back to article Panasonic parent makes 30in OLED TV play

Matsushita - best known as the owner of Panasonic - will be punching out 37in OLED TVs within three years, it has been claimed. According to Japan's Sankei Shimbun newspaper, Matsushita wants to be the first TV maker to get decent-sized OLED TVs to market. Sony is currently the only consumer electronics company selling OLED …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Screw large-screen...

    ...I want rollup displays!

  2. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Screw rollup displays

    I just want and OLED monitor.

  3. Tom


    Hey they have that already.... projectors! and hey you can make the screen way bigger than 37inches!

  4. LeBeourfCurtaine
    Paris Hilton

    Screw OLED monitors...

    ...I just want a cortical shunt!

    Paris, because this bandwagon's flogged the horses beyond death.

  5. RG


    Well, I'm happy - the timing is good for me - by the time the screens have achieved good market penetration and prices are coming down, I'll be ready to upgrade from plasma. I trust they'll include the latest HDMI spec in the features, especially 48bit colour depth, and that source material will provide same. But what happened to SED TV?

    @Tom - Projectors? For a dedicated home cinema maybe, but not in a living room. Seriously, have you tried to watch a projected picture when there's sunlight streaming through the windows? You can't see sh*t.

    Still, the idea of a large screen that decends from the ceiling is an attractive one .....

  6. andy k

    OLEDS Technology

    How hard are these to manufacture compared to the micro-displays that Emagin corporation makes? The have been developing this technology for years. Is the technology for the large displays licensed from kodak like the microdisplays?

  7. Christian Berger

    Please with a decent resolution

    Please do it with a decent resoltion. There's little sense in having a 30 inch display with only 1080 lines. Nobody is going to do television with those displays anyhow as the largest usable size for HDTV is about 24 inch. Beyond that you will see the individual pixels.

    If I was such a company I would start getting some cash from normal sized (eg 5-10 inch) television screens. Those are easier to build and you can get enought money to experiment with those large screens.

  8. Ron Mertens
    Thumb Up

    OLEDs info

    OLEDs are great - power saving, thin, cheap to make (eventually) - they have many advantages.

    For the latest news and resources on OLED displays, check out -


  9. John

    @Christian Berger

    err... do you actually know what an inch is? It's 1/12 of a foot or about 2.5 cm.

    5-10 inch is not a 'normal' size for a TV - I'd say more like 20-32 inch.

    What do you mean "nobody is going to do television with [30 inch] screens as the largest usable size for HDTV is about 24 inch."?? 24 inch is ridiculously SMALL for HDTV - most people agree that at a comfortable viewing distance you need at least a 40 inch to get the benefit of Full HD (1080p), though of course it is all entirely dependent on what you consider an appropriate viewing distance, which will depend on the size and layout of your room.

  10. ERich
    Thumb Up

    Panasonic makes a return!

    Panasonic says:

    We are currently advancing research and development in view of OLED production at IPS Alpha's Himeji Plant for the future, but nothing specific has yet been decided on the commercialization of our OLED TV at the moment."

    Found at:

    Dead Vulture

    Tech Problems Include....

    One Problem Solved is that advertised life of 30,000 hours turned out to be actually 17,000 Hours. That has been corrected by increasing Blue Phosphors Luminosity efficency to 28% from 25%. However, OLED uses such BLAST of Energy Field, actual colors are More like NEON Tubes color. Perhaps thats NOT critical?

    Its extreme Brightness that creates Such High contrast Number of 100,000:1, which has many offsetting qualities, yet still 40" Neon Tube?


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