back to article Swedish customs pull Frenchman with two asses

A wandering Frenchman came to rue the day he ever attempted to get his two asses into Sweden, after customs officials demanded a veterinary examination of the pair costing €250, the Local reports. For reasons not entirely explained, Jacques Abdelaziz from Brittany has spent the last two months travelling Europe with a couple …


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  1. Anonymous John

    Ass tonishing!

    Mine's the donkey jacket.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Serves him right...

    ...for not rowing across.

  3. james
    Thumb Up

    well saved

    "unless he was able to produce biometric passports for the shifty-looking beasts of burden."

    and that folks is how you successfully add an IT angle to an otherwise daft story

  4. Tim

    political tour.....

    i thought the story was about Nicolas Sarkozy going on a whistestop tour of northern europe with Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson.

    Imagine my surprise when it was about donkeys!

  5. Nick

    And the IT angle is...


    Mine's the one with the long ears and tail.

  6. fred

    Check out the site

    called Nounou, which means fanny in English as in virgina :D ha ha.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    UK civil servants

    Please take note.

    A touch of humanity really is inspiring. The border official should be commended for merit.

  8. Andrew Moore

    Alan Moore rides again

    Wasn't Abdelaziz a 2000AD Future Shocks character- The Man with Two Brains??? As usual some other idiot has got hold of another excellent Alan Moore idea and rewritten it- This time as The Man with Two Asses.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virgina ?

    Wot's that when it's at home ?

  10. Unkle Al

    What a surprise, indeed

    I thought it was regarding someone with two exits and four posterior cheeks.

  11. Trevor

    @AC 16:00gmt

    A dyslexic twat?

  12. Elmer Phud

    More immigrants

    Bloody French donkeys coming over here to take the jobs of ours on the beach. Just bloody swim ashore and set up shop. This is what you get with the EU - French donkeys invading our shores - they couldn't do it before when Nelson gave them a good spanking, now they are sneaking in via our seaside resorts.

    One minute it's donkeys - the next there's no more burgers just waffles and odd pancakes. Send 'em back with a french loaf up their asses.

  13. Tanuki

    Mmmmm! Donkey!

    Shame he wasn't trying to import his two faux-horses into France. They'd have eaten them.

    Come to think of it, what's the best wine to serve with donkey? I'm thinking something like a young Shiraz.

    I'll get my humane killer....

  14. anarchic-teapot


    No, it just means Nanny, as in the nice lady who looks after your screaming pre-school sprogs while you make a donkey of yourself posting asinine comments to Reg articles instead of working.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear

    Cos as soon as they would have crossed the Channel, both donkeys probably would have caught Foot and Mouth disease or something else as likely and probably drop dead within a week

  16. Sabine Miehlbradt

    An ass quote

    Hood an ass with reverend purple

    So you can hide his two ambitious ears

    And he shall pass for a cathedral doctor

    (Ben Jonson, Volpone Act 1, Scene 2)

  17. Steve Roper

    I don't blame him for not wanting to visit the UK

    as being the police state it is, I wouldn't want to set foot there either. And I was born there!

  18. sauerkraut


    mmmmm i'd rather have had him examined by a vet ;) oh dang i'm getting racist again o0

  19. Darren B


    If he had shared the dingy with the drunk bloke they could have ensured that both made it across and could have avoided customs totally.

  20. Michael

    @Alan Moore rides again

    ...I believe it was Abelard Snazz..

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    The IT Angle

    Well it mentions "ass" several times. That's good enough for me. :-)

    Paris, because even though as far as I know she is only in possession of a single ass well, just because!

  22. pctechxp

    thought it might have been a body shock type story

    as I read it initially as arses :)

  23. TeeCee Gold badge

    I can't believe nobody's noticed.....

    A French itinerant wandering round Europe with two Donkeys?

    That'll be two asses and a bum then.

  24. cmtbear

    really if

    if you have to ass't for the IT angle, it would take two long to explain.

  25. Steve Smith

    No Dr. Mephisto angle, then.

    How utterly disappointing.

  26. Jeffrey Nonken

    And now for something completely different...

    "Didn't we just do this sketch?"

    "I thought we were doing the continental version."

  27. Graham Marsden

    I thought this was something to do with...

    ... A man with three buttocks

    /me silly walks away...

  28. Glenn Charles

    and he even remembered

    to carry his Ipod for the picture!


  29. Adam Cherrett

    You know what to do...

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