back to article DoJ to probe Google Yahoo! deal

The US Department of Justice is to open a formal investigation into Yahoo!'s partnership with Google, fearing it will reduce competition in the online advertising market. The DoJ is preparing demands for information for executives at both companies and also from rival online advertising firms. The department was already …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    DoJ! to! probe! Google! Yahoo! deal!


  2. L1feless


    I agree with above post.

  3. KenBW2
    Dead Vulture

    +1 for !s

    Are you forgetting your past, El Reg?

  4. Daniel B.

    DoJ! is! stupid!

    The ones getting a DoJ probe should be Microsoft, not Yahoo/Google. In reality, the only place where Google might be a "monopoly" is in the search market; and that isn't a result of monopolistic activities, but actual efficiency by the Google search engine. Really, we would still be using Altavista if Compaq hadn't b0rked the interface after eating DEC.

    If I were the DoJ, I'd be more concerned on the MSFT takeover; eating Yahoo! would give them a chance to force Silverlight unto all of us, which would nicely lock "the web" to IE/Windows once again. No thanks.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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