back to article US regulators lapse into state of approval for HP's EDS buy

US regulators are letting Hewlett-Packard's planned $13.9bn purchase of computer services giant Electronic Data Systems (EDS) go through without much anti-trust fuss. Both the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have let the required competition law waiting period expire sans any requests for additional …


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  1. Dr. E. Amweaver
    Black Helicopters

    and let's not mention...

    ...does this double HP's black operations and surveillance budget as well?

  2. Steve VanSlyck
    Dead Vulture

    No Anti-Fuss

    Well of /course/ they're letting it go through without oversight. That's what the Bush administration is /for/! Jee willikers, sometimes I just have to wonder whatever happened with WOW & Co. that el Reg doesn't have anything better to report on.... <uncontrollablesmirk>

This topic is closed for new posts.

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