back to article Virgin Mobile USA to buy hipster operator Helio

In a union of hipster-friendly mobile operators, Virgin Mobile USA has agreed to purchase Helio for $39m in stock. Virgin Mobile offers low-cost, pre-paid services to the hip set, and now, it can give them something a little different: high-end subscription setups on phones with names like Ocean, Heat, and Drift. "This …


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  1. Ryan Meier
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    They need grown-up phones

    Helio might help Virgin if they can get better, more fully-featured phones out of them.

    I'm in the US and had Virgin Mobile for almost six years, but recently ported out to AT&T. Why? Because Virgin has one phone capable of playing MP3s, and it's terrible--it can't deal with numbers, spaces, and punctuation in file names. Really. Most of their other phones have similar problems--few features, and what features they have don't work.

    But they are very cheap for people who, like me, want a cellphone but don't use it very much. I'd go back if this acquisition improves their phone selection.

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