back to article Xbox 360 pricing downed Down Under

Australian gamers have become the latest console fans to benefit from Microsoft’s ongoing series of regional Xbox 360 price cuts. The firm today confirmed that the basic Arcade model, which doesn’t feature any built-in storage, will cost A$349 ($335/£168/€211) instead of A$399 ($383/£192/€242). The mid-range Premium console, …


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  1. Mark
    Gates Horns


    To beat the power of the PS3.

    It gives me warm feelings.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Even if they made it free

    I still wouldn't buy one, even if they didn't come with the free RRoD feature.

    De rigeur Paris, 'cuz she already has her own RRoD

  3. Dirk Vandenheuvel
    Gates Halo


    "So we can expect a Blu-ray add-on drive then, can we, guys?"

    Best for gamers??? Slower and HDD installs?

  4. Anonymously Deflowered


    The warm feeling may be because you need your nappy changing.

  5. Mark Broadhurst
    Gates Halo

    @ Mark

    Once you have finished having feelings for your PS3, can now afford a propper console with online team play for a decent price.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Biggest loser / fanboy ever!

    Yep Mark thats you! Congratulations!!

    To talk totally biased shite on a gaming site is one thing, but to bring it to the register and start commenting on every gaming related story shows what a true champ you are!

    I'm actually surprised you've not commented on the olympus camera article... It mentions "360" you know!

  7. Mark
    Gates Horns

    @Those opposing me

    Just shut up and don't listen then.

    You can't believe the 360 is a proper console, it doesnt have the Blu Ray or the other great features that I could list but won't because I actually don't know what they are.

    The PS3 is the clear winner of everything this generation. It is this generation. There is nothing else, you are all stupid I'm telling my mum.

  8. richard
    Jobs Halo

    i'll stick

    with my pippin thanks....

  9. Danny Traynor

    I'd love to know

    the average age of Reg readers that post comments on the console articles. Judging from the (at time of writing) five posters above, I'd hazard a guess at about 5.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    @ Mark B

    Have you not heard of Haze? or the 2,4 firmware?

  11. Brian Wright
    Gates Halo


    With me having a 360, Wii and borrowing a friends PS3 for a week I am far more impressed with the 360 as an all round package, I will be buying a PS3 soon but more to do with getting a cheap BR player than for gaming.

  12. pctechxp
    Gates Halo

    A waste use of a damn fine CPU

    The Cell is a great CPU but the PS3 is crap, the xbox 360 beats the living daylights out of it.

    I'm buying a 360 when Alan Wake comes out.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    the clear winner

    nothing is ever clear... if there was a clear winner, there would be no more consoles on the market apart from the clear winner..

    people like their own...

    maybe a quote that george carlin said - keep ones religion to thyself, can apply to consoles / fanboys - keep ones opinion to thyself..

  14. Richard Bedford


    It's obvious you've never actually used an Xbox 360. If you have, then you would know about its superior media capabilities (watching streamed media on the PS3 sucks when compared to the 360, and that's from the same source server over the same network).

    The control pads are the most un-ergonomic pads ever created - the 360s controllers are supremely comfortable. And where's the PS3 rumble? Driving just isn't the same unless you can feel the rumble strips at the edge of the circuit. And sixaxis is gimmicky - not found a game where it can be used successfully.

    The loading of the same game takes longer on the PS3 than the 360.

    The PS3 is just as noisy after you've been playing for a while - and that's with the unit 'on end'.

    And what's all this with updates? First download the update, and then apply the updates... And so many of them so frequently! Again, the 360 is superior in this respect.

    And as for the laughable, laggy online system that is the PSN. Xbox Live is superior. For instance, on the PS3 you have to quit a game to see which of your friends is online and to then send them a message... On the 360 just press the big Xbox button in the middle any time you feel like it.

    However, I do admit that from a pure hardware features view, the PS3 is a compelling purchase. Built in wifi, Blu-Ray (for the 1 BD movie that I have), larger hard disk that you can update yourself.

    How do I know all this? I have both. Which gets used the most? The 360.

    The PS3 is catching up and I enjoy using it, but the 360 is still the better console at the moment.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    "PS3 is the clear winner of everything this generation"

    Ok Mark, lets list the top games for this 'games console'




    thats it!

    All hale the top games console the PS3..

    *\. Mines the one with the sweets in the pocket, because I'm 4 :p

  16. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Haze is the greatest

    and GTA looks so much better on the PS3:

    See... XBOX 360 version:

    Now look at the PS3 version:

    See the PS3 version is superior. I can't put a picture of how quick it loads though sorry, but take my word for it. I get calm good feelings when i play it online too, because I know deep down within me that I wrong get a ring of death on me.

    I can't stop playing Haze, I was so glad it came out because I was getting fed up of defending Resistance all the time.

    What about Metal Gear hmmm? I'd never played a metal gear game before, but I did now because I wanted to be able to play a decent game on my console. Wow it is looking brilliant! Up yours 360 because you'll never have it lol.

    @XBOX 360 owners... FAIL

  17. Jimster71


    Surely he just makes comments like that so he can sit back and watch the flame war he creates.

    Don't feed the trolls.

  18. Highlander


    There's a game, you may have heard of it, Metal Gear Solid 4. Sold pretty quickly, or so I'm told. And it's um, exclusive, to a particular platform, or did you just forget?

    @ all the Fanbois.

    - BluRay isn't slower, it has better seek times than a standard DVD player, and far higher data transfer rates. Compared against a 48x DVD, yeah, it's slower track to track, but then, so is/was HD-DVD.

    - HDD Installs. Well, some consoles all come with an HDD so Devs can do an install to improve load times and streaming of content. What's that you say? Core Xbox360 has no HDD? I see. 'nuff said.

    - Neither PS3 nor 360 will 'win' this generation. According to the pundits that's already been done by Nintendo. Or, if you're reading in America where the pundits can't actually see beyond the US Border, well then obviously the 360 is winning - except it's already been outsold in the US by the Wii. 'Course you could just look at the HD consoles. Xbox 360 still leads there, in the US. Europe is doubtful and Japan is such a lost cause it's actually embarrassing.

    - Haze. That game just plain blows. Yeah, I know there is this weird paranoia around that let's PS3 fanboys think every reviewer hates them (that's true) and automatically give bad reviews to games, especially exclusive titles. Well, that was true for a while at first, but in truth Haze just plain blows.

    -Firmware 2.4 - the holy grail? Well, believe it or not, most Playstation gamers are not hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for trophies, in-game XMB access or cross game messaging. Sure they are nice to haves, but the people who really clamor for these things are folks with a compulsion to do tick box comparisons of one product against another. So tick away my friends. Don't forget to tick the $50/year box on the 360 and skip that one on PS3.

    - RROD? Yeah, BIG problem on older Xbox 360s. MS handling of it sucked/sucks. Refurb systems aren't much better. Newer model revisions with smaller CPUs have helped, but in truth halving the failure rate merely takes an approximately 30% failure rate and makes it between 10% and 15%. That's still around 10 times the failure rate of PS3s or Wiis. Not exactly something to write home about, is it? Once they shrink the GPU, revise the motherboard, drop the component count and get their manufacturers to do some quality testing things should improve greatly. Perhaps next year?

    Media streaming from the PS3? Not sure, I'd have thought most would prefer streaming media *to* the PS3 for display on their HDTV? Not sure why you'd want to stream much media from the 360 or PS3, but if the 360's better at it, groovy. Though that 360 obviously needs to be an Elite otherwise that paltry 20GB (assuming you're not stuck with an HDD-less core) drive won't be streaming much media.

    Really it's a little stupid to blather on about the PS3 not having any games, when obviously it does, and actually a fairly decent library. It's a bit stupid to claim that the multi-platform titles are all gimped, when really they're not, although that first wave or 360 ports stank like an old fish on a hot day.

    You know, it's actually easy to bash any of the consoles. I could write an equally long post about how Wii is crap, or how the PS3 is crap, or how the Xbox 360 is crap. It's not like you can't find fault with these things if you look. They all have certain aspects that present nice big targets. You know, the Wii being two GCs duct taped together, the 360 being one key press short of an RROD and the PS3 being so damned expensive. See, it's easy.

    It's just as easy to stop the fanbois crapola and simply post about the article at hand. In this case the falling price of the Xbox360. The thing that stood out most for me from the article was the hideously high price that Australians are paying for an Xbox360 core unit with no HDD. This has nothing to do with any other console, it's just an observation that the price is crap anyway, so it's a reduction from a really really crap price to a plain old really crap price. And the fanbois angle is?

  19. Anonymous Coward

    time to kill the nymshifting troll please, el reg

    Looks like some of the younger readers are having trouble spotting his bullshit. Worse than that, it stopped being even remotely funny after the first one.

    Please Moderatrix, just knock his 'impersonator' and AC 'me too' posts on the head, and then maybe he'll take his homophobic attention seeking back to the Usenet groups he's escaped from.

    AC as I've seen how low he will stoop on Usenet.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Lol - well trolled - anon would be proud.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $100AU Still the PS3 is a better deal.

    I mean 2 years 360 XBL subs will eradicate that price difference...

    Lets not even talk about Blu-ray, Wifi, and all the other stuff you get for free on PS3...

    Lets not even mention that buying a 360 brings a never ending supply of coffins to your door.

    Who would be crazy enough to buy a 360 right now, when PS3 offers so much more, for a few dollars more?

  22. Anonymous Coward


    oh yeah! my mistake, 3 games for the 'best' 'games console' -_-

    No wonder it requires all the bells and whistles, its still trying to be this 3rd place it never managed to get to with the PS2.

    Guess they never heard of the multimedia PC, which these days you could probably get for a lot less (though admittedly not as good looking) than a PS3. And it would steam the pants of both the PS3 and 360 which frankly are rubbish at doing so which is why I spent some cash on a Mac Mini to do the job, its alot quieter than a PS3, prettier than a PS3, as damn well as expensive as a PS3. And isnt a games console like the PS3 :D

    *\. Mines the coat that isnt pretending to be a tent.

  23. Iain


    "Have you not heard of Haze? or the 2,4 firmware?"

    Why yes; yes I have. Haze is the game that memorably received 4.5/10 at IGN and a 5 at Edge. The 2.4 firmware is the update that has been pulled from Sony's systems after bricking a number of machines to the point where only a drive format will fix it.

    This helps your PS3 Fanboyism how, exactly?

    In reality, both are perfectly good machines, with much to recommend them. Mark is clearly being his usual silly self by claiming that the ability to watch movies in HD is an essential feature of a games console, but he probably doesn't even own a Wii, so we'll move swiftly on. 'ooFie' is correct that you're much better off with some sort of PC than either for media playback (other than Blu-ray discs) however, due to the multitude of formats in use these days.

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