back to article Google deigns to comply with a privacy law

Google has finally added a link to its privacy (or lack thereof) policy on its homepage following pressure from privacy advocates. A gaggle of US non-profits realised early in June that without a direct link to the policy, violated the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Sergey Brin and Marissa Mayer They …


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  1. Mei Lewis


    Google is about to give away the privacy of millions of users:

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    word counting

    "For the record, Meyer devotes 608 words to recounting the thrills and spills of word count politics inside the Googleplex."

    And theReg devotes another 402 words to complain about waste of reader's time...

  3. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Further improvements to come?

    From that blog, "we dropped the word "Google" (realizing it was implied, obviously)"

    One could apply the same logic to the button labelled "Google Search". Would that be an improvement? I think so. After all, there's a massive multi-coloured "Google" about an inch above it.

    Just remember, for the purposes of copyright, you read it here first.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    This just highlights how Google's penchant to collect more data than they legitimately should

    Is a threat to everyone who uses their services

  5. Chris Williams (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: word counting

    And AC devotes 33 words to complain about a waste of a waste of readers' time.

    Isn't this fun?

    [19 words]

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @ Chris Williams


    [1 word]

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    As the article said, google "Googirl" and be surprised. You go, girl...

  8. Hugo

    28 my arse

    "Ever since that night, this has been our discipline, and everyone who works on the homepage and its design knows the current number: 28. (That's the word count for the basic page if you are signed out, there's no promotional line running beneath the search box, you've set Google as your homepage and thus don't get the "Make Google Your Homepage!" link, and you count "©2008 Google" as two words.)"

    Lots of ifs and buts in there.

    Now if I got to here in Finland (signed out, no promo line (even though it's not my homepage), count "©2008 Google" as two words), I get the English page and see 30 words, PLUS an extra four: "Go to Google Suomi": 34.

    Which all goes to show this left leg in/right leg out mumbo is PRBS.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Is she German?

  10. Ian Ferguson

    Here's something they could get rid of:

    "Wimbledon 2008: Get live scores and stats on your Google homepage."

    Frankly, I don't give a shit. The beauty of a search engine is that *I* can look for things that *I* am interested in.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They've not added any such link to the Firefox default start page.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They are just giving words away the freetards

    Whatever next, I bet authors are not happy. What is to become of those people who words for them are the thing that puts bread on the table.

    I will not be a part of this rampant c...

  13. Steve

    @ Chris Williams

    That's 21, surely?

    Just counting the comment field and not the title.

  14. Nexox Enigma

    I liked El Reg's version better.

    Why dont' more megacorps just tell people that they fucked up? At least someone would believe it...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They need to put on the front page in big red letters:

    "we store everything you ever type in this box forever, along with your IP address which points straight to your computer, the time, date, page you came from, page you clicked on (etc) "

    and see how many people would still use it, or still put their sensitive data in.

    I know that when I first started using the internet nobody ever told me any of that.

    Least of all the data collectors themselves.

    Having the terms and conditions or privacy policy on the page is not actually good enough if people don't even know they need to read a full page of legal stuff before they do ANYTHING on every single website they visit. It is usually hidden at the bottom of the page where no one ever looks, or I have had to click on 'help' and 'about us' sections to look for the privacy policy. If you are not interested in 'about them' or needing any help you'll never know a privacy policy is there.

    Furthermore, people clicking onto a page then clicking on the link to their privacy policy / T&Cs have already had a lot of their information collected before they have the chance to consent or even be informed of what was being collected, and choose to opt out (close the page)

    They should make the terms and conditions / privacy page a gateway to get into websites with a button saying you want to go ahead (or not).

  16. Nanki Poo

    Is that her in the picture...

    The one in the Blackberry ad . . . ?

    Yeah, the one with the distorted glasses...


  17. tnetech

    Privacy Statement?

    Anyone who thinks that there is privacy on the internet is kidding themselves. Servers keep logs, that what they do. They serve content and keep logs. Everything is logged, everything.

    One day shortly a judge will turn over the logs of some file sharing site/bit torrent site and the copyright owners will start chasing their royalties.

    Viacom just got the Youtube logs, this is only the start i think.

    Whether its Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or your local ISP they will eventually have to produce their logs. There is too much money involved for the free-for-all that the internet had became to continue!

  18. Andy
    Paris Hilton

    Bye bye google

    Having read this article and also the comments posted by people on concerning phorm (yes, it's still going on but the share price is below a tenner right now, roll on the death of phorm!) I have deleted my youtube account (might not make any difference but I won't be on there any more, not that I went there much anyway) and my googlemail account will be going very soon.

    As for privacy on the internet, there is less and less of it. Perhaps this is the beginning of the slow decline in internet usage. Maybe all this privacy stuff will get more and more people thinking about what they actually do when they are on the net. Then again maybe not.

    Paris 'cos she ain't got any privacy.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    The Failure of the Algorithm.

    It looks like the genius coders at Google haven't learnt how to use localisation tools effectively -- lots languages (eg Tongan, Gaelic, Basque and Bork bork bork!) are still coming up with "Google". Seems like they haven't properly modularised their code.

    Or maybe they're just too lazy (stupid?) to use a dictionary and Find Out For Themselves!

    Honestly, one of the world's richest companies and they expect their users to do everything for them....

  20. Gavin Pearce

    Google removing Google from Google

    Google have removed the word Google from their copyright, to keep the word count at 2008.

    I have no idea here, but I thought in some countries, you had to have the company name in the Copyright disclaimer for the Copyright to count. (Don't mean UK/US/EU etc, but just some countries?)

    Not sure though.

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