back to article Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey

Are you interested in home décor? Do you think friends more important than family? Does standing out in a crowd make you sweat? If you answered 'yes' to all of those questions, then you’re probably a PlayStation 3 owner, according to the latest research. The consumer research arm of credit reference agency Experian questioned …


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  1. Lupus


    So I own a 360, I read voraciously, I'm a social hermit and I still live with my mother because rent is bloody expensive elsewhere.

    So... what am I?

  2. Frederick Lagunawiczia

    Spelling Problems . . .

    Real mean "people" don't cry ?

    I could have told you that :-)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey

    I saw this and thought Sony were trying a novel approach to disposing of 360 owners... Sony should have gone for even bigger fans! Still, seems like a good idea though! Flame on!

  4. Tim
    Gates Horns

    Erm, one question clearly missing?

    Are you happy with the reliability of your console?

    Also, it seems that the two machines have slightly different markets and are no longer just games machines.

    Personally i have a PS3 and have stayed away from the xbox due to M$ world domination. I also avoid all Apple products for the same reason. I would NEVER buy an I-phone (or i-anything) as i dont want to live in steve jobs' pocket. I dont think Sony are angels either, but they do at least seem to be improving the PS3 with every firmware release, and it is really nice to be able to use it for pics, music, tinternet and such without having to boot up a pc and watch on a titchy screen. I dont need to buy extras to hook it up to my network and i DO watch blu-ray movies on mine, along with its great upscaling dvd ability.

    It aint perfect (i would like to have HDMI and Multiout at the same time) and i would like an easier HDD swap, but really, i have no complaints. It is even housed in a closed cupboard and still doesnt overheat (which i really couldnt beleive of an XBox).

    I also have a Wii. Never use is why is it so popular? me......

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Can't do with their mobiles

    The reason X-Box 360 owners cannot do without their mobile phones is because they have to have something to play with while their console is back with Microsoft.

    I'll get my coat. It's the red ringed one with the 'Return to manufaturer' label on the back.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    zZzZzZz Boring Article

    What a stupid survey .... who cares !. Surely they can think of something more intresting to write about. They will publish anything these days to get a console story on their page.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In either case

    .....people who have games consoles shouldn't have enough time for friends or family. Otherwise they're not using the thing properly.

    Mind you a lot of PC owners can't tell the difference between Facebook and actually having friends.......

  8. Alistair MacRae

    I own both...

    I own a PS3 and a 360 whats going to happen to me!?

  9. Eponymous Cowherd

    What about

    The number of times PS3 and XB0x 360 owners masturbate per day.

    Then we would know, for sure, which are the biggest wankers.

  10. rob johns
    Gates Horns

    44 and over!

    That must make me really mature for my age seeing as I'm only 26 & I never even contemplated getting an x box.

  11. Neil

    Money and success?

    So XBox 360 owners think that money is important... well they would - they couldn't afford to buy the PS3 instead...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    LOL Yeah right, this survey accurately measures what? OS Platforms may be devided more by types of people/age groups/etc but gaming platforms XBox or PS aren't really, both are platforms for full on gamers, so all that holds true about gamers holds true about XBox AND PS fans with the exception some may be Sony fanbois and the others love a piece of the Billy Borg Boat, but are other than that the same!

    Only the Wii is different, that ones suitable for old people who want to replace their monopoly board and easily amused youngsters! :P~

  13. Richie M

    James Sherwood

    So where's the link or name of the source of this "survey"?

    Or is it just your attempt at satirical journalism?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new then.

    "PS3 gamers seem more intellectual: more of them can’t live without books"

    My similar survery came up with similar results.

    PS3 owners are smart, they can see weel designed hardware being sold for less than cost price as a great deal.

    360 owners are dumb, they simply rush in and buy any old crap, even if it's the most unreliable consumer item in living history..

  15. Anonymous Coward


    So PS3 owners are a bunch of middle aged, book reading social lepers?

    (is that burning i smell?)

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Don't we have enough...

    ...of whiny little 360/ps3 fanboys telling each other that their **** is bigger than the others, without The Reg trolling for more of this rubbish.

    Seriously, everyone knows PC gaming is best anyway...

  17. Anonymous Coward


    That's easy. You're a nerd.

  18. JP Sistenich
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Spelling problem...

    Surely it's just "Real MEN don't cry"?

    And surely those age ranges are about 20 years too high?!?

    As clued in as Paris...

  19. Marco Alfarrobinha
    Gates Halo

    Fanboy wars....

    ... comence!

    Surely this is a ploy by the El Reg to get as many comments as possible on a article?

    BTW, I am an Xbox 360 owner and I wouldn't swap it with a PS3 even if Sony paid me (ok, maybe I would take the money and put it on eBay...).

  20. Alex



    No really!


  21. Neil Docherty

    Bill has two!

    I like how even Bill Gates doesn't trust the Xbox 360 not to break so he keeps a spare to hand!

  22. Tim


    Prius in the garage, Guardian on the doorstep, lentil stew in the oven, turbine on the roof, PS3 in the lounge and brain in la la land.

    Saxo on bricks in the garden, St. George's flag on the balcony, Stella in the fridge, 360 in the bedroom, two thousand direct relatives in a square mile and opposable thumbs a challenge on most days.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Consoles appeal most to the over-30s? Can this really be true? Has the gaming demographic aged so drastically?

  24. Andy Worth

    So, what the survey is saying...... if you're a half-hunched, knuckle-dragging ape, then you're more likely to be a 360 owner? Did I get that right?

    *waits for someone to take the obviously sarcastic bait*

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes sense

    Most 360 owners have been hardened through multiple bereavements as their precious boxes have RRoDed time after (three and counting) bloody time.

  26. Rob


    wouldn't be as expensive if you had a friend to split it with..!

    just a suggestion.

    I live with my mate, have a 360, ps3, and a wii, use the 360 the most by far, sony need to get some games out soon or i'm gonna sell the thing (just like im doing with the wii as soon as I can be bothered)

  27. bob_blah


    I took part in this survey, and I'm very glad to hear that I'm actually under the average age of an xbox owner :) and here I was feeling old.

  28. Mark
    Gates Horns

    I love my mum

    I'll be living with her forever, and i'll be giving her lots of good loving.

    PS3 forever!

  29. Scott

    Affording Gamez

    Now i've turned 30 my mums put up my pocket money so i can buy a game a month now. When i'm not crying over bunny rabbits killed by PS3 owners....

  30. Liam

    is this just

    in my experience xboxes are owned by younger people and playstations by older (20+)

    playstation was the console that made gaming cool again. i remember getting my psx when i was about 21 after not gaming for years. of course this has changed now with wii etc.

    ps3 is aimed at 20somethings imho. maybe why we see so many xbox idiots come to these forums (although plenty of psx idiots too lol)

  31. Simon Aspinall

    This just highlights the fact that

    360's are owned by gamers where as PS3 owners who use it soley for BD movie watching are high, thus having no interest in the games machine they actualy own and more of an interest in reading books.

    Of course there are people who read books who have a 360 but you can bet good money on the fact that gamers dont read as many books as non-gamers and that transpires through to PS3/360 user profiles.


  32. Anonymous Coward

    Does this reflect the US bias in 360s?

    The response to the question 'Does money signify success' rang a US-centric bell to me..

  33. David

    A credit reference agency. Seriously!

    "the Xbox 360 appeals most to those aged between 35 and 44 years old, the PS3 is more popular among people aged 44 and over"

    Goes to show people under 35 don't give a shit about Experian. I think thats the true moral of the story.

  34. DPWDC

    Playground survey?

    My console is bigger (and louder) than your console

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Reg... what the heck is this crap?

  36. Liam


    @ tim

    "I also have a Wii. Never use is why is it so popular? me......" - ditto.. multiout? i use optical into my Av amp.. wish id waited a year to get the HDMI swapping AV amps now, but to be honest i like having screen and sound separate.

    i just bought the mrs a nintendo ds.. lets me use the TV for GTA and footy more :) plus braintraining is fun (was hammered last night and i was apparently 71 years old brain age! lmao although in my fairness we couldnt figure out one game and she told me it wasnt against the clock lol!)

    @ "Seriously, everyone knows PC gaming is best anyway..." - not really. imho consoles and PCs suit different games. i find using the ps3 hard for proper fps games (used to play bf2142 to death and was in top 100 on original UT once upon a time! :)) - maybe im too far from my big tv but i find it much easier to see enemies when im 18" from a 20" TFT. plus mouse and keys suit fps (not a fan of mmorpg). wheras sports games like football (im a pro evo boy) are crap on a pc... also PCs generally have shite controllers for thing type of thing, whereas the ps controllers always rocked and had enough buttons to do what was needed (pc controllers never had enough buttons - maybe do now tho!).

    xbox and ps3 both do similar games. xbox seems to be more fps bases wheras ps3 seems aimed at adventure, puzzle and more sports style games. not much in it but my dvd player died so it seemed the logical upgrade path (or so i told the mrs lol)

    and my console is bigger - i still have my old bbc model b with the viglen kit - its frikkin massive :) ahh that massive 32k memory! rock on!

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