back to article Staffer spills beans on O2 UK 3G iPhone launch

If you’re itching to buy the 3G iPhone on 11 July, then you’d better set your alarm-clock because O2 is said to be letting the first devices leave its stores at 7am – provided you pass a credit check. The launch day details stem from a posting by MacRumors forum contributor 'Johnpartridge' who claims to have recently visited a …


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  1. jai
    Jobs Halo

    PAYG = £370

    The rumours are that getting the phone PAYG will cost 370notes.

    but that said, that's a lot less than the 30quid a month tarrif will cost over 18months, so it seems a good deal - specailly if you're on a different network and hope to crack it

    i wonder what the data costs are on the PAYG tarrifs. the O2 yearly tarrif is made worthwhile because the data is turely unlimited - if they offer a PAYG package with a reasonably priced data plan it could be quite interesting

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Queue, what queue?

    5,000 iPhones per store!? There are 7 O2 stores within a 5 or so mile radius where I work and I can't imagine 35,000 people beating me to punch by lunchtime!

  3. ChippyJohn
    Thumb Up


    This review is more or less word-for-word what some helpful chap in my local O2 shop said yesterday. I'd have posted but I didn't realise it was news...

    He could not comment on existing iPhone upgraders (ie no news on whether they will need credit checks too)

  4. Tim
    Jobs Horns

    Steve Jobs finally gets the message!

    Go on back to your air conditioned gadget filled head office and leave the contract phone selling to the professionals.

    The new i-phone is just an improved version, so no need to have a silly launch. Also, the O2 staffer has probably been told to come in for 7am on launch day, and as the phone is now subsidised, it will be signed up for like any regular (or even better) phones are!

    I still wont touch one, as i atill dont like $T£V£ JOB$.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Stewart Knight
    Jobs Horns

    ONLY 5000 per store???

    How many jesus phones are O2 expecting to ship?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    5000 per store?

    Unlikely - for a start, that's £1.5m worth of stock, and secondly it's about 12 palletloads - ever been out the back of an O2 store?

    50 per store? 500?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pay and go pricing

    £349 for 8Gb, £429 for 16Gb.

    Compare with N95 8Gb if you wish...

  9. Mark Daniels


    All, please..... get a grip.

    It is only a 'phone.

    Really, please. Enough tossing off over a very exspensive lump of shiny plastic.

    Get an E series Nokia, a HD mp3 player [E65 and the 60GB Zen are my choices] and you have a much better combination. And of course you don't look like an arse.


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Confirms what I was told...

    I was told the same story by an O2 staffer - except they were anticipating opening their store at 8am.

    Makes sense - go in the week before, sign up, then go back on launch day and pay your money and take your iPhone. Saves time and effort in-store on launch day and provides a higher throughput of customers.

  11. pctechxp

    Least I'm working a late shift that day

    so won't have to contend with the traffic going up to our local chav hangout

  12. Dan White

    Think before transferring your number...

    So if you want to keep your current number, you'll presumably have to obtain your migration code *before* going to the store. Hmm, bit of a pain, but not the end of the world I suppose.

  13. steve
    Thumb Up

    it be true i tell thee

    Just rang my local o2 shop (cheltenham) to enquire. I have poo credit so doubt i would get a contract.

    Lovely lady told me to pop along any time after the 1st July as she can check it for me.

    Looks to be true

  14. Andy Barber

    Ist iPhone mugging

    07:00 Stores open, 07:05 Smug new owner, looking at iPhone & not looking where their going, gets mugged o/s shop!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Mark Daniels

    So what you mean is:

    stop tossing off over that phone and instead toss off over *my* phone. And separate MP3 player.

    Take 2 bottles into the shower? Not me, I just take hypocrite and go.

  16. Neil
    Gates Halo

    5000? Doubt it!

    Surely at 5000 per store they cant process that many credit checks in 1 day? I mean 10 staff per store (average - my local store is tiny and probably couldnt fit in any customers if there were 10 staff!) they'd still have 500 applicatiosn each. 1 per minute and thats about 8 hours solid! So I reckon that either thats an exageration or they'll be spreading that allocation ofver a few days!

    I reckon they've got to pre-check customers if they can - i mean if you can get checked before hand and just pay for the thing on the day, then 1 per minute is much more doable!

    Still undecided if i can give up myu Pro-MS moral stance and buy a jesus phone tho - i mean - the phone isnt great, but - oooo that web browser.........

  17. Gareth
    Thumb Down

    Not what I heard

    I called O2 last night as I am due an upgrade.

    I was told that they would be taking no pre-orders at all and noone can request one until launch day. She also told me that you would pick it up and take it home and register it on iTunes just as you did for the first model. Apparently there will be locks in place which mean if you did not pay for the handset then when you go to register you will only be able to select the top 2 contracts.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Yes!! Oh Yes!!

    I hope all the O2 stores have plenty of tissues on hand so that all the Macturds can clean up after themselves on receiving Steve Jobs' latest bit of overpriced tat.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No white phones.

    I heard they will not be stocking the white 16GB version. Source was an O2 staff member in my local store.

  20. insanity

    PAYG Prices

    £299.99 for the 8GB, £359.99 for the 16GB. Includes unlimited Wi-Fi/Data for 6 months, then you can pay £10/month to carry on with unlimited Wi-Fi/Data.

    If you don't talk/text much and want the iPhone for data/wi-fi/ipod/apps/etc. then that sounds like a stonking deal to me.

  21. Robert Oakes

    I Cannot Wait.....

    I personally cannot wait until the iPhone 2 comes out, i am unashamedly a "Apple Fanboy". The iPhone has changed the mobile market and many more phones have came onto the marketing trying to copy the iPhone. I have opted for an iPhone as i need access to Live Mail, and the Blackberry does not interface with Live Mail. This is not an overpriced phone -this is also an iPod and a web browser in one and because it is made by Apple you are getting a quality product!

    You want a cheap phone then get a free one - you want a good phone then you know where to get it from!!!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My boss did this a week ago with AT&T. He transferred his current phone to an entirely new account and is awaiting a 3G iPhone delivery which they have promised within a day or two of the "launch."

    Sorry about your O2 arrangements.

  23. chris

    iphone 2

    Will the new iPhone have flash plugin 4 web browser. Picture msging. Sms forwarding. Blue tooth that can send files to other phones. Camra with Flash and zoom. Video recording. Disk mode to save files on iPhones hard drive.... All the things you would expect on a phone lol

  24. Chris
    Jobs Halo

    O2 Price??


    Have O2 removed the price listing already?? Saw it last night, but this morning there is no price!!! O2 cock-up??

    Jobs Horns

    staff view.

    launch time is 08:02 i've heard.

    staff will be in a 7am i guess.

    Stores will NOT have 5000 units. a GOOD store is likely to sell between 150-250 new contracts a week. I expect stock will between 50-500 depending on store size.

    NEVER 500 though, that would be crazy.

    No official info has been released to staff though, so this is all intelegent specualtion. And staff haven't been told to keep quiet. YET.

  26. Gareth
    Thumb Down


    Not sure if anyone is still looking at this, but I just went to the O2 store on Victoria St and they were taking no sorts of pre-orders or setting up any new contracts.

    The guy said it would just be first come, first served on the 11th.

  27. Greg
    Thumb Up

    Apple Store launch UK

    Phoned O2 to get the lowdown on when the iPhone would be out on payg basis, they said they weren't confirming anything however the overzealous member of staff let slip to me that apple are launching it at their stores on the same day on the same basis. So i phoned Apple to ask if this was the case, to which i got a flat "no comment" from the lovely american lady! seems to me like they've got something going on!

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