back to article Chinese cops opt for Segways

Chinese authorities are going high-tech and have begun equipping elite crime fighting units with motorised Segway scooters. chinese_segway_cops China's police are getting mobile According to the front page of daily newspaper The First, Chinese armed forces were recently spotted using Segways during a counter-terrorist …


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  1. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    "the machines help make cops more visible during patrols"

    Presumably they measure this by counting hte cries of "Who's that prat on the Segway?"

  2. radian

    like 'Chips', but different.

    Presumably, what with this being in China, the Segways will be counterfeit and removal of the handle bars would reveal a huge spike.

  3. James Smith

    Height Booster

    We all know Chinese people are short, so the real reason for using Segways is to increase their height.

  4. steogede

    Not Just New York

    >> The idea might strike you as purely a publicity stunt, but Chinese cops

    >> could be taking a lead from police in Glen Falls, New York.

    Or indeed, our very own Fife police (well not mine, as I don't live in fife, but you know what I mean).

    Seriously though, patrolling shopping centres is on thing, but SWAT maneuvers on a Segway?

This topic is closed for new posts.