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Bond fans can now enjoy a taster of 007's next cinematic outing - Quantum of Solace - in the form of a trailer down at the film's flashtastic website. The 22nd movie in the franchise sees Daniel Craig reprise his generally-lauded interpretation of Bond, accompanied by Olga Kurylenko as the "mysterious" Camille and Brit thesp …


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  1. Mark
    Gates Horns


    ooooh Daniel... oooh.

  2. DiskJunky
    Thumb Down


    apparently Ireland doesn't exist... would it have killed them to put it on the list?

  3. richard

    here we go

    casino was great, this looks great, craig looks great BUT he is not james all..totally wrong for the part.

    there i've said it...

  4. Adam Foxton


    Agreed. Casino Royale was a good film, this one looks like a good film too. But if you want a great _BOND_ film go watch Goldfinger.

  5. Mike
    Gates Horns


    ooooh Daniel... oooh.

    p.s. where/what the fuck is Ireland? do you mean "an island?" give me a clue, is it something to do with potatos? or very short people dressed in green? is that the place where "road mantenance" consists of filling holes with gravel? would it have killed them to put it on the list? depends on their stance on apocrypha I suppose.

  6. Jay Cooper

    @ Richard and Adam Foxton - Oh shut up!!!!

    Pretty sure Craig is Bond. I seem to remember him being cast as Bond and his character being reffered to as Bond the whole way through Casino Royale. What do you want? Connery back? Sorry, but Craig IS Bond. Re-invented maybe, but it was needed after the debacle that Brosnan put us through before although i hasten to add it wasn't he who wrote and directed it, he still agreed to be in it.....Euch!

    I for one thought CR was awesome and truimph much needed from the franchise. Can't wait for this one. The ladies alone are getting me a bit stic......sorry. I'll stop now.......

  7. John

    Awesome Flick

    Casino was awesome. The smartest Bond movie since, well, since Live and Let Die. Really. All the rest of them were camp. Fun, but camp. (except Moonraker, which was a total piece of crap riding on the coat tails of Star Wars).

    HOWEVER, the new title sucks. Yes it is referenced in a Flemming book, but come on! The word "Quantum" does not belong in a Bond title. I don't care what the reference is, it just isn't tough enough. There I said it.

    Mines the one with the list of alternate titles stuffed in the pocket.

  8. Jamie


    I have to agree with Richard and Adam, James Bond is dark haired man, not a blond haired person, he is not black, he is caucasian.

    Casting a blond for James Bond just seems weird. I did like Cason Royal although I did find that some scenes were really dragged out. The action was good but he just did not make me believe he is James Bond.

    Makes a much sense as having a white boy play Shaft, or a woman play the Doctor. If you started that way or it is not a long drawn out series then the change would not be that big a deal.

    Thats my two cents worth, flame on.

  9. Dr. E. Amweaver

    As Heaven Is Wide

    ...would be a much better title for this, not to mention providing a ready-made theme tune.

  10. Ceilidhman
    Dead Vulture

    Next Bond

    I agree with Richard & Adam. Craig looks more like he could be KGB. I read once that Eddy Murphy was considered for the role before Piers Brosnan got it. He does do a cracking English accent and would definitely have been an interesting choice.

    The dead penguine coz Bond will kill anything in his way, even fluffy penguines

  11. Mark

    Craig - excellent Bond..

    Best since Connery (who is untoppable) IMHO...

    Looking forward to this..

  12. Mike

    Best bond since Connery?

    Nope, Roger Moore was bond, if you read the original books he was a slimy, self important man with a nasty streak and Moore played it best, Connery is just a nicer actor who gave us a sanitised view of bond, more a palitable for the UK (and more importantly) US viewers, who was the best bond? Moore. Who was the most enjoyable bond to watch? you decide, but Craig was closer to the real bond than Connery ever was regardless of his hair colour.

  13. Martin Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    None of them are right....

    ....according to Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (the very first book, not the film) Bond looked like Hoagy Carmichael.

  14. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Loved Casino Royale...

    As it really bought Bond up to date but I am concerned this might tun out to be too much like another Bourne <*insert favourite superlative here*> movie.

  15. ben edwards

    If the Bond in the novels was meant to be cardboard...

    Then yes, Craig has nailed the character perfectly. CR also revealed one of the nicest looking 4th-wall breakers in a while. First he was a character written on paper, and now he's a character played by paper.

  16. Peter Gold badge

    What did they do with the Aston they trashed?

    I'm more curious if someone has been able to film the Aston Martin seeking the deep and use it in the film. There are VERY few films where they trash such a car, and this one looked thoroughy trashed when they fished it out of the lake.

    "Oops" would have been a masterful understatement :-)

  17. Dean H.
    Thumb Up

    Re: Martin

    Hoagy Carmichael's Wikipedia page claims that Bond is described in more than one place by Fleming as looking like Hoagy, but with a scar down his face.

  18. Bryan Roycroft

    The Man with the Quantum Solace

    the films title is already purfect for a theme song

    get shirley on the blower... of we go, cough, 'the maaaaan, the man with the quantum SOLACE'

    what do you mean bond has brown hair.. what the blue blazes does that have to do with anything... did you not see that ally mcbeal where that black kid sued because she wasn't allowed to play annie in the play annie? there's a lesson in there for all of us

    anyway.. he kicked ass, it had the least retarded femail lead, second best stunts.. all the bonds are good... each brings something different.. otherwise.. sure connery is still looking well.. he left cause he didn't want to get too typecast? as what? a scot? fat chance of that happening

  19. chaosvoyager

    Typecasting Connery and leaving Camp

    Perhaps his concerns about becoming typecast are what led Connery to take that role in Highlander, were he played the part of an immortal Egyptian who dressed like a Spaniard, fought with a Japanese sword, and spoke with a Scottish accent.

    As for QoS, I for one am really happy about this move away from 'camp' by both the Bond and Batman movie franchises (though the latter had to go completely over the edge before doing so). I'm also extremely happy that their writers understand that giving male characters emotional depth does not equate to making them 'sensitive'.

    I really don't care if this interpretation of Bond is the 'right' one, as long as it's well crafted and consistent, though I will admit that you can take redefining an existing brand too far like in the case of Battlestar Galactica (which is also less campy than its previous incarnation). However, I don't think hair color takes Bond that far.

  20. HFoster

    Best Bond since Connery?

    Controversially, I thought Timothy Dalton got the violence right. Not much else though.

    I think Craig plays the younger, greener Bond quite well. Remember, this is a reboot and retcon so much has been changed, though certain aspects remain the same. Ultimately, the ability of the actor(s) to portray the evolution of Bond and MI6 through the rebooted story arc is what matters the most.

    If you don't like the reboot, you don't have to watch them. Whining "joputas"...

  21. James Bassett


    I must be in the minority then. I found the new bond film "Casino Royale" dull as ditchwater. Seem to recall catching a few winks at one point. Far too long and drawn out. Wasn't overly enamoured with Craig - though couldn't give a stuff about hair colour; some people clearly don't have enough to worry about.

    Really like Dalton. Thought he brought a dark, nasty edge to the character that seemed more in keeping with a lonely assassin. Okay, the films themselves were a bit "eighties" but what do you expect? They were made in the eighties!

  22. pctechxp

    @Ceilidhman Eddie Murphy as Bond? WTF

    What have you been smoking/chewing.

    1. James Bond is white in the same way as Shaft is black.

    2. Eddie Murphy, while very funny (I always watch the beverly hills cop films when they are on) would have an ego larger than Bond (the character) and Bond is bigger than the actor.

    3. Daniel Craig does a good job of playing gritty characters and CR was about showing Bond to be more than just a flash git, I wuggest you aso watch the excellent Layer Cake.

    4. Brosnan wasn't bad as Bond, he was more believable than Connery and I don't believe for one second that Bond was Scottish.

    I for one will be off to see it as soon as it comes out.

    El Reg Eds, I dont suppose you can get permission to use the gun barrel imagery as an icon can you? As that would be great

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