url again, the inbox will appear...weird,eh?

    -even with this hiccup, opera sure beats f2's regular crashes

    [btw,using linux]

  14. Phil Koenig

    9.50 was rushed out, with some justification

    I think 9.50 was rushed out at least partly because Opera wasn't too keen on Firefox stealing their thunder by once again stealing a feature Opera invented (address-bar history search), re-naming it, and in this case, potentially releasing it before the official Opera release.

    The very short time between 9.50 and 9.51, along with the non-security-related bugfixes makes me think this. (FWIW, I've also noticed some deadlock issues with 9.5x, I hope they get fixed soon.)

    I'm so tired of Firefox getting the credit for functionality that Opera invented (usually) years prior to it being appropriated by Firefox.

  15. wayne

    Opera again.

    You notice the address bar now searches the bookmarks as well, that was one of my suggestions (I don't think I suggested address bar history, it has been around for years, it was a long time ago to remember). I have over 12K bookmarks, and trying to find web pages through google is frustrating and suggested this. Trying to use bookmark search is also frustrating as it is too simple,. so one feature I wanted to see was more comprehensive search functions in bookmarks and email, even goggling on the page list in bookmarks for some once seen information, but these are the types of features I mentioned, that Opera seems reluctant to incorporate. Just those suggestions are a revolution for a researcher trying to find something they once saw.

    The not having to save to backup a email to draft was something I was also onto them, I am pretty sure the discard button as well, but it is placed such that you can (and I have) accidentally pressed it and it wipes the draft and the current compose session.

    Here is another suggestion, I suggested they move the tabs window control into the blank space next to the menus, which they did (which maybe a little bit close to the close apps button). But I think I also suggested that it could go into the application bar, if possible. In reality, if windows allowed it, I would prefer to the panels, new tab, and closed icons in the blank space in the menu bare as well (unless there was not enough room, then Opera would default to the current configuration) and the whole lot moved into the application bar, with the title also inserted in smaller text, or at least the tab controls. Would be extreme, unless you use large sized fonts like I do.

    About Firefox stealing Operas ideas, they could always patent those features, if they hired the original inventor of the features ;) .

    9.50 was probably a major clean up after all the bugs previously reported, 9.51 just was an easy cleanup of a few missed ones that had been reported recently.

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